National brand identity theft by employees

If you find your business here it’s because some of your employees and outsourced security were co-branding your store’s image to give the impression it agreed with or participated in other illegal businesses.

Employees co-branded your facility in the interests of a third party. In my case it happens to be a behavioral healthcare child trafficking enterprise that used torture to drive business capitation.

The cooperating employees are electronically prompted to campaigncough, cough, coughing when I made purchases.

If an employee ends up here they have to be outrageously stupid. They coughed on cue. Like a pavlovian monkey. Agreed to do it on behalf of a third party. Did it at work. Or at someone else’s business.

Coughing Karen
This went viral. Cough, cough, cough. Highly likely a union member. This is exactly what I see directed at me easily 15 to 20 times a day at your businesses. That’s seven days a week, 500 times a month, 6,000 times a year—mostly by unique offenders many of them from unions.

Many of the unions involved are connected to top NY lobbyist Vincent Pitta and Mayor de Blasio: District Council 37, Local 6, the Hotel Trades Council and 32BJ SEIU 

The pattern that has victimized all of listed brands are its employees using their employer’s storefront facilities as a prop to co-brand their racketeered behavior ( including threats of future violence ).

The effort CMO’s spend on brand reenforcement is diluted right at the point of purchase.
This is very different than a strike or a walk out.
They poison the core businesses.
They effect interstate commerce.

By far the most unethical and mischievous of the unions listed: cleaners, property maintenance workers, doormen, security officers, window cleaners, building engineers, and school and food service workers. They adversely affected every company listed.

Bellevue Hospital | 461 1st Ave | 13th Precinct ***
Presbyterian Hospital ER | 167 E 51St | 17th Precinct//20th Precinct
TD Bank teller  | NYPD Mid-Town North/20th Precinct
TD Bank | Teller cyberstalking | 13th Precinct

Local 6 is a NYC Hotel, Restaurant & Club Employees and Bartenders Union. One of the ways this union provokes is to whistle like calling a dog around me. It started after I said my daughter was treated worse than a dog on Facebook. Facebook deleted the account.

AMC | 19th Street & Broadway | 13th Precinct
Au Bon Pain  | 13th Precinct
Barns & Noble  | Union Sq. | 13th Precinct
Bravo Pizza  | 13th Precinct **
CVS | Park Ave South | 13th and Mid-Town Precinct
Duane Reade |  304 Park Ave South | 13th Precinct
Orion Diner  | 13th Precinct
Panera Bread | Union Square | 13th Precinct
Pret | 857 Broadway | 13th Precinct
Shake Shack | Madison Square Park | 23 & Broadway | 13th Precinct
Starbucks | Astor Place | 13th Precinct
Strand bookstore | 828 Broadway | 13th Precinct
Staples | 5 Union Square
Dunkin Donuts | 31st. NYPD Mid-Town South Precinct
Joe & the Juice | 56th & Broadway | Mid-Town North/20th Precinct
McDonald’s | 56th & Eighth | Mid-Town North/20th Precinct
Nordstrom’s | 57th St & Broadway | Mid-Town North/20th Precinct
Pret | Broadway | Mid-Town North/20th Precinct
Wendy’s | NYPD Mid-Town North/20th Precinct
Wholefoods | NYPD Mid-Town North/20th Precinct

Room break-ins and assaults in any hotel starting 2013.  
2014 Grand Hyatt
2018 Jane Hotel
2020 Arlo Hotel 
2021 POD Hotel 

New York Post | Delivery truck | Teamster stalking
FedEx | Generally | Teamster backed stalking
FedEx | 10 Union Square East and Park Ave 21st | 13th Precinct
UPS | Making a delivery | Teamster stalking 
CVS | Making a store delivery | Teamster stalking

* Use of mites in ventilation systems to deliberately infect seating. My experience and observation points to unionized janitorial staff. Including the direct distribution—while seated—of active mites.
** Threats of future violence in furtherance of a child trafficking enterprise.
*** NYPD Hospital Security facilitated assaults