Brain damage on call Dr. Cha Yu

The table proves Emilie's [ brain damage ] seizures were planned and caused.

Two weeks after I stopped Emilie's attempted murder 8/28/2013 Lisa Spitale and Amy DeRaymond suddenly began a wild medication regimen 09/12/2013 of Bupropion and Risperidone. They used it to set off seizures the day after Ed Smith's 3/26/2014 federal judge appointment and deliberately brain damaged Emilie. The evidence is clear and convincing.

How they did it
Dr. Yu co-administered Bupropion with Risperidone. Bupropion is known to cause seizures if not managed properly. Risperidone is metabolized by the CYP2D6 isoenzyme present in Bupropion increasing the blood serum of Risperidone 6 fold lowering the threshold for seizures to occur. Risky.

"If Bupropion is added to the treatment regimen of a patient already receiving a drug metabolized by CYP2D6, (Risperidone) the need to decrease the dose of the original medication should be considered particularly for those concomitant medications with a narrow therapeutic index." Such as Risperidone.

03/27/2014 Dr. Chu Yu after co-administering Bupropion with Risperidone for 6 months the day after Ed Smith's federal judge appointment DOUBLED Emilie's dosages of Risperidone causing seizures, brain damaging her.

It was like setting a bomb off in Emilie's head. What strikes me the most about this "county" is none of them are in jail.



No diagnosis is ever listed with prescriptions from Dr. Cha Yu by CVS




The dosing of atypical antipsychotics

Population pharmacokinetic analysis of drug-drug interactions among risperidone, bupropion, and sertraline in CF1 mice

1. Lowers threshold for seizures to occur

FDA Risperidone

NJDRCHA YU None listedRISPERIDONE 0.5 MG30 tablets. Monthly.AntipsychoticCVS07670023xxxx0000FDA Risperidone

1. "incidence of seizures may exceed that of other marketed antidepressants by as much as 4-fold"

2. "Wellburtrin is contraindicated in patients with a seizure disorder".

FDA Bupropion
NJDRCHA YU None listedBUPROPION SR 150 MG30 tablets. MonthlyAntidepressantCVS07670023xxxx0000FDA Bupropion
42013-09-13INSANE Email warning from mother Amy DeRaymond the day after she began a monstrous, injurious medication treatment for Emilie.


Amy DeRaymond, Emilie's mother warned me not to call Emilie's doctor's after getting our daughter properly diagnosed and cured from Norwegian Scabies she deliberately cultivated and nearly killed Emilie with.

There is nothing remotely ambiguous about the Mother's violent criminal intentions.

NJEmail mother-Amy DeRaymond 1.10.9
72013-10-24NJDRCHA YU None listedExtreme abuseRISPERIDONE 0.5 MG35 tablets. MonthlyAntipsychoticCVS07670024xxxx0000
82013-10-24NJDRCHA YU None listedExtreme abuseBUPROPION SR 150 MG35 tablets. MonthlyAntidepressantCVS07670024xxxx0000
102013-11-04My NYC Upper West Side apartment was turned into a miasma of toxic fumes and infestation. NYFATHERTHOMAS KRAEMER
112013-11-06Republican Judge Edward Smith is before the U.S. Senate Judicial Committee for his initial federal judge application hearing.

My NYC Upper West Side apartment was turned into a miasma of toxic fumes and infestation.

132013-11-16145 West 71 St. Apartment conditions were so toxic I was forced to move into hotels or risk serious injury or death. NYFATHERTHOMAS KRAEMER
142013-11-19NYPD 20th Precinct determined the description of my apartment fit assault and likely attempted murder. The sergeant and lieutenant took no notes, made no report then refused to investigate: "Come back and see us again if he [the landlord] does it again."

On subsequent visits to report toxic fumes I found a detective's report I made independently was erased.

2018 their commander, Brian McGinn was named unindicted co-conspirator by the FBI for taking bribes from landlord fixer Jona Rechnitz. United States v. Reichberg No.19-1645-CR (2d Cir. 2021)

152013-11-29NJDRCHA YUNone listedRISPERIDONE 0.5 MG 30 tablets. MonthlyAntipsychoticCVS07670024xxxx0000
162013-11-29NJDRCHA YUNone listedBUPROPION SR 150 MG30 tablets. MonthlyAntidepressantCVS07670024xxxx0000
172014-01-02NJDRCHA YUNone listed RISPERIDONE 0.5 MG30 tablets. MonthlyAntipsychoticCVS07670025xxxx0000
182014-01-02NJDRCHA YUNone listedBUPROPION SR 150 MG30 tablets. MonthlyAntidepressantCVS07670025xxxx0000
202014-01-07 01/07/2014 Emilie: sexual assault at private residence taken to by Lehigh.
212014-01-12Sunday visitation. Emilie told me about an assault in bits and pieces. She was assaulted at a private residence by a man at a house Lehigh staff took her to. Emilie is sickly looking.
222014-01-13Email to Federal guardian Shanon Moore.
Emilie needs to see an MD.



12:39 PM Email to Federal Guardian Shanon Moore Ms. Moore: Thank you for seeing that Emmy saw a doctor. However, her need to see a doctor closely correlated with some friction with one of Spin's [Lehigh's] people. This not the first time. Emilie more often than not does not know who she is with and does not like who she is with. Today is a perfect example of that. These people interfere with my relationship with my daughter and that nonsense needs to stop at once. My daughter is not to go to their homes, pet their animals, be coerced to cover for them.

252014-01-16US Senate Judiciary Committee Nominated Ed Smith for Federal Judge NJ
262014-01-23Guardian Lisa Spitale and mother Amy DeRaymond refused to send me a copy of Emilie's doctor's report that I requested


Ms. Moore: Emilie has clean clothing for the first time in a very long time. However, what Emmy continues to contend is some altercation between her and the spin employee. And, she has stated that the doctor called the police "a little bit."

"I want to see Dr. Xequiel Hernandez's report without further obstruction or delay. Especially because I asked that Emilie see a doctor and the initial resistance to that request. Anything you can do to help expedite the matter without needless friction would be greatly appreciated."


"...Further, the SPIN staff does not take Emilie to their homes or provide her with access to their animals..."

07/20/2012 See SPIN [Lehigh] staff with Emilie at their private residence with access to their animals. (Their dog logger) Emilie suffered many cigarette burns from them.

Shanon Moore was lying again.


For reporting Emilie's sexual assault. Emilie had fingerprint bruises from being restrained and burned the next day. No report, no explanation.


The guardians never send Emilie's doctor's report. They concealed it.

382014-01-27NJDRCHA YUNone listedRISPERIDONE 0.5 MG30 tablets. MonthlyAntipsychoticCVS07670025xxxxX2?
392014-01-27NJDRCHA YUNone listedBUPROPION SR 150 MG30 tablets. MonthlyAntidepressantCVS07670025xxxxX2?
402014-02-23NJDRCHA YUNone listedRISPERIDONE 0.5 MG 30 tablets. MonthlyAntipsychoticCVS07670026xxxx0000
412014-02-23NJDRCHA YUNone listedBUPROPION SR 150 30 tablets. MonthlyAntidepressantCVS07670026xxxx0000

In lay terms its like they set off a bomb in my daughter's head. A perfectly timed, preconceived massive seizure.

NJDRCHA YUNone listedInduced Seizures
Double dosage
RISPERIDONE 0.25 MG30 tabletsAntipsychoticCVS07670026xxxx0000
442014-03-27NJDRCHA YUNone listedSeizures RISPERIDONE 0.5 MG30 tabletsAntipsychoticCVS07670026xxxx0000
452014-04-16NJDRCHA YUNone listedSeizuresRISPERIDONE 0.25 MG45 tabletsAntipsychoticCVS07670027xxxx0000
462014-05-16Open 14-cv-3804 Kraemer v. Edelstein

NYFatherThomas Kraemer
472014-05-19Federal guardian Shannon Moore her announced recusal as Federal guardian.PAGuardianShannon MooreEmail 4.11
482014-05-21Conference email submitted by Federal Magistrate Tim Rice to replace Federal Guardian Moore. PAJudgeTim RiceEmail 4.12
492014-05-25126 TABLETS OF RISPERIDONE FROM CVS PAMotherAmy FontnoNone listedInduced Seizures
Doubled dosage
RISPERIDONE 0.25 MG126 tablets AntipsychoticCVS07670027xxxx0000
502014-05-28Lisa Spitale applied for Moore's Federal guardian position. PAGaurdian Lisa SpitaleEmail 4.14
512014-06-09DISMISSED 14-cv-3804

The facts in the order were the opposite of what was stated.

NYClerk Pro Se Attorney
522014-06-23OPEN 14-2221 U.S. APPEAL 2ND CIR.
Kraemer v. Edelstein
NYPlaintffThomas Kraemer
532014-07-08 FILE DOC 25 14-2221

I submitted my 2/26/2014 answer to Court of Northampton County for disability support. It reported Emilie's offical diagnosis PDD NOS approved by the Appeals Panel and Judge Ed Smith's 12/21/2006 approval of false claim congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 at the behest of his law partner Attoreny Ray DeRaymond. A violation of federal law.

What followed was horrific.

NJDRCHA YUNone listedInduced Seizures
60 tablets. Double dosages three days apart.
RISPERIDONE 0.25 MG30 tabletsAntipsychoticCVS07670028xxxx0000
552014-07-08NJDRCHA YUNone listedRISPERIDONE 0.5 MG30 tabletsAntipsychoticCVS0767002852320000

NJDRCHA YUNone listedInduced Seizures
60 tablets. Double dosages three days apart.
RISPERIDONE 0.25 MG30 tabletsAntipsychoticCVS076700285934X1?
572014-07-11NJDRCHA YUNone listedRISPERIDONE 0.5 MG30 tabletsAntipsychoticCVS076700285935X1?
582014-07-11SEIZURES NJDRCHA YUNone listedLAMOTRIGINE 25 MG30 tabletsANTICONVULSANTCVS0767002859330000
592014-07-24NY Family Court Disability Support Demand
FILE 236180

No one was arrested for obvious crime. They were treating Emilie for ICD-9 MR317

602014-08-17Violent Extortion: Lisa Spitale, Deputy Gretchen Kraemer, Edelstien

8/17/2014 PA parties cut off my communication with my daughter.

08/23/2014 Deputy G. Kraemer mailed a one-way ticket to Easton PA.

08/23/2014 Guardian Lisa Spitale cut off phone contact with my daughter with the understanding I could see her IF I used the One-Way ticket to Easton PA.

After I refused to comply with the extortion:

08/26/2014 Spitale and Mother DeRaymond overdosed Emilie into seizures.

08/28/2014 PA Federal guardian Lisa Spitale's sent a letter approving my daughter's mobile phone theft.

08/29/2014 Landlord Edelstein filed for non-pay dwelling #27965 with housing court that I owed $14,747 when Edelstein owed my $283,644.99 in illegal rent overcharges.

There is a preponderance of evidence Edelstein and the cadre from PA that was trafficking my daughter through the illegal use of ICD-9 MR317 collaborated in furtherance of grand larceny and kidnapping.

90 tablets
RISPERIDONE 0.25 MG90 tabletsAntipsychoticCVS0767002932980000
622014-08-26SEIZURES NJDRCHA YUNone listed LAMOTRIGINE 25 MG60 tabletsANTICONVULSANTCVS0767002932990000
632014-08-2814-2221 U.S. APPEAL 2ND CIR


NYNone listed
642014-09-14NjDRCHA YUNone listedInduced Seizures
45 tablets
RISPER1DONE 0.25 MG45 tabletsAntipsychoticCVS0767002961440000
652014-09-14SEIZURES NJDRCHA YUNone listedLAMOTRIGINE 25 MG60 tabletsANTICONVULSANTCVS0767002961450000
662014-09-24Get CVS data of my daughter's prescriptions.
Find overwhelming abuse.
NYFatherThomas Kraemer

Federal guardian Lisa Spitale lied about about brain damaging my daughter in an email.


9/25/2014: "Dear Mr. Kraemer: I have received multiple emails from you demanding that Emilie stop taking medications which you believe have been prescribed to her. I do not know how you obtained what you believe to be a list of Emilie's medication, as you are not her guardian. Much of your information is inaccurate. In addition, please be assured any medication Emilie may take would be prescribed by one of her treating doctors and would be carefully monitored by the prescribing doctor."

PAGuardian Lisa Spitale
682014-10-13My US Appeal 14-2221
Kraemer v. Edelstein MTR was dismissed.

My daughter was not returned.

10/13/2014 I went to find my daughter on a Monday night visitation date. 8:50 PM: Four Easton police showed up and surrounded the vehicle. Officer Meg who pretended not to remember our conversation about clearing my court ordered visitation.

Officer Meg called my sister, Deputy Kraemer [Judge Ed Smith's close friend] refused my court ordered visitation with my daughter. Mother DeRaymond was overdosing Emilie at the time.

692014-11-01Saturday I picked up my daughter for visitation after she called me. On the way back to NY, Easton PA officer MEG called wanted to know where we staying. I told her it was none of her business. That Officer Meg was aware of my housing situation, yet no one was arresting landlord Edelstein was bribe influence in action.

We stayed at a hotel because my apartment was still lethal from Edelstein venting toxic fumes through the floor.

11/4/2014 guardian Lisa Spitale flied a PFA and did not move on it until 2/6/2015 then perjured that I took Emilie to a shelter.

This was the last time I saw my daughter. Until my mother died 1/7/2022. These are lawless child trafficking, child torturing, terrorist slime.

Visitation order No. 2007-0021

PFA-2014-000815 | Spitale v. Kraemer