12000-01-01Interstate evidence tampering, ESI spoliation, violent witness suppression and extortion by court officers, union members and City agencies

2006 I sued the Easton Area School District for inventing a genetic mental retardation special education placement for my daughter Emilie. The District submitted fraudulent genetic mental retardation diagnosis billing code ICD-9 MR317 during the lawsuit.

2006 I won the (i) Administrative Proceeding, (ii) Appeals Panel Ruling and (iii) Federal Settlement each ruling out ICD-9 MR317 and approving a mild learning disorder PDD-NOS.

2006 - 2010 However Judge Ed Smith and 9 Officers of the court silently approved ICD-9 MR317 SELLING my daughter to Special education employment contractor Lehigh University Transition Services in exchange for bribes.

2011 They took economic and violent action to prevent my discovery of their SALE to allow Judge Ed Smith to apply for federal judge.

What the table shows are various methods of witness suppression including: grand larceny, attempted murder(s), extortion, and ESI spoliation. They used these methods to prevent me and the United States from discovering their fraud and SALE of a student (my daughter) into a condition of involuntary servitude [slavery] under the Color of Law allowing Republican Judge Edward Smith to seek a Federal Judge appointment.


2000-01-01SDNY Pro Se staff altered exhibits on the CM/ECF impairing their availability for use. 28 U.S.C. 753


Same-day - next-day ESI theft after communicating with Federal Court. FRCP Rule 37 (e)


Violence and maiming in connection with Judge Smith's federal judge nominations.
18 U.S.C. 1512

Weapons use Largely union members through the influence of Pitta, Bishop & Del Gino LLC in particular the PBA, and the Detectives Endowment Association. Unconventional, non ballistic weapons to maim, and extort their targets without leaving evidence of the weapon employed for violent racketeering and witness suppression.

Stun guns Hand held stun guns are very popular. Used primarily during union swarm attacks. Groups of union members coalesce around a target to block public security cameras and stun gun you.

Directed-energy weapons They use these in public areas and restaurants controlled by Local 6, or the Hotel Trades Council:

Microwave weapons| Active Denial System It heats the water in a human target's skin and thus causes incapacitating pain. It was developed by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and Raytheon for riot-control duty intended to cause severe pain.

Defense contractor Raytheon developed a smaller version of ADS, the Silent Guardian. This model is primarily marketed for use by law enforcement agencies, the military and other security providers. The system is operated and aimed with a joystick and aiming screen. The device can be used for targets over 820 ft) away and the beam has a power of 30 kilowatts.

The Los Angeles County Jail installed the smaller-sized unit, the Assault Intervention Device, on the ceiling of the Pitchess Detention Center in 2014.

NYC Mayor Adams and his security advisor, in offense of federal criminal law has quietly unleashed these in the New York City to be used in retail environments by private security firms.


Court officers and lobbyists used a Police wiretap to track and intimidate my written communication with federal law enforcement agencies.

The wiretap application, a Mobile Device Management server account [MDM] provided screen sharing and GPS access to victims.

Account access was distributed to union network heat mangers [lobbyist Pitta Bishop's union clients] and members who began using it 24/7 just after my illegal eviction to gang stalk and make threats of future violence for typing federal complaints, collection of discovery and preservation of evidence.

MDM Communication Suppression Detectives set MDM parameters to suppress emails, phone calls, deleted Google Drive evidence, used my GPS history to set up union aggressors to wait at restaurants, ER treatment centers, Social Security, etc.

MDM GPS tracking is being used for ESI spoliation, evidence theft, maiming and attempted murder.

MDM Geofencing Alerts are pre-defined so that anytime my mobile device enters or leaves a predefined space [a store counter, park bench, etc.] an alert can is triggered to set off operational protocols. Payload instructions typically include the use of union slogans and stun gun attacks.


04/21/2017 An Apple computer science PhD candidate identified an MDM server that usurped control over the device and that I did not technically "own" the computer I bought from that Apple Store.

07/02/2018 1:00 AM I received an email from 20th Precinct Sergeant O'Keef wanting a meeting an hour after I emailed myself notes concerning the 20th Precincts insane inaction about my landlords use of toxic fumes.

06/2020 A tech I hired at the RossmannGroup identified an MDM server not belonging to me or Apple during a ROM chip diagnostic.

06/21/2023 Apple Corp identified an MDM server of a particular type.


22012-07-16Judge Ed Smith approved guardian Lisa Spitale's petition used to torture EK.

Guardian Lisa Spitale used the two weeks the petition allotted to have Emilie tortured - burned with cigarettes - in phased increments while her "judge friend" was present. Lehigh University Transition Services staff took my daughter to private residences for this purpose.

07/23/2012 Monday cigarette burns. Emilie said her judge friend told her to be tough.

07/27/2012 Friday cigarette burn

08/06/2012 Monday cigarette burn was down to the bone. Deputy Kraemer refused to document or make arrests from severe cigarette burns caused in connection with Emilie's judge friend.

2012-08-06PA Police refuse to intervene for EK's sadistic torture

My sister was recruited by thugs Judge Ed Smith and attorney Ray DeRaymond and situated to work with Judge Ed Smith. She became deputy Gretchen Kraemer after becoming Judge Smith's close friend. 08/06/2012 she refused to document or make arrests for my daughter's cigarette burn torture approved by Judge Ed Smith stating: "I was overreacting"

Deputy Kraemer attempted to parley my wanting my daughter's suffering to stop into an informal meeting with Judge Smith that he set into play and on a day I was sent a very violent message about what they could do to my daughter.

I refused the meeting.

Anonymous judge friend

On or about 01/25/2011 Lehigh University Transition Services began taking Emilie to a dirt parking lot behind Magistrate District Court 31-1-06 in Bethlehem PA where Emilie was peddled to a Magistrate "judge friend" with subpoena power. In exchange Lehigh and Court Officers got wiretap access to my NYC business.

The anonymous "judge friend" threatened me through my daughter Emilie letting me know he had access to my daughter, business e-mails, account and current project information, impeding my federal court participation and protecting Judge Edward Smith's federal judge application.

32012-10-19Requested payment NY

I requested payment from my client lobbyist Vincent Pitta in New York

2012-10-19Sexual assault - PA

My daughter's face was pummeled. Emilie had signs of sexual assault.

42012-11-17Requested payment NY

I requested payment from my client lobbyist Vincent Pitta in New York

2012-11-17Stove burn - PA

No treatment, no explanation by mother or guardian Lisa Spitale in PA.

52012-11-27Requested payment NY

I requested payment from my client lobbyist Vincent Pitta in New York

2012-11-27Stove burn - PA

No treatment, no explanation by mother or guardian in PA

62013-02-04NYPD - Republican foreign agent bribe

NY Jona Rechnitz and Jeremiah Reichberg arranged then documented a hooker fueled bribe flight with NYPD Inspector James Grant and Detective Michael Milici.

Rechnitz, Reichberg secured control over the two officials during this flight by compromising them. NY Post

02/27/2013 Rechnitz and Reichberg on behalf of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu MC the Israel Iron Dome Missile Defense System to U.S. Congressional members in a tribute only three weeks after the foreign agent's working for Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu bribed NYPD detectives for omission of duty.

The Pentagon pays for the Missile Defense System.

2013-02-06Sexual assault EK PA

02/06/2013 Lehigh Transition Services arranged Emilie's sexual assault. with a client. Emilie was taken to a parking lot. She was extremely upset and demanded to be taken back to Lehigh's office and out of the parking lot she was in. A cigarette was put out on Emilie's forehead apparently due to her resistance to sexual exploitation. Three weeks later she had scabies an STD.

From 3/11/2013 to 5/1/2013 Emilie was refused medical treatment by Lehigh staff and her mother.


There was a pattern where events connected to the Republican Israeli foreign agents bribing NYPD matched up with events detrimental to my daughter in PA. I didn't take these seriously until 11/04/2013 and 11/06/2013 when my landlord of 17 years doubled down of fumes and infestation on those two dates and NYPD refused to get involved. Those two dates turned out to be significant. Moreover, there was the issue of my hotel rooms being made uninhabitable by HTC members heavily influenced by my labor lobbyist client Vincent Pitta. Pitta's people began sniffing around the injury to my daughter while Judge Smith was seeking a federal judge appointment that I did not know about. That is, all of these criminal events by the individuals participating in them had common purpose and relevant conduct which became impossible to ignore.

72013-05-01NYPD - Republican foreign agent bribe

Republican Israeli foreign agents Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg finalized their bribe relationship deal with commander Harrington at One Police Plaza in May 2013 according to 16-MAG-3919

They used the bribes to get favors for themselves and the Republican Jewish [landlord] Community of NYC.

2013-05-01Attempted Murder- PA

05/01/2013 Emilie's mother Amy DeRaymond agreed to take Emilie to a doctor after ignoring repeated requests for medical treatment letting Emilie suffer for three months with advanced scabies she contracted in a parking lot while being sex trafficked.

The medication the mother is telling me to be sure to have Emilie use is actually killing her by accelerating the disease.

Emilie's doctor's appointments were used to obtain medication needed to accelerate Norwegian Scabies. Her mother used two different doctors from different states to double up on lethal prescriptions.

82013-05-07TK Request Help From U.S. Official - NY

Email Office of Inspector General Department of Health and Human Services Director Lora Hodge. 26 Federal Plaza NY. About Emilie's guardians and mother, refusing medical treatment for my seriously ill daughter and for her degrading, criminal treatment.

Exhibit 1.5.8

2013-05-07TK Extorted using daughter

4:00 PM Easton PA guardian Lisa Spitale pulled my daughter screaming from a public swing and took her to a vacant parking lot which I captured in real-time on FamilyMap just before emailing to Loria Hodge. Guardian Spitale was attempting to get me to back off reporting to Federal officials while furthering Emilie's murder via the cultivation of Norwegian Scabies.

Exhibit 2.42 pg.18

PA guardian Lisa Spitale could see my communication drafts from my computer via MDM screen sharing access. She abducted Emilie while I was on the phone with her. Extortion not to report what was their attempted murder by cultivating a lethal disease.
92013-05-16Attempted Murder - EK PA

05/16/2013 Emilie's doctors appointment was used to prescribe high powered topical corticosteroids known to cultivate Norwegian scabies

07/08/2013 Letter to Kathleen Kane PA AG. It demanded NO further contact by Federal guardian Shanon Moore or guardian Lisa Spitale. The PA AG's office refused to intervene.

07/10/2013 Emilie was assaulted by guardian Lisa Spitale after I complained to the PA AG.

07/22/2013 Emilie's hands were crusted and had bleeding skin fissures.

07/26/2013 Emilie's hands were cleared of Norwegian scabies 5 days before Judge Ed Smith is nominated for federal judge by President Obama.

2013-05-26Attempted Murder -TK NY

5/26/2013 My UWS NYC landlord Edelstein began venting toxic fumes through air conditioning vent and building raceways during my sleep. I bought an industrial fan and ran it 24/7 to mitigate the fumes which worked until 11/04/2013.

Ms. Edelstein was using Mexican contractors on the roof to lower an electric boom and break into my apartment through my side window. They installed a distribution system to disperse toxic fumes from behind the bedroom radiator. [The use of Mexican migrants for assaults, and robbery of a rent stabilized tenant has become a pattern on the UWS. It appears building owner's use them for their anonymity. During events when I have caught them assaulting me in my sleep [after my illegal eviction] they run toward police cameras or NYPD for protection.]

When one weighs that against NYPD being charged by FBI for taking bribes from building owners the association in fact becomes transparent.

Florance Edelstein knew she owed me [ball park] $850,934.97 in illegal rent overcharges while installing a device to maim and force me from the apartment.

Common purpose

This was part of a pattern of common objectives by interstate co-conspirators sharing information.

102013-08-01Ed Smith was nominated for federal judge by President Obama.2013-08-07Re-Attempted murder - PA

08/07/2013 when things calmed down they re-cultivated Norwegian Scabies on my daughter [Ed Smith's and the court officer's victim]

Mother Amy DeRaymond, guardian's Lisa Spitale and Shanon Moore demonstrated they had total control over the diseases progress as the only thing that can stop it is a prescription grade scabicide. They had to know they were murdering her.

I stoped Emilie's murder attempt 08/26/2023.She is diagnosed with Norwegian Scabies and quarantined. She was very close to death and no one said anything. Her mother simply called Emilie's treatment for eczema a misdiagnosis.

Table 2013

112013-11-04NYPD - Republican foreign agent bribe

20th Precinct NYPD Inspector Brian McGinn in my neighborhood was bribed via a promotion by Republican foreign agent Jona Rechnitz ChiefLeader

FBI: "Reichberg had considerable influence over internal NYPD affairs, including personnel decisions such as the promotion of certain favored NYPD officers." 16 MAG 3919

Jona Rechnitz lived and did business in my neighborhood [the UWS] and had a PBA card from 20th Precinct Inspector McGinn. Jona Rechnitz had regular inner circle access to the highest reaches of NYC Republican Jewish Community leaders, Republican Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham.

2013-11-04Attempted Murder - NY

NYPD Inspector Brian McGinn began his promotion influenced by Jona Rechnitz.

My landlord Florence Edelstein 145W71ST activated a delivery system to vent toxic fumes and infestation in my bedroom turning it into a virtual gas chamber.

Ms. Edelstein, after 17 years of no problems, rent paid on time, began a pattern of extreme, potentially lethal violence on very specific dates.

Common purpose

They were coordinating events. They can see when I am in the apartment and used it like a weapon.

122013-11-06US Senate Judiciary Committee Interview Ed Smith for federal judge.

Ed Smith and his kids were seated comfortably, treated like royalty at the US Senate - his victim, my daughter, was made to suffer excruciating pain from Norwegian scabies a debilitating, morbid and deadly disease. She was let to rot in her own skin and then brain damaged by Lisa Spitale the guardian Smith appointed. Table 2013

2013-11-06Attempted Murder - NY

EDAP Republican Judge Edward Smith was before the U.S. Senate Judiciary committee.

My landlord Florence Edelstein 145W71ST activated a delivery system a second time to vent toxic fumes and infestation in my bedroom turning it into a virtual gas chamber.

Ms. Edelstein, after 17 years of no problems, rent paid on time, began a pattern of extreme, potentially lethal violence on very specific dates.

Common purpose

They were coordinating events. They can see when I am in the apartment and used it like a weapon.

132013-11-16Forced to hotels. Attacked during sleep by Hotel Trade Council union members managing the hotel under the significant influence of lobbyist Vincent Pitta

I was forced to move to hotels or risk dying in my apartment from toxic fumes. There was a seamless transfer of violent RICO activities from my apartment to the hotels I reserved.

An association in fact shared objectives between lobbyist Pitta and Renchitz. Pitta represented luxury rental apartment owners, the NYPD Detectives Endowment Association [DEA] and HTC. Republican Jewish real state developer Jona Renchitz was bribing NYPD DEA membership. Those entities were used to suppress me an impediment to Republican Judge Ed Smith's federal judge nominations.

Unknown to the public HTC union members are militant and if their leadership has a problem with you, no hotel in NY or NJ is safe.

2013-11-19Bribed NYPD 20th Precinct

NYPD 20th Precinct determined my description of toxic fumes fit assault and highly likely attempted murder. I asked if they would investigate. "No."

"Come back and see us again if he does it again."

Then erased my detectives report.

Then falsely arrested me for falling asleep at the subway across the street from my apartment while avoiding the fumes they determined my description of was likely attempted murder.

142014-01-16US Senate nominated Judge Ed Smith for EDPA Federal Judge.

Fried Frank Law firm require I sign anNDA

2014-01-16Emilie Sexual Assault - PA

1/12/2014 Sexual assault. Sunday visitation. Emilie told me about an assault in bits and pieces. She was assaulted at a private residence by a man at a house Lehigh staff took her to. Emilie looks very sick.

01/13/2014 Monday I emailed federal guardian Shanon Moore. Emilie needs to see an MD

01/15/2014 12:39 PM I emailed federal guardian Shanon Moore about Emilie being left with nameless individuals.

During the weekend she was depositing wet toilet paper wads behind the toilet where I would find it. These animals trafficked her.

Exhibit 2.86

152014-01-23Guardians refused to give me Emilie's doctors appointment results I requested - PA

1/23/2014 I emailed federal guardian Shanon Moore that county guardian Lisa Spitale and Amy DeRaymond refused to send me a copy of Emilie's doctor report. "Emilie has clean clothing for the first time in a very long time. However, what Emmy continues to contend is some altercation between her and the spin employee. And she has stated that the doctor "called the police a little bit."

2014-01-24Emilie was tortured for reporting her sexual assault involving police.

1/24/2014 Retaliation against Emilie for reporting her sexual assault and mentioning the Police: burns and bruises from restraint. E.g., Emilie's sexual assault was by the police: A. The police never called me even though they were called by an MD. B. Lisa Spitale was hiding the doctors report from me.

162014-02-19Toxic Fumes- NY

I attempted to stay overnight in apartment. 6:00 AM Landlord Edelstein used a delivery system to vent toxic fumes during my sleep.

2014-02-19Attempted murder - NY

By 12:00 PM the fire department arrived. I opened the door for the EMT's. They refused to enter the apartment due to overwhelming fumes and had me shut the door to prevent toxic fumes from affecting the rest of the building.

172014-02-24Disability Support hearing - PA

Easton PA complex support hearing No. 16690. I sent an Answer asking about the County's use of diagnosis MR317 ruled out by the Appeals Panel #1727.

02/25/2014 I attempted to move back to my apartment 8G after HPD 6294/13 repairs were made 02/10/2014. Once again fumes were vented after I entered the apartment.

02/26/2014 My non-appearance was due to toxic fumes vented into my apartment allowed by 20th Precinct NYPD. NYPD Inspector Brian McGinn was being bribed to do things on behalf of the Republican Jewish community.

Exhibit 1.6.2

2014-02-24RICO - NY/PA

I was fired 02/24/2014 by my client law firm Fried Frank the day I answered Northampton County disability support hearing No. 16690 asking Judge Paula Roscioli about my daughter's federally protected PDD-NOS diagnosis when she and fellow judges were silently processing genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 approved by Judge Edward Smith then used it to sell and enslave my daughter to a mental disability employment contractor Lehigh University Transition Services. A federal crime. My question arose 4 weeks before Judge Smith's federal judge appointment. I was thrown in chaos. Stranded in a toxic hotel with no income, boxed out of an equally toxic if not lethal apartment.

02/26/2014 Judge Roscioli never answered the question about my daughter's PDD-NOS diagnosis, i.e. what the fuck were they using as her "disability" and dismissed my case for "lack of prosecution." There is no order from this corrupt judge like opps! I guess we used the wrong diagnosis, sorry, no hard feelings right? Lack of prosecution means the mother dropped the case. She had to. Any discussion of ICD-9 MR317 would invariably lead back to Judge Edward Smith and federal crime.

03/26/2014 Judge Edward Smith, who silently approved, medically and court ruled out diagnosis code ICD-9 MR317, a child slave trading, torturing, thug was appointed federal judge by the U.S. Senate.

03/27/2014 Emilie was overdosed into seizures brain damaging her. The prescription was predicated on her bogus genetic mental retardation diagnosis ICD-9 MR317. My government is SHIT.

Exhibit 1.6.2

Common purpose

There is relevant conduct that Fried Frank had access to the Northampton County Court officers wiretap into my business devices. They fired me the moment I filed my 02/24/2014 answer. The overt acts by Amy DeRaymond, and Judge Paula Roscioli demonstrate their avoidance of what would be extremely damaging material subject matter embodied by ICD-9 MR317.

182014-03-26Smith appointed Federal Judge - PA2014-03-27Emilie Overdosed - PA

Emilie daughter was overdosed with 105 tablets of Risperidone combined with Wellbutrin causing seizures, brain damaging her. The brain damage on-call was provided by Dr. Cha Yu.

Freya Koger Director, Lehigh Transition Services hid detrimental effects of Emilie's overdose in a progress report emailed that day.

Table 2014

192014-05-16Open SDNY 14-cv-3804 Kraemer v. Edelstein2014-05-16 ESI Alteration on CM/ECF

05/16/2014 Exhibit L was altered in the docket impairing its availability for use in an official proceeding.

05/19/2014 MONDAY Federal guardian Shannon Moore announced recusal.

05/21/2014 WEDNESDAY Conference email submitted by Federal Magistrate Tim Rice to replace Federal Guardian Moore.

05/25/2014 SUNDAY 126 tablets of Risperidone prescribed and Emilie was overdosed into seizors.

05/28/2014 WEDNESDAY Federal Judge Ed Smith's guardian appointee Lisa Spitale applied for Moore's Federal guardian position.

Exhibit 4.9
Exhibit 4.10

Overdose - PA

05/25/2014 MY daughter was overdosed with 126 tablets of Risperidone causing seizures. The brain damage on-call was provided by Dr. Cha Yu.

Table 2014

202014-07-112nd Cir.14-2221 Kraemer v. Edelstein

CM/ECF post Document 25
It proved Judge Ed Smith, MH/MR, the School District trafficked my daughter with a made up diagnosis of MR317.

2014-07-11Overdose - PA

07/08/2014 MY daughter was overdosed with 60 TABLETS of Risperidone causing seizures.

07/11/2014 MY daughter was overdosed with 60 TABLETS of Risperidone causing seizures.

Table 2014

212014-08-222nd Circuit 14-2221 Kraemer v. Edelstein

My daughter's mobile phone was taken from her by her mother and federal guardian Lisa Spitale with the understanding I could see my daughter if I moved to Easton PA via a one-way bus ticket mailed to me by my sister Deputy G. Kraemer.

[08/06/2012 Deputy G. Kraemer declined to document or make arrests concerning my daughter's extortive cigarette burns resulting from her friend Ed Smith's order to have her spend time at Lehigh Transition Services.]

Exhibit 2.53.0

2014-08-28Overdose - PA

08/27/2014 Two days before I was paid by a US Trustee and the PA enterprise lost their leverage to continue to extort me my daughter Emilie was overdosed into seizures with 90 TABLETS of Risperidone impeding her future testimony in an official federal proceeding for which she was material to.

Table 2014

08/28/2014 My landlord Edelstein filed a false non-pay claim in Manhattan housing court.

08/28/2014 PA Federal guardian Lisa Spitale emailed a letter citing a mother can take a daughter's mobile phone.

09/04/2014 My appeal was dismissed.

222014-10-102nd Circuit 14-2221 Kraemer v. Edelstein

My motion to reconsider was rejected by the Second Circuit.

Exhibit 1.23

2014-10-11Spoliation of ESI - NY

Edelstein pulled the steam pipe exposing computers and hard drives to raw steam then called the fire department to tear the locks from the front door.

Exhibit 1.24

232014-10-13Easton PA Police refused court ordered visitation. They were enforcing my daughter's deliberate brain damage via overdose authorized by guardian Lisa Spitale.

Easton Police then called Deputy Kraemer when my paperwork showed a court order. Deputy G. Kraemer prevented access to my daughter she knew they were maiming.

8/2012 my sister, concealed the violent witness tampering of my daughter Judge Ed Smith's trafficking victim from President Obama and Congress while he sought federal judicial nominations from them.

11/01/2014 I went to see my daughter again for visitation after she called me to pick her up [a court ordered visitation day.] I was called by Easton PA officer Meg who wanted to know where I was taking my daughter. Where I was staying. A strange conversation as they knew I was staying at hotels since my landlord Edelstein poisoned me out of my apartment.

2014-11-04Kidnapping and maiming their hostage

11/04/2014 Federal guardian Lisa Spitale filed PFA-2014-000815 Spitale v. Kraemer.

Lisa Spitale arranged my non-appearance then LIED and that I took my daughter "to a shelter" during visitation causing me to lose contact with my daughter who I was protecting from the RICO enterprise.

Judge Zito never addressed the vicious, torture my daughter suffered from Lisa Spitale in my answer. It was a regular pattern by Northampton County judges, and police to ignore, water down, and obfuscate organized criminal torture to children in furtherance of sending business to county contractors.

242014-11-2114-cv-9343 SDNY Kraemer v. DeRaymond 2014-11-21 ESI Alteration on CM/ECF

Exhibits pertaining to my daughter's MH/MR medical audit were obscured in the docket by Pro Se staff. The SDNY Pro Se staff took steps to impair the integrity of this information to judges causing judge's to rely solely upon recommendations of the Pro Se department.

Exhibit 4.31

Common purpose

5:00 PM I went to pick up checks from Mickey Cekovic, a Senior Government Relations Specialist and lobbyist for Pitta & Bishop where it became clear:
1. He knew I opened my case.

2. He was working on behalf of the Easton PA enterprise that trafficked and tortured my daughter.

3. Refused to pay until I answered questions about my defendants he was representing.

Exhibit 3.25.2B

252015-04-1415-cv-1755 SDNY Kraemer v. DeRaymond

Motion to Reconsider (MTR). The MTR was filed due to the Court's avoidance of the central subject matter: bogus genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 illegally, silently approved by Court officers in exchange for bribes to SELL my daughter to special education employment contractor Lehigh University Transition Services.

2015-04-14ESI Alteration on CM/ECF

My Motion to Reconsider (MTR) was broken into numerous random parts on the CM/ECF by SDNY Pro Se staff impairing the integrity and availability of the MTR for use in an official proceeding.

MTR Document 20

Common purpose

"You don't decide we decide" Mickey Cekovic, a Senior Government Relations Specialist and lobbyist for Pitta & Bishop issued a warning about my complaint of false diagnosis claim ICD-9 MR317, silently approved by judge Edward Smith

262015-12-1415-cv-9839 SDNY Kraemer v. Edelstein

I opened a lawsuit against my landlord Edelstein for the $268,000 in illegal rent overcharges she owed me and the property I was robbed of due to my 08/19/2015 illegal eviction by Judge Peter Wendt:

02/19/2015 Judge Wendt refused to calculate the legal rent demanded by the City of New York No. 00035602756F.

05/16/2015 Waverley Center HRA employee Teller No. 2 DELETED the City of New York's demand No. 00035602756F for the legal rent from the public database and replaced it with a fraudulent, materially misleading consultants document that calculated landlord Florence Edelstein's illegal rent as if it were legal, circumventing DHCR.

That is after Judge Wendt robbed me a separate CNY employee erased the City's Government request for the legal rent Judge Wendt DENIED.

18 U.S.C. 2071. Section 2071(a) contains a broad prohibition against destruction of government records or attempts to destroy such records.

Subsection (b) of 18 U.S.C. 2071 contains a similar prohibition specifically directed at custodians of public records. Any custodian of a public record who "willfully and unlawfully, conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys (any record) shall be fined not more than $2,000 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.

11/15/2015 After my illegal eviction I began staying at CNY MainChance drop-in shelter.

2015-12-15Attempted murder - NY

12/15/2015 CNY Main-Chance evicted me first-thing in the morning with no winter clothing and seriously infected legs they caused.

Main Chance shelter staff infected me with Bilateral Cellulitis before putting me on the street.

According to the Journal of Hospital Medicine 2018: "In the absence of trauma to both legs, bilateral cellulitis is exceedingly rare. Bilateral cellulitis would require either bacterial dispersion or independent inoculum of both legs."

I.e., I was deliberately infected at MainChance with a life threatening infection then evicted for suing my landlord Edelstein.

272016-01-0715-cv-9839 SDNY Kraemer v. Edelstein

01/07/2016 CNY Bellevue Hospital ER treated me intravenously for bilateral cellulitis then refused to fully stabilize my condition 1/14/2016.

2016-01-1413th Precinct NYPD racketeering

01/14/2016 NYPD sergeant: "Tell the ER MD your hallucinating. They all do it. To get out of the cold for 3 days."

They? Sergeant who the fuck is they?

The 13th Precinct NYPD sergeant at Bellevue Hospital used a life threatening infection of my legs and exposure subfreezing cold to attempt to induce me into an agreement to a serious mental illness in exchange for shelter. Which I refused.

This jackass cop isn't arresting my landlord or judge Wendt for grand larceny in the First Degree. He's helping them.

282016-07-14MIT meeting
Democratizing Databases

11:00AM I went over my ideas for culling public school IQ data from federally listed IEP's. Then sort 1. Mental Retardation or lower IQ resulting from organic anomaly's [Fragile X for example] 2. From that filter out lower IQ from externally caused sources. 3. From that pull lower IQ resulting from abuse. And eventually arrive at some quotient that would target patterns of organized abuse to create capitation for behavioral health care firms that I witnessed in Easton PA.

Exhibit 3.9.98
Exhibit 3.9.99
50 State IEP Trends

2016-07-14NYPD Theft of ESI

My laptop was stolen within hours after meeting with MIT. The NYPD 10th Precinct Sargent refused to share any video tape recording of the theft and wanted my recollection. Instead of doing his job. It was clear NYPD participated in the theft.

MDM screen sharing and GPS tracking for retaliation
292017-04-2117-cv-2910 Kraemer v. Edelstein
17-cv-2913 Kraemer v. DeRaymond

The federal complaints sought:
(ii) The return of my apartment I was robbed of and the $286,000.00 in illegal rent overcharges Edelstein STILL owes me. I overpaid rent by 26 years.
(ii)The identity of the anyonmious "judge friend" my daughter was trafficked to in parking lots.

2017-04-21Theft of ESI

My laptop was stolen within hours after opening the federal complaint regarding my landlord Edelstein and NYPD.

302017-04-2717-cv-3089 Kraemer v. US Postoffice

I filed a federal complaint about my postoffice at 178 Columbus Avenue [located in NYPD's 20th Precinct] for refusing to forward my mail.

Exhibit 3.9.61A

2017-04-28Clerks failed to file motion

Pro Se clerks failed to file the Plaintiff's TRO motion [twice] about the forged use of DeRaymond's address redirecting my mail to her former address and theft of my U.S. Mail.

Theft of US Mail by mother DeRaymond

A forgery caused my US mail to be forwarded to Emilie's mother, Amy DeRaymond's former address 123 Vista Drive Easton PA preventing me from receiving my US Court Mail the day after I opened 17-cv-2910 Kraemer v. Edelstein. I was made aware of it by TIA-CREF otherwise I never would have known.

Forged address
Forged address.1
Forged address.2

312017-06-0517-cv-2910 SDNY Kraemer v. Edelstein

I filed Motion to Show Cause for Edelstein to immediately pay for illegal rent overcharges and treble damages be applied.

I also wanted the court to know I was very concerned about my daughter's safety and that my second lawsuit 17-cv 2913 was the most important as it centered on public officials and law enforcement deliberately trafficking my daughter. The draft I prepared referred to my daughter's anonymous judge friend from the dirt parking lot behind Magistrate District Court 31-1-06 in Bethlehem PA.


06/05/2017 U.S. Security tossed my Motion To Show Cause into the trash.

06/06/2017 Theft of back-up-drive to the laptop. CVS 300 Park Ave S. NY 10010 used security cameras to set up theft in collaboration with NYPD 13th Precinct

There were 7 overt acts to conceal any connection between my inquiry seeking to identify my daughter's anonymous judge friend from the dirt parking lot behind Magistrate District Court 31-1-06 in Bethlehem PA and Judge Halal's suicide.

Judge Halal and police could see what I was about to file from drafts on my computer resulting in his suicide.
322017-06-2117-cv-2910 SDNY Kraemer v. Edelstein

06/21/2017 Summary Judgement Motion Document 11 detailed the 20th precincts involvement in facilitating Edelstein's use of toxic fumes by defining it as attempted murder, then refusing to investigate it.

2013 Inspector McGinn was taking bribes from Rechnitz and Reichberg Republican, [Jewish, landlord representatives] while his cops refused to investigate toxic fumes blown into my apartment. 6/2016 many of McGinn's NYPD inspector colleagues were charged with taking bribes from them but missed McGinn. 4/2018 FBI named 20th Precinct Mcginn as Inspector James Grants co-conspirator by the FBI. NY Post

2017-09-19Case dismissed

09/19/2017 The Pro Se attorneys dismissal Document 14 was materially misleading to an extreme degree.

Pro Se attorney's obfuscated evidence of NYPD refusing to investigate toxic fumes, and attempted murder causing me to move out by 11/16/2013. They referred only to NYPD's bicycle tampering and then mocked as a frivolous allegation. Pro Se was very corrupt and heavily influenced by NYPD

332018-04-0420th Precinct NYPD Inspector Brian McGinn was named by the FBI for taking bribes from UWS landlords

"The feds say Reichberg, a former Borough Park, Brooklyn, policy liaison, teamed up with real-estate investor Jona Rechnitz to shower cops with gifts in exchange for illegal perks, including gun licenses and a police escort that closed down a lane of the Lincoln Tunnel."



20th Precinct NYPD Sargent O'Keef remotely watched what I typed on my computer via screen sharing software and complained this was the third time the department tried to reach me at 1:03 AM after emailing a blurb to myself 11:19 PM.

The blurb was about the 20th Precinct and their inaction after they decided my description of my landlords use of toxic fumes fit attempted murder then refused to investigate. Their boss Inspector McGinn was being bribed by Jewish Republican promoter Jona Rechnitz.

It addressed apartment break-ins through the side window via the roof scaffold. NYPD mocked me for raising this. They were absolutely blocking evidence for Edelstein. A few weeks after the interview they erased my detectives report I got by sneaking around their front desk.

The memo described Edelstein tampering with my CISCO firewall, routing ethernet cables by-passing the firewall and collecting password data to my firewall. The 20th NYPD Precinct facilitated these acts by allowing Edelstein inflict as much injury as he wanted.

2018-07-12HIT AND RUN

I was tracked and deliberately hit by car a hit and run. Presbyterian Hospital ER staff used NYPD's pidgin at the same time: cough, cough, cough. Nurses used PBA/NYPD's union slogan while I was being treated for lacerations and broken ribs. Exhibit 3.28

07/13/2018 My medical records were released and used to inflict injuries to old wound cites to cause the most harm.

MDM screen sharing and GPS tracking for retaliation

NYPD 20th Precinct, McGinn's Precinct, quite obviously had access to my computer and was sensitive to what I was writing on it.

The subject matter of toxic fumes my landlord Florence Edelstein began venting just after Inspector Brian McGinn began his promotion and during Judge Edward Smith's hearing before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. When I was treated for my hit and run, the nurses used NYPD union slogan as did NYPD when I walked by them on Columbus Circle.

352018-07-13NYPD allowed daily lynchings after failed hit and run attempted murder further linking McGinn's arrest with sudden extreme chronic violence confirming the hit and run was planned.

The NYPD/Unions became extra aggressive. The attacks were planned from medical records targeting old injuries. 07/20/2018 My ribs were re-broken while i was sleeping. They knew exactly where to re-break them from ER records. I have since learned unionized ER nurses cooperate with NYPD. No doubt in my mind the attack was PBA arranged.

Daily dirt baths, holes cut in clothing, sullying clothing, doping so I would look like someone who would have self-inflicted injuries

They also altered the camara filtration on my iPhone and laptop so any self documentation or communication with friends, or social media caused me to look like a drug addled deranged person.

The arrangement of my facial anatomy became quite creative. These were expert professional distortion filters running in the background of my system. [A] [1] [2] [3]. It was a highly organized re-characterization of my Public Relations image.

0000-00-001. Daily sedation via the use of an otolaryngologist's rhino laryngoscope.

2. Injections with dirty needles to feet, fingers causing life threatening cellulitis infections.

3. Electrocutions. Stun gun swarm attacks. Causing deliberate short term memory and cognition processing issues.

4. Suffocations.

5. Impairment using an upside down can of WD40 blown into my nostrils.

6. Pounded Plaintiff's bike helmet strapped to his head with a hammer while he was sleeping.

7. They carved concavities in my feet and packed them with shit while sleeping to induce cellulitis infection.

8. Broke and removed teeth after sedation then drilling them with a portable drill.

9. 07/20/2018 My ribs were re-broken while sleeping in Central Park during the day.

362018-10-2318-cv-9804 Kraemer v. Edelstein

I filed a RICO claim connecting Judge Ed Smith with the NYPD bribery scandal racketeering his federal judge appointment via my daughter's and my violent witness tampering authorized by 20th Precinct NYPD Inspector Brain McGinn who was taking bribes.

10/23/2018 Pro Se altered my complaint and exhibits into unreadable scrabble on the federal CM/ECF

10/25/2018 US Prosecutors suddenly cleared inspector McGinn

10/25/2018 My case was dismissed only two days after filing

10/29/2018 Inspector Grant's lawyers questioned McGinn's clearance.


2018-10-25ESI Alteration on CM/ECF

Pro Se clerks severely altered the arrangement of my complaint on behalf of NYPD. Impeding any judge from reading it. Including removing a section on lobbyist Pitta, Bishop and Del Giorno LLC. Pro Se was given:
1. A 96 page complaint.
2. A 29 page exhibit index.
3. A 26 page photo Exhibit OOO.
4. A few pages from Chief Judges McMahon's Rules on CM/ECF access.

Pro Se posted a 73 page complaint. Hid pages from exhibits

01/22/2019 I complained to the SDNY Court Executive Edward Friedland about a disturbing pattern evolving from the SDNY Pro Se department after the Department obliterated 18-cv-9804 and its only exhibit on the CM/ECF. Exhibit 4.31

10/25/2018 Federal Prosecutors inexplicably cleared 20th Precinct Inspector McGinn as an un-indicted co-conspirator

10/29/2018 NYPD Inspector Grant's attorney, seeing Inspector McGinn's inexplicable clearance complained the prosecutors also have to clear Inspector Grant as they were accused of virtually the same things:

MDM screen sharing and GPS tracking for retaliation

They know who I am and what I am filing. NYPD's union slogan was used by Pro Se clerks in 2019 when I sued NYPD.

This is ugly. It suggests SDNY made a deal to disentangle Jona Rechnitz from a much more serious offense. To spare our closest ally [ Israel ] from international scandal by having one of Netanyahu's inner circle members connected to violent witness suppression in furtherance of the U.S. Republican Federal Judge appointment of EDPA Edward Smith. Thus, bribe taking NYPD McGinn who allowed my Republican Jewish landlord repeatedly vent toxic fumes while Smith was being interviewed by the U.S. got a break as the U.S. had to disassociate McGinn from Republican Jewish extremist Rechnitz and subsequently Republican Prime Minister Netanyahu to save face.

372019-02-04 Kraemer v. The City of New York Draft

6:51 AM I persevered the following documents to my Gmail account:

Draft revise of 18-cv-9804 Civil RICO.
Dismissed 10/25/2018 with the understanding I could re-file it later

Draft Exhibit 2.86 a 2012 to 2014 email thread
The ESI thread [ emails are admissible under federal rules] was communication with Bethlehem PA Lehigh Transition Services regarding my daughter treatment, her time in parking-lots and injurious events around Ed Smith's federal judge application milestones.

2019-02-04ESI Spoliation: Ice-pick hammered into laptop power-port - NY

I was forced out of Penn Station Inspector Brian McGinn was in charge of.

That resulted in my moving to Hudson River Park Pier 51 where I was tracked and holes were punched into my laptop's power-port through my backpack with an ice-pick while my head was resting on it sleeping.

Exhibit 3.30
Exhibit 3.31
NYC 311 call data #1-1-1679350944

382019-05-16Transcript Request Spitale v. Kraemer

05/14/2019 Northampton County PA emailed transcripts PFA-2014-000815 I requested in preparation for my Civil RICO lawsuit against them.

05/16/2019 I copied the transcripts from the email to my laptop.

05/17/2019 My laptop with the transcripts were stolen by NYPD and NYC agencies at McDonalds across the street from McGinn's Precinct. Penn Station cops mocked me as walked through PennStation to McDonalds.

The transcripts contained quotes that guardian Lisa Spitale LIED during the hearing she prevented my attendance to causing me to lose my daughter.

Spitale rigged improper service and then held the hearing in conflict with my housing court hearing.

Spitale LIED that I took my daughter to a shelter. Causing judge Zito to cite: "to have grave concerns about my mental health."

02/05/2015 Judge Zito showed no interest regarding the facts in my faxed answer Emilie's extortive torture and sex trafficking by Spitale during the course of Ed Smith's federal judge candidacy. Judge Zito's criminality was horrific and part of a regular pattern with Northampton County judges.

Exhibit 2.59.7
Exhibit 3.9.80

2019-05-17 ESI Spoliation NYPD - NY

NYPD engineered theft of my laptop.

05/15/2019 7:18 PM Apple Store 14th st. NYPD Traffic cop hid in bathroom stall using audible NYPD union slogan coughing very fake, very loud cough, cough, cough.

2018 Inspector Brian McGinn was moved from the 20th Precinct to the Mid-Town South Precinct in charge of Patrols after being name an unedited co-conspirator in the NYPD Bribe scandal. The Patrol Services Bureau is the largest and most visible bureau in the NYPD, overseeing the majority of the department's uniformed officers on patrol.

05/17/2019 Penn Station Mid Town South Precinct. NYPD union cough, cough, cough from their observation stand. My laptop was stolen a few hours later at the McDonalds next to the McGinn's precinct and Penn Station.

Spitale repeatedly tortured a child. NYPD protected Republican Federal Judge Ed Smith by spoiling incriminating ESI I was going to use in SDNY federal court against guardian Spitale, who Smith appointed to extort his victim.

MDM screen sharing and GPS tracking for retaliation

NYPD almost exclusively and their union affiliations tracked me from the time I received the transcripts that incriminated guardian Lisa Spitale and then robbed me of my laptop and evidence against Lisa Spitale. They knew when I received the court email and had GPS access to track and steal it.

392019-09-2719-cv-6671 Kraemer v. The City of New York

Attorney Ray DeRaymond Challenge Of Venue Motion Case Document 18

"Consequently, the proper venue for determination of the issues, if any, would be best determined by the Court of Common Pleas of Northampton County, Pennsylvania."

2019-09-27 ESI theft of laptop

The used laptop I purchased had programatic links to an MDM user attempting to re-connect to the devise. The laptop was advertised as screened by NYPD detectives. MDM/DEP accounts have to be set up by Apple Store Business staff. Apple #FVFWLX3XJ1WK.

Exhibit 3.9.5

MDM screen sharing and GPS tracking for retaliation

They had access to my device and was able to locate where I was to steal ESI.

402019-10-1819-cv-6671 Kraemer v. The City of New York

11:37 AM MTSC Document 28. Pro Se staff attorneys disparaged my allegation of NYPD's use of an audible cue: cough, cough, cough for my participating in a federal proceeding as:

"the complaint is riddled with entirely implausible allegations of surveillance and surreptitious communications, including nose-swipes, sniffs, and a seemingly omnipresent cabal committed to discrediting and harming Plaintiff"


4:00 PM After Pro Se staff attorneys stated my complaint was riddled with entirely implausible allegations their Pro Se co-workers did exactly what I complained about and several of them used NYPD's union slogan cough, cough, cough, threats of future violencefor participating in an offical federal proceeding while conducting court business.

The SDNY Pro Se office clerk participated in violent crime in the one place I should have been safe from Judge Ed Smith's and NYPD retaliation.

The threats of future violence were carried on Appeal, each and every time I posted the federal CM/ECF.

MDM screen sharing and GPS tracking for retaliation

This is the adverse party [police union] communicating with the clerks desk that I was on my way down and to use intimidation while conducting court business.

412020-04-1419-cv-6671 Kraemer v. The City of New York

Around 11:00 PM I finished a request for discovery for the CNY HRA and NYPD.

The interrogatories asked about NYC HRA:
05/13/2015 CNY HRA Waverly Center Teller #2 deleted Ed Keesley's request 00035602756F for the legal rent presented to Judge Wendt from the CNY public database in offense of 175.25 and replaced it with a forged OneShot application calculated using Edelstein's illegal rent.

I.e., deleting a legal certificate and replacing it with a false certificate proscribed by 175.40 for the purpose of grand larceny.

The HRA Teller's false certificate was made part of the public record promulgating Edelstein's illegal rent as if it were legal. A felony proscribed by 175.35.

Racketeering and fraud by CNY HRA Waverly Center Teller #2 of the 13th Precinct resulted in my attempted murder at NYC HRA Main Chance Drop in shelter.

2020-04-15Murder-for-hire, attempted theft of ESI

1:00 AM three black men commissioned violence for hire set up next to the 20th Precinct on Columbus circle began tracking and prepped the attempted robbery of my laptop ESI.

One of them used NYPD Columbus Circle's pidgin: cough, cough, cough. (on 08/03/2018 3:00 AM NYPD Columbus Circle cough, cough, coughed as I walked past.)

About 10 minutes later, in front of Nordstroms one of them swung at me with a taser missing my head and cutting my lip. Then issued a warning for asking questions.

MDM screen sharing for retaliation

422020-07-0120-1972 Kraemer v. The City of New York

Granted access to 2nd Circuit CM/ECF

2020-07-01Assault Central Park - NY

Dirt bath while sleeping during the day in Central Park after getting CM/ECF access to the US Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit.

Exhibit 3.9.24.

CNY/HRA violence for hire employees walk around uncharged and protected by the CNY to injure the plaintiff. The plaintiff's landlord owes approximately $854,346.12 to him.

See 16-MAG-3919

MDM screen sharing for retaliation

432020-07-0620-1972 Kraemer v. The City of New York

Brief filed.

2020-07-07 Assault Central Park - NY

Leg sliced open. Threats to cut balls off prior to and after posting a Brief for my US Appeal.

Exhibit 3.9.26

442020-07-0720-1972 Kraemer v. The City of New York

3:53 PM US Court Of Appeals Clerk Of Courts. I call them phone 212-857-xxxx about my notice of appearance."No such thing as a ProSe Appeal. Who told you that?" "What exactly did they tell you."

The tone was hostel, the instruction nonsensical and fraudulent.

2020-07-08I file my notice of appearance to the CM/ECF
452020-07-1320-1972 Kraemer v. The City of New York

1:13 AM Motion for more time filed.

2020-07-13Assault Central Park - NY

11:00 AM Holes cut in clothing after filing a US Motion for more time.

Exhibit 3.9.22

462020-08-08Kraemer v. The City of New York

I was preparing Exhibit 2.86. An email thread from 2012 to 2014. I was making sure all the email headers were available As I was planning on making it available to the Second Circuit.

2020-08-08Attempted murder Central Park

I was put out. Shoes removed. Concavities were carved into my feet and packed with an infectious substance.

Exhibit 3.9.50

MDM screen sharing for retaliation

472020-08-1120-1972 Kraemer v. The City of New York

08/11/2020 5:00 AM I prepared a response letter for the Rule 32.1 submissions by defendants which included a request to include Exhibit 2.86 with my brief as it was originally included with my lower court complaint 19-cv-6671.

Exhibit 2.86 was an email record from 2012 to 2014 regarding my daughters degrading treatment, time in parking lots with "judge friends" or private residences while in attendance at Lehigh Transition Services.

2020-08-1157th St CNY Attempted murder - NY

Razor Knife Attack
6:00 AM I was robbed next to the 57th St CNY newsstand just after finishing a letter to the Second Circuit Clerk of Court.

7:00 AM I went into a CVS computer center across from the same CNY newsstand. Posted the letter to the US CM/ECF.

7:10 AM I got ice cream. Left CVS to retrieve my bike to find an insane monster CNY newsstand attendant blocking access to my bike then attacked me with a razor knife when I went to retrieve it.

Exhibit 3.9.5

MDM screen sharing for retaliation

482020-08-21Sal Nobile | My former accountant

I have made numerous attempts to retrieve my laptop, quick-books and accounting records from Mr. Nobile. Plus any ESI records I have stored on that laptop.

2020-08-21 ESI laptop theft

Sal Nobile remains unresponsive despite repeated phone calls to him to return the Apple laptop 13" and/or the ESI contained on the device.

492020-09-0820-1972 Kraemer v. The City of New York

Motion rule 37 (a) (4) Failure to Disclose with the US Court of Appeals to compel the CNY HRA and NYPD to answer the discovery interrogatories originally submitted 04/15/2020: 05/13/2015 CNY HRA Waverly Center Teller #2 deleted Ed Keesley's request 00035602756F for the legal rent presented to Judge Wendt from the CNY public database in offense of 175.25 and replaced it with a forged OneShot application calculated using Edelstein's illegal rent.

I.e., deleting a legal certificate and replacing it with a false certificate proscribed by 175.40 for the purpose of grand larceny.

The HRA Teller's false certificate was made part of the public record promulgating Edelstein's illegal rent as if it were legal. A felony proscribed by 175.35. Racketeering and fraud by CNY HRA Waverly Center Teller #2 in the 13th Precinct.

See Document 79-2

2020-09-11Attempted murder

09/11/2020 murder-for-hire Bleecker Park

10:00 PM Two black men showed up on bikes sat behind me. They attempted to give sleeping homeless person a sandwich. [a CNY HRA function] A work colleague showed up and was able to convince the man to take a sandwich.

10:47 PM No warning. No interaction at all, slammed me in the back of the head with something. After nearly caving my head in he referred to the previous 04/15/2020 assault just before posting discovery interrogatories for CNY HRA and NYPD as a "reminder."

Linking 04/15/2020 and 09/08/2020 discovery questions for the CNY HRA and NYPD with extreme violence and a warning by a person performing CNY HRA tasks.

[ Document 87-2 ]

502020-09-2720-1972 Kraemer v. The City of New York

I preserved my last draft for a motion to impose sanctions as per Rule 37 (e) to my Google Drive 3:54 AM before going to sleep.

The only significant change to the draft [not reported before] from 09/26/2020 was the addition of what became Table 2.4

See Doc 94-2 Table 2.4 : a 2012-2014 PA email thread page 15.

2020-09-27Violence - NY

10:20 AM Central Park I hear "There he is."

No one else is around. I fell asleep. About 11:00 AM I woke up with a back injury and holes cut in my new shoes. I was asleep. Defenseless.

A pattern of violence for making the Exhibit 2.86. available to the SDNY.

Exhibit 3.9.101

MDM screen sharing for retaliation

512020-10-0720-1972 Kraemer v. The City of New York

I filed a Motion for Sanctions Rule 37 (e) resulting from defendant's alteration of ESI on the federal CM/ECF, stealing ESI and resorting to violence for my participation in an offical Federal proceeding.

2020-10-08Violence - NY

Two hours after posting my motion to impose sanctions: 1. I was stalked to the Orion Diner 395 2nd Ave. Two Mexican employees and 2 customers after I was seated used NYPD Pidgin cough, cough, cough. My food was tampered with and I became sick immediately after eating.

This is the 13th Precinct. Its NCO is SGT Nicholas Macchio and is responsible for the retaliatory intimidation of a plaintiff for participating in an offical proceeding.

Exhibit 3.9.102
Exhibit 3.9.103

MDM screen sharing for retaliation

Two hours after posting my motion to impose sanctions: 1. I was stalked to the Orion Diner 395 2nd Ave. 2 employees and 2 customers after I was seated used NYPD Pidgin cough, cough, cough. My food was tampered with and I became sick immediately after eating.

522020-10-0920-1972 Kraemer v. The City of New York

Commissioned violence for hire. Threatens future back injury. Mid Town Precinct. 56th and Broadway next to the Public Parking Garage. This after after posting a Motion to Impose Sanctions 10/07/2020 in the 2nd Circuit.

0000-00-00Violence - NY

Exhibit 3.9.105

532020-10-2220-1972 Kraemer v. The City of New York

I began drafting a request for discovery concerning NYPD 20th Precinct Commander Inspector Brian McGinn in connection to new discovery items.

2020-10-24Attempted Murder - NY

Handlebar snapped off. Madison Sq. Park. A group of Mexicans took credit for it. Part of a regular pattern of migrants working odd criminal jobs on behalf of NYPD. It was sawed to break in traffic. Easily could have killed me. Exhibit 3.9.130

MDM screen sharing for retaliation

542023-03-26Apple Store Fifth Avenue Flagship.NYPD threats for seeking to remove their MDM key from my mobile devices.

This is pretty classic. NYPD showing up to the seen of the crime attempting to prevent me from removing the technology used to maintain their computer access to my mobile devices. Which have used for grand larceny in the first degree, maiming and attempted murder.

2023-03-26MDM screen sharing for retaliation
552023-03-27Apple Store Fifth Avenue Flagship. Security at entrance death threats for setting up an Apple Business account. Total criminal racketeering by common dim witted thugs under the color of law as their action were directed by NYPD 2023-03-27MDM screen sharing for retaliation
562023-04-25UNION slogan threats from NYPD Counter Counter-Terrorism officer LEE No. 25G41. Among one of the more fucked up things I have seen our police do to suppress a witness in the hope to conceal their participation in racketeering the U.S. federal judge appointment of EDPA Edward Smith. 2023-04-25MDM screen sharing for retaliation
572023-05-1905/19/2023 I went to NYPD Internal Affairs [IAB] to complain about NYPD / Union supported assaults and maiming. During my recorded interview Case No. 15748 the IAB detective repeatedly used a union slogan while reading my complaint I prepared for IAB and then abruptly stopped apparently when he got to the section where I identified my former client Pitta, Bishop & Del Gino LLP and their corruption of the Detectives Endowment Association [IAB] of which he was a member of. 2023-05-19Labor lobbyist Pitta, Bishop & Del Gino LLP and their corruption of the Detectives Endowment Association [IAB] to suppress a victims RECORDED interview.
582023-07-18Drive by attempted murder Rock Center

After making this web page public [] two men [Mexicans] on a motor scooter headed north next to 1177 Sixth Avenue, just before the Citi Bike rack at 1:30 AM sped alongside me on my bike and cracked my skull with a large heavy cast metal thermos or a pipe and took off.

It was made known to me this was union retaliation specifically in connection to the "NON JUDICIAL WIRETAP" column I added to the table and were extremely sensitive to it.

They were worried enough to attempt a drive-by murder from a scooter in mid-town Manhattan, Rockefeller Center after 9/11. There is absolutely a CNY recording of that event and I am positive the New York Attorney General will have no trouble locating it.

If you have any trouble just reach out to this criminal moron who tracked me down via GPS and threatened me 04/17/2023 Plate T4161300 He will know exactly who the drive-by guys were, if not him and his sidekick. He claimed to be working with NYPD. Is that true? Do migrant Mexicans work for NYPD Unions on the side for violent racketeering projects?

2023-07-18MDM screen sharing for retaliation The two drive-by men had access to my GPS on my mobile devices to pinpoint my moving location [ I was on my bike ] to set it up. Adding credence to the allegation that my hit and run on 07/12/2018 was by the same group working under the color of law. The MDM's account access has been used by a lobbyist, union members, NYPD and City agency employees.

The unionized SWARM gang assault occurred just after posting the events of 07/13/2018 just after NYPD Inspector Brian McGinn was named for taking bribes by the FBI from Prime Minister Netanyahu's foreign agent Republican Jewish leader, Jona Rechnitz.

About 50-70 union members in packs of 5 to 10 surrounded the bench I was forced to after the City / NYPD [ McGinn ] allowed my landlord to force me out of my apartment with toxic fumes vented through the floor boards of my apartment during Republican Judge Edward Smith's Federal Judge review - tased, pummeled attempted to blind me while I was sleeping. Violent retaliation by unions on behalf NYPD, PBA, Inspector Brian McGinn and his precinct.

The union members cue up from the subway station and work in packs of about 5-10 concealing assaults from street cameras. They coalesce, pretended to be lost, look like tourists, bring their kids to facilitate attacks. Their kids use union slogans. Its organized crime under the guise of violent union protest.