04/29/2013 The pecuniary beneficiaries from Judge Edward Smith’s 12/21/2006 approval of bogus genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 to SELL normal Emilie to special education employment contractor Lehigh University Transition Services began the attempted murder of Emilie Kraemer by cultivating the scabies she contracted in a parking lot 02/06/2013 into rare, lethal Norwegian Scabies with pharmaceuticals.

04/29/2013 after two months of requests to take Emilie to a doctor Emilie’s mother, daughter of gangster attorney Ray DeRaymond agreed to take Emilie. The doctors appointments were used to make Emilie exponential worse by prescribing medications [ powerful topical immunosuppressants ] that would cultivate the scabies into rare, lethal Norwegian scabies. They timed it so its peak lethality would start just after judge Edward Smith’s 08/01/2013 Presidential nomination for federal judge

Above: My daughter after she was taken to a parking lot by Lehigh University Transition Services and sexually assaulted 02/06/2013. A cigarette was put out on her forehead. She contracted scabies from the encounter (an STD).

Attempted murder via cultivation of
Norwegian Scabies on Emilie Kraemer

02/06/2013  My daughter Emilie was beat up and sexually assaulted in a Bethlehem PA parking lot by Freya Koger’s staff at Lehigh University Transition Services.

A cigarette was put out on Emilie’s forehead.

Emilie contracted scabies (an STD) after the assault. Lehigh University Transition Services was the primary pecuniary recipient of federal judge applicant Judge Edward Smith’s approval of genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 for her incapacitation used to SELL my daughter to them.

04/29/2013 below, Emilie is hyper-infested with scabies.

04/29/2013 The rash was well above her neck collar—and her mother’s gangster father threatened me with sanctions from his personal court house if I took her to doctors i.e., I would risk losing her and it would only get worse.

05/01/2013 Insane mob cunt mother Amy DeRaymond finally agreed to take Emilie to a doctor. For two months Italian mob daughter Amy DeRaymond, Lehigh University Transition Services, Guardian Shanon Moore and Lisa Spitale ignored my repeated requests for a doctors appointment. They treat her for eczema. “a misdiagnosis” The treatment for eczema — high powered immunosuppressants that will invariably cultivate Norwegian Scabies and kill Emilie. They know exactly what they are doing. They are murdering a witness. [ i.e., these organized criminals belong in a unmarked ditch. ]

Retaliation by guardian Lisa Spitale
for reporting to a federal authority
05/07/2013 Email to Federal HHS director Lora Hodge at 26 Federal Plaza about EK’s cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Assault 3:26 PM Guardian Lisa Spitale tracked Emilie to a public swing near her home, took her screaming to a parking-lot and assaulted her

Retaliation by guardian Lisa Spitale
for reporting to a NY State authority

05/14/2013 Emilie’s anonymous parking lot judge friend [ Judge Halal ] told to Emilie to tell me not report to Dr. Landi MD anymore. A senior NY Chief Medical Examiners Office forensic scientist

05/16/2013 The doctors appointment was not used to heal Emilie but to exacerbate and cultivate her existing scabies into Norwegian scabies Thus the deliberate pharmacological cultivation of Norwegian scabies on my daughter.

05/20/2013 Emilie demanded NOT be picked up by Lehigh University Transition Services.

05/22/2013 Emilie’s anonymous parking lot judge friend [ Judge Halal ] told Emilie to tell me not to send skin rash [ scabies ] pictures to NY Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Landi. Dr. Landi a senior forensic scientist would have instantly known Emilie had scabies. The Judge friend kept pressing not send to Dr. Landi. Parking lot Judge friend Robert Halal did not want me sending photos of the cultivation they were using to murder Emilie.

05/26/2013 My landlord Florence Edelstein began venting toxic fumes into the apartment. I was able to mitigate with an industrial fan that ran 24/7/360. That worked until 11/04/2013 when 20th Precinct Inspector Brian McGinn was promoted.

Retaliation by guardian Lisa Spitale
for reporting to a PA State authority

07/08/2013 Letter to Kathleen Kane PA AG. It demanded NO further contact by Federal guardian Shanon Moore or guardian Lisa Spitale. The AG’s office refused to intervene.

07/10/2013 Emilie was assaulted by Lisa Spitale after I complained to the AG. 

07/22/2013 Emilie was nearly dead from Norwegian scabies.

07/26/2013 DeRaymond, Spitale, Moore and Lehigh cured the cultivation of Norwegian scabies on Emilie’s hands in FOUR DAYS. This was one week before Ed Smith’s 08/01/2013 federal judge nomination by President Obama:

  1. Thus they proved they could cure it—quickly.
  2. There is no way to cure Norwegian Scabies without prescription medicine.
  3. They proved they were responsible for cultivating Norwegian Scabies then continued to LIE that she had eczema.
  4. They proved they hid it from President Obama’s administration before the nomination.

08/01/2013 President Obama nominated
Judge Edward Smith for Federal Judge.

08/07/2013 Mother DeRaymond and guardian Spitale resumed the cultivation nearly killing my daughter until I stoped it Monday 08/26/2013.

8/25/2013 the skin fissures were so deep Emilie’s hands were being held together with tape. There was fluid pooling on the bottom of her foot from staph the mother called “juice”. “my mom says I have some juice down there”

Emilie could barley walk and had to take her shoes off by the time we got to Broadway just down the block from my apartment. These gangsters knowingly caused my daughter to rot in her own skin and attempted to murder her. Not hard to figure out.

8/26/2013 I stoped my daughter’s attempted murder
Emilie was quarantined and treated for Norwegian Scabies. No one was arrested. Not mother Amy DeRaymond or Guardian Lisa Spitale.