A Violent Child Trafficking Business.

RICO business’s common objectives.
The business: public servants, school officials, used threats of future violence and torture, burning my daughter [a normal school student ] with cigarettes before cognitive assessment exams to extort resistance to testing, cause impossibly low IQ scores then used the poor performance results as an excuse to enroll her into Special Educational Programming. The manufactured appearance of a mental deficit was all that was needed to use bogus diagnosis billing codes to steal from Medicaid and sell a school student into a condition of involuntary servitude as proscribed by 18 U.S.C. § 1584(a) to outsourced special education contractors.

The violence needed for the RICO business was concealed via omission of duty: by the Northampton County DA, County Court, the Sheriff, MH/MR. MH/MR for example, kept evidence of third degree cigarette burns concurred by the NY Chief Medical Examiners Office out of medical audit reports by reporting it as “unsubstantiated” by the Court. The “Court” refused to let a Senior Forensic Scientist MD from Chief Medical Examiners Office testify about the burns. The enterprise member, the Easton Area School District had an agreement with the mother not to report each others abuse used to drop IQ scores during cognitive testing and rob Medicaid and send business to outsourced contractors.

Above | 08/06/2012 Third degree cigarette burns, One down to the bone identical to 2008 torture before a cognitive assessment exam. RICO extortion [ facilitated by police ] was defined as a domestic issue keeping it out of criminal Court.


HOW was the fraud committed?
The defendants imposed a fraudulent genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 on their trafficking target [Emilie] to be able to bilk Medicaid.  They used my daughter as their MULE to gain access to Medicaid payments.

08/03/2000 agreement not to report organized abuse
I sued my ex-wife Amy DeRaymond for custody after I found Emilie’s extreme abuse was not being reported by the School District due to an agreement between my ex-wife and the school district not to report each others injures to my daughter. I didn’t win.

2000 My ex father-in law Attoreny Ray DeRaymond assigned his partner attorney Edward Smith to represent mother Amy DeRaymond. The severe abuse was obvious, malnourishment, dirty clothing, locking Emilie in closets, cigarette burns. The local Italian mob encouraged this as they used abuse to send special education business to their contractors. Lawyer Ed Smith, was part of that system, and facilitated my daughter’s criminal treatment.

2003 after discussions with Emilie’s newly appointed special education teacher Marilyn McKay she said Emilie did not belong in her class and that there were many students that did not belong in her class.

Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children Diagnostic
2005 I sued the Easton Area School District for claiming my daughter Emilie was mentally retarded. I submitted to the Due Process Administrative hearing officer Linda Stengel, Dr. Warren Grover’s [ my Uncle ] the Head of Child Neurology at Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children a 11/9/2000 2.5 day medical diagnostic. (pg.2)

It proved Emilie had NO genetic mental retardation. He diagnosed her with PDD-NOS a mild learning disorder.

“ Results from recent diagnostic testing, completed in order to assist in identifying the potential etiology of Emilie’s developmental delays, were reported to have been unremarkable, including genetic test results (e.g., no evidence of Fragile X)”

( i.e. any genetic mental retardation diagnosis codes [ ICD-9 MR317 see defect 759.9 ] were ruled out. See also autism.)

02/16/2006 Educational Due Process # 5779/05-06
Mother Amy DeRaymond and grandfather municipality solicitor attorney Ray DeRaymond submitted for the first time fraudulent genetic mental retardation diagnosis billing code ICD-9 MR317 by Dr. Regina Smock MD to administrative hearing officer Linda Stengel to be considered for the hearing.
[ Transcripts | 02/16/06 Vol X | Pages1904 to 1907 Dr. Smocks evaluation ]

02/22/2006 Access Services Inc.
DeRaymond’s then submitted the Dr. Smock’s bogus recommendation to treat Emilie for genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 to consultant Access Services Inc. as the basis to receive disability services which Access Services approved.

03/23/2006 Educational Due Process # 5779/05-06 LS Ruling
The hearing officer ruled out ICD-9 MR317 and ordered comprehensive education predicated on Emilie’s mild learning disorder diagnosis PDD-NOS

03/28/2006 Magellan Behavioral Health of PA Behavioral health Rehabilitation Service for Children. Wraparound Treatment Plan
The School District ignored the administrative ruling.  They and the DeRaymond’s began introducing Emilie as mentally retarded with ICD-9 MR317 to the community and in school destroying Emilie socially and psychologically. [ i.e., they used per pressure and reinforcement from unionized retail employees—isolating her—to funnel, SELL Emilie into a condition of involuntary servitude with special education service contractors. ]

05/18/2006 Education Appeals Panel #1727 Ruling
The Appeals Panel specifically ruled out ICD-9 MR317 and the PDD-NOS diagnosis was upheld. . It is common knowledge if Emilie does not have the genetic defect for mental retardation billing time to treat genetic mental retardation ICD-9 MR317 is robbery of Medicaid.

The ruling also stated: “The results of previous cognitive assessments place Emilie in the mentally retardation range of intellectual capacity” 

Not mentioned in the ruling was her extortion via torture burning Emilie with cigarettes before cognitive assessment exams extorting impossibly low I.Q. scores [  IQ 52 in the mild to moderate range ] causing resistance to even taking the exams—or suffer severe consequences for cooperating. This was called “challenging behavior” by examiners. Consultants Lehigh and Milestones then recommended  “yoga” and “horse back ridding” for Emilie’s “anxiety” which was caused by the torture they helped impose before testing.

The rigged low I.Q. scores were needed to be able to write bogus billing descriptions not at all representative of the child to justify stealing from Medicaid

All of Emilie’s interagency service planning team sign-in/concurrence agreements 2006, 2007, 2008 recommendations (i) “Emilie needs to increase positive social interactions; (ii) “Emilie needs to increase safe and responsible behaviors; (iii) Emilie needs to decrease social isolation; were made by the contractors who prevented her social interactions, isolated her, took her to parking lots, sex trafficked her and burned her with cigarettes.  2012 Emilie’s torture became extremely sadistic to get me to agree to an informal meeting with Judge Smith encouraged by his best friend, my sister Deputy Gretchen Kraemer: 7/23/2012, 10/19/2012, 11/17/2012, 11/27/2012, 02/06/2013.

09/25/2006 Interagency Service Planning Team Sign-In/Concurrence Form
The municipality provider Northampton County MH/MR—with DeRaymond’s approval—began approving Lehigh University Transition Services and Milestones Community Services billing to Medicaid to treat Emilie for false claim genetic retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 in violation of several federal laws.

12/21/2006 1990-C-956 DeRaymond v. Kraemer
Municipality Solicitor Attorney Ray DeRaymond learned Federal Judge Pratter [ 06-cv-3592 GP ] was moving forward with Plaintiff’s settlement for Emilie recognizing her normal PDD-NOS diagnosis placement and $255,000 comp-ed she could use for college. That same day Attorney DeRaymond sought out his former law partner Judge Edward Smith who approved his EMERGENCY petition to incapacitate Emilie with false claim genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 using it as the “mental defect” needed for incapacitation and recommended her $255,000 be spent with Lehigh University Transition Services [ See pages 5, 7 ]

Attorney DeRaymond SOLD his granddaughter into a condition of involuntary servitude to Lehigh University Transition Services for a finders fee proscribed by 18 U.S.C § 1584 approved by Judge Edward Smith.

01/05/2007 1990-C-956 DeRaymond v. Kraemer.
Judge Giordano approved attorney DeRaymond’s petition for a guardian and to incapacitate Emilie with genetic mental retardation diagnosis code ICD-9 MR317 in violation of federal law. Attoreny DeRaymond used Dr. Smock’s diagnosis of ICD-9 MR317 as “proof of mental defect” Judge Giordano asked for during trial.

ICD-9 MR317 is not mentioned at any time. There is no searchable record of it in Court documents, should for example the DOJ look for evidence of trafficking. It is not in transcripts or any of the documents DeRaymond filed. But it is what got handed to Judge Giordano and billed to Medicaid. Transcript pg. 3

Attorneys DeRaymond/Murphy recommended the Lehigh University Transition Services program already treating Emilie for ICD-9 MR317 ruled out by the Appeals Panel (see transcript pg.9) in offense of her federally protected pendant placement diagnosis PDD-NOS.  Judge Giordano ordered my attorney educational specialist attorney Liz Kapo not to speak unless asked (see transcript pg.13) while DeRaymond threatened her business outside the court room. Attoreny DeRaymond conspired with Judge Giordano—a child trafficking thug. [ Day after filing FRCP Rule 9(a) 11/21/2022.]

DeRaymond was worried that I would be moving his finders fee MULE, my daughter to New York City and complained about it repeatedly during trial.

According to the Third Circuit, once the Appeals Panel rules, its decision becomes the pendent placement. Susquenita School District v. Raelee S., 96 F.3d 78 (3d Cir. 1996).
20 U.S.C. §1415(j).

These mobsters quietly passed around genetic mental retardation charge code ICD-9 MR317 to incapacitate my daughter and muzzled my education specialist attorney who knew Emilie’s pedant placement of PDD-NOS was federally protected.

10/09/2007 EDPA 06-cv-3592-TR. Federal Magistrate Judge Timothy Rice appointed Marcie Romberger as Emilie's Federal Education Guardian.  

03/2008 Federal Guardian Marcie Romberger 06-cv-3592 TR
Ms. Romberger ordered an improper cognitive assessment exam for Emilie with Dr. Richard Hess. 	(I) Attoreny DeRaymond and mother Amy DeRaymond used the opportunity extort Emilie. Severely burning her with cigarettes— torture—before the exam.  (II) Ms. Romberger withheld Emilie’s fragile x diagnostic from Dr. Richard Hess.                                                             

03/10/2008 (about) Terrified and tortured Emilie walked the halls of the Easton Area School District with open bleeding severe cigarette burns on her hands, knuckles and arms. No one responsible for her safety reported the burns: Not the aide that walked the halls, program specialist Andria Buchman, special ed director Mark Bernstein, the mother who took her to school, guardians or teachers.

03/15/2008 Dr. Hess emailed his report recommending Emilie be eligible for procedural safeguards “as a student WITH mental retardation” The assessment was in total conflict the Education Appeals Panel ruling #1727 of PDD-NOS; NO genetic mental retardation and cognitively TESTING in the mental retardation range. [ from being abused before testing ]. Dr. Hess then diagnosed her with Aspergers Syndrome. 

1. - Dr. Hess: "She has had numerous prior diagnoses including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and possible Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Mild to Moderate Mental Retardation, and Autism. The result of these multiple assessments were repeated recommendations for early intervention, special education, and other related and special clinical services due to her delayed development and, later, to her challenging behavior."

2. - Dr. Hess’s report made NO mention of Emilie’s Federally protected, ordered pendent placement diagnosis PDD-NOS. 

3. - Dr. Hess’s report made NO mention of third degree cigarette burns she had during his review but mentions “challenging behavior.”  (e.g., torture used to write bogus billing descriptions to justify stealing from Medicaid). 

Emilie had third degree HOLE seared into her arm down to the bone and most of knuckles were burned as witnessed by attorney Able Iacobelli Transcripts pages 40 - 42. The third degree cigarette burns were diagnosed by Dr. L. Felderman MD and concurred by Senior Forensic Scientist Dr. Kristine Landi MD of the NY Chief Medical Examiners Office. [1] Defendants were violent, racketeering thugs hustling children. Liebeck v. McDonalds  93-cv-2419 NMDC

4 - Dr. Hess’s 2008 report made NO mention of false claim diagnosis code genetic mental retardation ICD-9 MR317 Marcie Romberger had to approve 2008 for billing to Medicaid while she retained Dr. Hess and he "diagnosed her" with Aspergers. 

5  - Dr. Hess’s report made NO mention of false claim diagnosis code genetic mental retardation ICD-9 MR317 county contractor Lehigh University Transition Services was submitting for payment for treating Emilie virtually all day 5 days a week (See page 3) the School District LEA John Merlo was approving through Emilie’s IEP contract.

6. Dr. Hess's report was a craven, bogus, scam—tricking me—concealing Marcie Romberger, attorney DeRaymond, mother DeRaymond’s and Judge Edward Smith's sending business to Lehigh University Transition Services to treat Emilie for false claim  ICD-9 MR317 to be able to bill Medicaid with it—selling Emilie into a condition  of involuntary servitude proscribed by  18 U.S.C § 1584.    

04/16/2008 I SUED # PFA 20080254  Kraemer v. DeRaymond.
During the PFA trial attorney DeRaymond characterized his granddaughter’s numerous third-degree cigarette burns that he and his daughter Amy DeRaymond were responsible for as:    

1 “Spurious” 
2 “A little mark that came up on the child”
3 “She did it to herself to herself”
4  Sought sanctions because I took Emilie to a doctor documenting the numerous cigarettes burns. 
5. Judge Moran dismissed the PFA knowing there was an extraordinary organized violence. 

Attoreny DeRaymond laundered his and Judge Smith's illegal use of diagnosis code MR317 and torture needed to drop IQ scores of the Emilie through the Northampton County Court Judiciary, the DA's office, and federal magistrate judge Tim Rice's guardian Marcie Romberger who conspired with Attoreny DeRaymond. 

08/14/2008 Northampton County Detective Miller skirted Emilie’s diagnosed, obvious torture stating he could not reach the MD and was pulled from the case by the DA John Morganelli.   

04/09/2009 I opened a federal conference with Judge Tim Rice  06-cv-3592-TR.  Judge Rice threatened to say I was “crazy” if I filed a pleading against his federal guardian appointee Marcie Romberger. 

04/23/2009 Northampton County MH/MR’s Medical Audit by Hugh S. Smith, Ph.D. & Associates, said: 

A history of domestic abuse or physical or sexual abuse toward Emilie was alleged by Mr. Kraemer against Mrs. Fontno (DeRaymond); however was unfounded."  

That is, third degree cigarette burns—one down to the bone—confirmed by top a dermatologist and concurred by the NY Chief Medical examiner's MD — MH/MR decided was "unfounded" and Judge Rice would call me "crazy" if I raised the issue in context with Romberger.  

03/16/2010 Federal Guardian Marcie Romberger quit citing a conflict of interest. Romberger’s husband was working for the Easton School District's attorney’s Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams LLP whose career she was helping by sandbagging my daughter's college aspirations via torture, extortion, fraud and trafficking her.

03/13/2010 I emailed guardian Romberger that Emilie was accepted to community colleges. The colleges were eager to have Emilie. 03/16/2010 Federal guardian Marcie Romberger recused herself as Emilie’s guardian.  Metadata proves Romberger's recusal letter was created 03/15/2010 and was backdated to 03/11/2010.

5/17/2010 Kraemer v. DeRaymond #2007-0021 	
Mother DeRaymond corrected the Plaintiff  [Transcript pages 33-34 ] that Emilie’s diagnosis was PDD-NOS—she lectured the Plaintiff on it—while she was signing Northampton County MH/MR Interagency Service Planning Team forms since 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 to at least 2012 to have Emilie treated for false claim genetic mental retardation diagnosis ICD-9 MR317 

Judge Koury assigned Lisa Spitale (who was going to Emilie's home to abuse her) as court guardian representing Emilie during trial. Emilie was required to sit with the animals: guardian Lisa Spitale and mother collectively responsible for severely abusing Emilie.  She had to answer Lisa Spitale's court [extortion] questions carefully least she get an unannounced violent home assault.  

07/16/2010 Domestic Relations Section 
Judge Emil Giordano ROBBED the Plaintiff. Demanded $875.00 a month in disability support payments [ Ransom payments to see my daughter or RICO "juice" payments ]  then let BLANK the space for the illegal diagnosis code the county used for SALE of Emilie to Lehigh Transition Services.  Attorney DeRaymond and Judge Giordano concealed links to their incapacitation of Emilie. 


08/17/2010 Federal Guardian Shanon Moore finalized Emilie's SALE to Lehigh.
Federal guardian Shanon Moore refused to allow Emilie to go to colleges she was accepted and unilaterally sent Emilie to mental retardation contractor Lehigh University Transition Services. Ms. Moore finalized the SALE of Emilie into a condition of involuntary servitude via false claim genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317.

The SALE set up by attorney DeRaymond and Judge Edward Smith was approved by recused Marcie Romberger's TEAM she put in place as part of Dr. Hess's evaluation:  Mental retardation contractor Lehigh University Transition Services, Mother DeRaymond and Milestones. They all agreed with Federal guardian Shanon Moore to send business to themselves instead of allowing Emilie to go to college. Ms. Moore explained to me that I was "out voted" by the TEAM with which she agreed.

These are transparent, uncharged, extremely violent gangsters that sold school children into slavery for pecuniary benefit. 




04/16/2008 PF2008-000254 | Kraemer v. DeRaymond
ABOVE 03/2008 My daughter Emilie Kraemer was burned with cigarettes on most of her knuckles, arms and legs prior to a cognitive assessment exam arranged by federal guardian Marcie Romberger. Emilie’s mother took her to school with open bleeding burn injures. No one reported them.

They were self-dealing business back to the Northampton County and District’s mental retardation healthcare consultants after the School District lost its Appeal to me 5/18/2006.

Emilie’s violent extortion to fail the exam came from attorney Ray DeRaymond, mother Amy DeRaymond and highly likely federal guardian Marcie Romberger who was a no show at the PFA hearing I brought against Amy DeRaymond Fontno.

04/16/2008 During the hearing attorney DeRaymond minimized his granddaughter’s serious third degree burns from cigarettes:

1. “They’re spurious.” (one of the burns was down to the bone)
2. “I can’t tell if this is a little bite that came up on the child or a scratch.”
3. He blamed his victim for doing it to herself: “Or herself. Or herself. She does cooking.”
4. Attorney DeRaymond asked for sanctions against me because I took Emilie to a doctor.
Transcript | Pg. 45 sanctions. 

Attorney DeRaymond never once sought or showed any interest in finding out who was responsible for brutally torturing his granddaughter.

His and the court’s interest was in preventing me from presenting future evidence of his and Judge Ed Smith’s (the enterprises) violent child trafficking.

4/1/2009 EDPA 06-cv-3592-TR | Kraemer v. Easton Area School District
I requested a conference with Federal Magistrate Judge Rice who appointed Marcie Romberger. After the attorney’s only conference my attorney Liz Kapo said:
1. That Judge Rice deemed the of torture my daughter to be a “domestic issue” to be heard in Northampton County and did not belong in front of his court;
2. Attoreny Kapo: Judge Rice will say your crazy if you pursue your pleading and ;
3. Attoreny Kapo: You will loose your good standing in Orphans court in front of Judge Giordano of Northampton County when Emilie turns 21 and that I could loose my guardianship as a result.

What Judge Rice was doing was criminal
4. Judge Rice had a conflict of interest due to his participation in violent child trafficking through his guardian’s resulting in my substantial prejudicial treatment by Judge Rice.

[ 2012 – 2014 all of the injuries in top the header were from Judge Rice’s federally appointed guardians Shanon Moore and Lisa Spitale. 2013 they both facilitated my daughter’s attempted murder while Ed Smith was seeking nominations for federal judge. ]

5. Marcie Romberger never questioned the proximal relationship between Emilie’s severe torture and the cognitive assessment exam she arranged because Ms. Romberger was party to attorney DeRaymond’s racketeering. It is unambiguous.

6. Judge Rice and Judge Giordano violated federal criminal law. They outright facilitated violent child trafficking and used their offices to do it through intimidation.

7. Attorney Kapo’s worry that I would loose my good standing in front of Judge Giordano was impossible. I already had no standing:

12/21/2006 Attorney Ray DeRaymond got Judge Ed Smith to approve his petition for Emilie to have a guardian using diagnosis MR317 ruled out by the appeals panel as the basis for her “mental defect.” Judge Smith scheduled the hearing for 01/05/2007.

01/05/2007 # 1990-C-956 | Attorney Ray DeRaymond v. Kraemer

Judge Giordano told my attorney Liz Kapo to shut up after Attorney DeRaymond submitted diagnosis mental retardation MR317 “as proof of mental defect” in conflict with the Education Appeals Panel ruling and in violation of federal law which Giordano approved after robbing me of attorney Kapo’s expert representation.

Judge Giordano approved Lisa Spitale as Emilie’s guardian. He threatened me from moving Emilie to New York City where people who knew her:
– Expected her to drive a car.
– Expected her to attend college.
– MD’s and the Chief Medical Examiner confirmed Emilie’s 2008 burns to be from cigarettes.
– Attorney Ray DeRaymond and Judge Giordano were human trafficking proscribed by U.S.C. § 1592 (a) (2) (3).

Attoreny Moore as of 2019 worked for the Pennsylvania State Education Association. Attoreny Lisa Spitale as recently as 5/2021 was running for public office as a district judge.
They belong in cage in Guantanamo bay.

8. 6/2021 The FBI window sergeant at 26 Federal Plaza in New York thought the torture of my daughter before a cognitive assessment exam was a domestic issue. It was clear someone spoke to her before I got there.

9. Senator Whitehouse recently raised concerns about Republican influence over the FBI.


1. Scheidler, 537 U.S. at 405-06 Distinction between extortion and coercion. DeRaymond’s use of torture in this context was extortion. He was affecting interstate commerce and obtaining property from his victims: He robbed the federal and state government and tax payers by foisting a made up disability he created on the public. That DeRaymond and the county used organized torture to send business to their consultants [ something I am sure they got a finders fee for] is RICO.

2. Sandgrund, Gaines, and Green on child abuse IQ reduction.