US Attorney(s), FBI, DA, police, judges, lawyers, guardians, healthcare agencies and unions protected PA republican Judge Ed Smith’s 2011 federal judge application from his participation in a violent child trafficking business.

The business: public servants, officials, facilitated threats of future violence [ burning with cigarettes ] torture
of a perfectly normal school student [ my daughter ] before cognitive assessment exams to lower IQ scores and cause resistance to testing then used that as an excuse to enroll her into Individualized Educational Programming (Special ed). IEP service providers submitted claims to treat ICD-9 diagnosis codes for congenital mental retardation the student did not and could not have. The manufactured appearance of a mental deficit was all that was needed to get payment.

The self-dealing violent business run primarily through the Director of Special Ed’s office sent business to the Easton Area School District’s and Northampton County’s early prevention behavioral healthcare consultants and businesses. The violence needed for business was concealed via omission of duty: the DA, county court, the sheriff, MH/MR (kept abuse out of records) and the school districts agreement with the mother not to report her extreme abuse. Violent Child trafficking.

After Judge Ed Smith applied for federal judge 7/2011 those same public servants and private entities concealed his unlawful activity through MORE torture of my daughter and attempted to gain my cooperation to stop it [ extortion to stop asking about congenital mental retardation code MR317 approved by Smith ] in collaboration with NYC public servants, private interests and two republican foreign agents where I lived and preserved evidence (ESI) of my daughter’s torture and attempted murder deliberately kept out of Easton PA’s public and private healthcare records while Judge Ed Smith sought federal nominations from the President, and U.S. Senate Judicial Committee.

Above | 08/06/2012 Easton PA | Organized offical torture of my daughter. Deep cigarette burns, one down to the bone identical to 2008 torture. Paradoxically, this was after a 2011 grand jury charged Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky for sexually abusing school students with the help of school officials. 2012 PA significantly altered its mandated reporter and child abuse laws.

My daughter’s organized torture used to traffic her inflicted by the mother, school district, state and federal guardians in coordination with county IEP service contractors was consistently defined as a domestic issue to conceal its organization by the Court of Northampton County, their sheriffs department, federal magistrate judge Timothy Rice, who appointed the federal guardian and the SDNY FBI intake desk. 08/06/2012 my deputy sister refused to make record of torture then attempted to parlay my wanting it to stop into a meeting with federal judge applicant Ed Smith responsible for approving fake diagnosis code MR317 in 2006 used to traffic my daughter.


2000  The behavioral health care industry promoted violent mental illness in parents as it lead to more heath-care business from their adversely affected children. My ex-wife Amy DeRaymond was a violent schizophrenic was regularly rewarded for her extreme abuse of our daughter by the Northampton County government. The county gave the mother, a job, primary custody, erased evidence of her extreme abuse from healthcare, police and court records that in-turn sent business to early intervention school behavior health care consultants that then induced more injury. Violent gangsters.

Ms. DeRaymond’s father county solicitor attorney Ray DeRaymond got his unpredictably violent daughter a job with the Easton Area School District teaching gym. The County Bar association’s President personally witnessed Amy DeRaymond’s unpredictable violence first hand when he was representing her during our divorce and quit. She went back to work at for the School District the next day. No one questioned it.

2000 Attoreny DeRaymond assigned his partner attorney Ed Smith to represent Amy DeRaymond. He helped her and the Easton School District abuse my daughter Emilie Kraemer into mental disability. The mother told the school district not to report evidence of her violence to me and the School District complied.

Needless to say the judgement of this government community was insane and corrupted. 

08/17/2005 I sued the Easton Area School District for not educating my daughter. The director of Special Ed and the mother claimed my daughter was mentally retarded when she was not. The mother was severely abusing Emilie wanted more money from me to treat a disability she was causing.

My Uncle, Dr. Warren Grover, the Head of Child Neurology at Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children conducted a 2.5 medical diagnostic. It proved she had NO congenital mental retardation. He diagnosed her with PDD-NOS.

Emilie’s fragile x chromosome xx was intact, it had virtually no iterations (CGG repeat expansions) that would have reduced production of the FMR1 protein to cause diminished synaptic function. Emilie was normal. Consistent with the hearing officers comp-ed award as someone diagnosed with PDD-NOS (mild atypical social autism) recommended by the medical diagnostic. See also autism.

02/16/2006 the last hearing, the mother, Amy DeRaymond and county solicitor attorney Ray DeRaymond, the grandfather, shopped around until they found Dr. Regina Smock. She diagnosed Emilie with congenital mental retardation, diagnosis code MR317. The hearing officer let it in and gave it little if no weight.

External causes—extreme violence— for Emilie’s poor academic standing was never addressed and hidden by the County and the District.

03/23/2006 I won Educational Due Process #5779 05/06. The Hearing officer found in Emilie’s favor placing her with PDD-NOS.

03/28/2006 DeRaymond, the School District, and County’s IEP service providers began peddling [treating] my daughter for congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 ruled out by diagnostic and the hearing officer in school, home and the community without telling me. The District and the IEP service providers advertised Emilie as congenitally mentally retarded [MR317] in the community where she lived. 


IEP service providers: consultant Freya Koger and Milestones Community Services that specialized in mental retardation submitted claims for reimbursement to the county and District to treat mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 they induced the appearance of through extreme violence and extortion.

05/18/2006 The school district appealed and lost Education Appeals Panel Opinion #1727. Three judges confirmed Emilie’s diagnosis as PDD NOS. Again specifically overruled congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 and approved $255,000 in Comp-Ed to re-educate my normal daughter for the education she was denied by gangsters.

Northampton County MH/MR continued to approve treatment for congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 and not the ordered PDD-NOS diagnosis (mild atypical autism).

08/15/2006 EDPA 06-cv-3592-GP.  I sued in federal court to enforce the Education Appeals Panel Order for $255,000 in comprehensive education and adherence to the ruling of diagnosis PDD-NOS.

12/21/2006 The County solicitor, the grandfather, attorney Ray DeRaymond petitioned his former law partner Judge Ed Smith to order that a guardian (violence-for-hire) be appointed to treat my daughter for congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 the same day federal judge Pratter ordered a settlement conference for 06-cv-3592­-GP. DeRaymond was known for his ex-parte communication with judges. During the conference judge Pratter informed me the defendants would not settle unless I dropped the abuse claim against the mother.  U.S. v. Computer Sciences CorpUnited Health v. U.S. Heath & Human Services-First Circuit 18-5326

1/5/2007 Judge Giordano approved attorney DeRaymond/Judge Smith’s unlawful petition for a guardian to treat Emilie for congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 in violation of federal law. DeRaymond used Dr. Smock’s diagnosis of MR317 as “proof of mental defect” that was specifically ruled out by the Education Appeals Panel Opinion #1727 and medical diagnostic. My educational specialist attorney Kapo was told not to speak unless asked while DeRaymond conspired with Judge Giordano.

10/09/2007 EDPA 06-cv-3592-TR. Federal Magistrate Judge Timothy Rice appointed Marcie Romberger Federal guardian.

Classic use of a governmental enterprise to launder violent extortion racketeering needed to bilk Medicaid with false diagnosis codes and self-deal business to healthcare partners.  

03/2008 Federal guardian Romberger set up a superfluous cognitive assessment exam for Emilie. Her job was being paid for by money released based on the State's ruling of diagnosis PDD-NOS. A mild learning disorder. Attoreny DeRaymond used the opportunity to torture my daughter. Severely burning her with cigarettes prior to the exam while Romberger withheld the fragile x diagnostic from the examiner Dr. Richard Hess. It proved Emilie had no mental retardation.

Terrified and tortured Emilie walked the halls of the Easton Area School District with open bleeding severe cigarette burns on her hands, knuckles and arms. Not one teacher reported it to me.

03/15/2008 Dr. Hess recommend EK eligible for procedural safeguards “as a student with mental retardation” in conflict the appeals panel and diagnostic while also diagnosing her for "Aspergers Syndrome" also in conflict the education appeals panel order #1727 diagnosis order of PDD-NOS (Emilie was very social). 

04/16/2008 I filed a PFA for Emilie's torture # PFA 20080254.  During the PFA trial attorney DeRaymond, [he and his daughter Amy DeRaymond were responsible for Emilie's torture] characterized his granddaughter’s numerous third-degree cigarette burns as:

1 “Spurious” 
2 “A little mark that came up on the child”
3 “She did it to herself to herself”
4  Sought sanctions because I took Emilie to a doctor documenting the numerous cigarettes burns. 
5. Judge Moran dismissed the case. 

Attoreny DeRaymond laundered his and Smith's illegal use of diagnosis code MR317 and torture of the victim through the Northampton County Court Judiciary, DA's office, federal magistrate judge Tim Rice and guardian Marcie Romberger.  

08/14/2008 Northampton County Detective Miller skirted Emilie’s diagnosed, obvious torture stating he could not reach the MD and was pulled from the case by the DA John Morganelli.  

Former DA John Morganelli was a child trafficking deviant. The torture was sick and driven by pecuniary interest. 

04/09/2009 I opened a federal conference (06-cv-3592-TR): Federal magistrate judge Rice threatened to say I was “crazy” if I filed a pleading against his federal guardian appointee Marcie Romberger. [ Rice refused to implicate himself. Rice is a violent child trafficking thug. ]

04/23/2009 Northampton County MH/MR’s Medical Audit Hugh S. Smith, Ph.D. & Associates, said: A history domestic abuse or physical or sexual abuse toward Emilie was alleged by Mr. Kraemer against Mrs. Fontno (DeRaymond); however was unfounded."  

That is, third degree cigarette burns—one down to the bone—confirmed by top a dermatologist and concurred by the NY Chief Medical examiner's MD — MH/MR decided was "unfounded" and my complaining about it was "crazy." These fucking officials belong in a hole in the ground. 

03/16/2010 Federal Guardian Marcie Romberger quit citing a conflict of interest.

05/17/2010 #2007-0021 Northampton County Judge Koury concealed the organization of Emilie’s torture and extortion. He did not let Dr. Landi from the NY Chief Medical examiners office testify about the cigarette burns, did not let me testify about taking Emilie to a top dermatologist that diagnosed the cigarette burns, and did not put his findings of fact/conclusions of law on the record. 

Judge Koury assigned Lisa Spitale (who was going to Emilie's home to abuse her) as court guardian representing Emilie during trial. Emilie was required to sit with the animals: guardian Lisa Spitale and mother collectively responsible for her suffering. Emilie had to answer Lisa Spitale's questions VERY carefully least she get an unannounced home assault visit from Ms. Spitale. 

08/17/2010 Federal guardian Shanon Moore replaced Romberger. Instead of college Emilie was accepted to, Moore unilaterally sent Emilie to the school district’s mental retardation consultant Freya Koger’s business to treat her for diagnosis code MR317 paid for with Medicaid and the comp-ed released for Emilie's education as person with PDD-NOS. 

These are transparent, uncharged, gangsters that hustled school children for pecuniary benefit. There is very little that is lower, more fucked up or strange than the officials listed here.

Surely federal judges must know you cannot construct a detour around RICO.

09/21/2010 Opened EDPA 10-cv-4868-JP Kraemer v. Pennsylvania in Philadelphia federal court. I was done. Fuck this. Die assholes. I sued all of them.

01/28/2011 10-cv-4868 Kraemer v. Pennsylvania was transferred from Judge John Padova in Philadelphia who took my case seriously in spite of my Pro Se status to former Republican Congressman federal judge William J. Martini in New Jersey.

A U.S. Attorney Patricia C. Hannigan from Delaware and not the Philadelphia office was assigned because I sued two Philadelphia federal judges.  She represented Federal Magistrate Judge Tim Rice and Judge Pratter. The Republicans buried my case after Judge Padova began moving on it.

The L4 law clerk assigned to me confided that Judge Martini as an unwritten policy dismissed all Pro Se cases and the merits of the case would not matter. We talked at length about this. There would be nothing I could say, prove, fact I could present that would stop a dismissal.

The offical statement was: “Since Eastern District of Pennsylvania judges are included among the defendants named by Plaintiff, the case has been assigned to this Judge, [ Martini ] from the District of New Jersey, in order to avoid any conflict.”

The actual conflict had to do with common purposes between judge Ed Smith who in 2006 trafficked my daughter with made up diagnosis code MR317 after it was ruled out by the Appeals Panel and Philadelphia Federal Magistrate Judge Tim Rice (06-cv-3592-TR) who in 2008 facilitated the torture of my daughter and withheld her fragile x diagnostic from a cognitive assessment exam his guardian arranged causing a report result identical to Judge Ed Smith‘s fraud used for child trafficking. 7/2011 Smith was able to apply for federal judge as a result of Tim Rice’s racketeering.

05/08/2011 Attoreny Lisa Spitale grabbed and burned Emilie in her home. Emilie was in her PJ’s during the attack. Spitale coerced my daughter to agree to attend a home for the mentally retarded Camphill Soltane—two months before Ed Smith’s federal judge application. 

07/2011 Republican judge Ed Smith applied for federal judge. 7/15/2011 Smith approved Lisa Spitale (violence for hire) to replace me as guardian.

9/15/2011 JUDGE MARTINI DISMISSED EDPA 10-cv-4868-JP Kraemer v. Pennsylvania. Federal judge William Martini capriciously and arbitrarily dismissed my case with prejudice. 1. Judge Martini time-barred my daughter’s 3/2008 organized torture prior to a cognitive assessment exam by attorney DeRaymond. 2. Martini constructed a detour around the illegal use of diagnosis code congenital Mental Retardation MR317 ruled out by diagnostic and the Appeals Panel. 3. Judge Ed Smith and attorney DeRaymond were responsible for its continued criminal usage and charges to Medicaid for treatment:

“He believes …a conspiracy made up of some of the defendants changed her diagnosis to mental retardation in order to funnel money to private organizations that specialize in the treatment of such individuals.”
Judge Martini Doc. 122 Page 2., P3.

Northampton County’s mental retardation service providers were actively billing for congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 ruled out by diagnostic and the Appeals Panel while I was suing them for it and Judge Martini was mocking me as a conspiracy nut.

U.S. Attorney Patricia C. Hannigan had a front-row seat to child torture before a cognitive assessment exam, subsequent use of false diagnosis codes to bilk Medicaid, self-dealing to IEP service providers. Violent child trafficking from a public school district. Did nothing. She let republican judge Ed Smith responsible for child torture and human trafficking move forward on his federal judge application.

Also present : EDPA Federal Judge Timothy Rice;  EDPA Federal Judge Pratter; The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett; Prosecutor Linda Kelly Pennsylvania Office Of Attorney General; Federal guardians Ms. Marcie Romberger Esq; Ms. Shannon Moore Esq; Mother (teacher) Amy DeRaymond; County Solicitor Ray DeRaymond Esq; Judge Emil Giordano; Lisa Spitale Esq; John Merlo Director of Special Education; Early Intervention consultant for the Easton School District Freya Kroger; Northampton County MH/MR Services. Massive, official, racketeering

Kennedy Center: this was when the U.S. attorney’s used to do their jobs.

Soon after the 9/15/2011 dismissal of 10-cv-4868 my mobile and business devices were permanently wire-tapped by the Northampton County DA's office  and highly likely the Allentown PA FBI's office. 

It was clear the Easton DA shared my emails seeking payment from my client lobbyist Vincent Pitta or help from public officials with Lisa Spitale and Deputy Kraemer.  Lisa Spitale, within hours of sending these emails tortured my daughter and used her suffering to extort my cooperation up until her attempted murder which Spitale, Freya Koger and Amy DeRaymond started 02/6/2013. 

3/23/2012 Guardian Lisa Spitale petitioned Judge Smith to use the two weeks of my summer vacation visitation 7/16/2012 to 08/06/2012 for Emilie’s “education.” Spitale tortured my daughter in phased increments burning her with cigarettes then advertised the torture to me during my visitation days:

7/23/2012 Monday 
7/27/2012 Friday 
08/6/2012 Monday the cigarette burn was down to the bone.

08/6/2012 my sister deputy Gretchen Kraemer refused to make arrests or document Emilie’s deep cigarettes burns and instead attempted to parlay my wanting my daughter’s suffering to stop into an out-of-court meeting with her close friend Judge Ed Smith which I refused. 

It was clear officer Kraemer collaborated with Lisa Spitale. Federal Judge applicant Ed Smith and a lot of officials connected to 10-cv-4868 needed me to stop asking questions about the county’s illegal use of mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 Smith approved.  

After I rejected meeting with Smith: 

My daughter was tortured by Lisa Spitale when I emailed requests for payments from my client top New York lobbyist and governmental specialist. Vincent Pitta. 

10/19/2012 Emilie was beat up. 
11/17/2012  Stove burns
11/26/2012 Stove burns

Start of Emilie's attempted murder.
02/06/2013 My daughter was sexually assaulted in a parking lot and a cigarette was put out on her forehead. She contracted scabies (an STD) which was used to start her attempted murder via the deliberate cultivation of it into Norwegian scabies.  

Attempted murder table 2013

This was the day after two extremely powerful and politically connected Republican Israeli foreign agents Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg compromised NYPD Commander Grant close associate of UWS Inspector  Brian McGinn. They worked at the highest levels of Republican U.S. and Israeli government. Reporting directly to Republican Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and almost daily communication with U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham who sat on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

05/07/2013 Emilie was tortured by Lisa Spitale after I emailed for help from Loria Hodge Office of Inspector General.  

07/08/2013 Emilie was tortured by Lisa Spitale after I emailed for help from Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.  

07/22/2013 Emilie was nearly dead from Norwegian scabies. 

07/26/2013 Lisa Spitale paused their cultivation of Norwegian scabies

08/01/2013 Ed Smith was nomination by President Obama for federal judge

08/07/2013 Spitale resumed cultivation nearly killing my daughter. Their ability to stop and restart Norwegian scabies was proof Spitale, DeRaymond, Koger and Moore knew what it was and attempting murder. 

8/25/2013 the skin fissures were so deep Emilie's hands were being held together with tape. There was fluid pooling on the bottom of her foot from staph the mother called "juice."  "My mom says I have some juice down there" Emilie could barley walk and had to take her shoes off by the time we got to Broadway just down the block from my apartment. The mother and Lisa Spitale were mob sociopaths. She [and the enterprise] had no problem with the pure evil of attempting to murder Emilie with debilitating disease. "juice" 

8/26/2013 I stopped my daughter's attempted murder by declaring an emergency. Amy DeRaymond is a fucked up monster criminal that ought to be serving multiple life sentences next to the DA and judge Ed Smith.
Interstate Common Purpose  2013 after I stoped my daughter's attempted murder PA Ed Smith and associates reached into my NYC neighborhood recruited 20th Precinct Inspector Brian McGinn in my neighborhood and my Upper West Side (UWS) landlord Florance Edelstein to attempt my murder via the use of toxic fumes forcing me out of my apartment and into hotels by 11/16/2013.

11/4/2013 NYPD 20th Precinct Inspector Brian McGinn received a promotion substantially influenced by the UWS Republican Jewish Landlord Community and Republican foreign agents Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg. ChiefLeader    

That same day 145W71ST building maintenance, my landlord Florance Edelstein began venting TOXIC FUMES and INFESTATION into my UWS apartment attempting my murder. 

11/06/2013 Republican federal judge applicant Judge Ed Smith was before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee for federal judge. Ed Smith was responsible for the violent child trafficking of my daughter. 

That same day 145W71ST my apartment was again turned into a makeshift gas chamber and miasma of infestation forcing me out that day and into hotels by 11/16/201311/16/2013 I was forced into hotels. There was a seamless transfer of violent RICO activities and responsibilities from NYPD Inspector McGinn allowing my UWS landlord Florance Edelstein to repeatedly attempt murder via toxic fumes in my apartment while taking bribes from UWS Republican Israeli foreign agent Jona Rechnitz—TO— Mayor de Blasio's and lobbyist Vincent Pitta use of the Hotel Trade Council union (HTC) to tamper with my and my daughter’s hotel rooms. ( 2018 de Blasio testified to taking bribes from Rechnitz. Vincent Pitta was general counsel for HTC. His father Vito Pitta was President of HTC and leadership in the Columbo crime family. HTC backed 80% of de Blasio's 2020 presidential run. ) 

2014 the Hilton, Grand Hyatt [10] 2017 the Jane [11] 2020 Arlo [12] 2021 The POD [13] Hotel’s were victimized by HTC security and custodial staff   and Local 6 even if the Hotels were non-union.

HTC members tampered with hotel rooms and highly likely assaulted me and my daughter while sleeping in furtherance of racketeering republican Ed Smith’s federal judge appointment.
Material misrepresentations via omission to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee 02/26/2014. Northampton County Court of Common Pleas bench knowingly made material misrepresentations via omission to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee two months before they put Ed Smith up for a full Senate vote for federal judge on 3/26/2014. Obfuscating Judge Ed Smith's egregious lack of worthiness to be a federal judge. 

11/17/2013 PACSES Case 10 Number: 620001448.  Letter to Cheryl B. Holly of Northampton County PA Domestic Relations refusing to pay support due to my daughter's attempted murder via the deliberate cultivation of Norwegian Scabies. The MH/MR was also still reimbursing consultants to treat Emilie for MR317.  A congenital mental retardation diagnosis code ruled out by the State Appeals Panel and by medical diagnostic. Human trafficking Emilie, bilking  Medicaid. 

01/07/2014 Emilie was sexually assaulted at a private residence coordinated  by Lisa Spitale, federal guardian Shanon Moore and Freya Koger's staff. 

01/16/2014 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of Ed Smith. 

01/23/2014 Emilie was tortured by Spitale when I reported her claim that she assaulted by a man at a private residence to federal guardian Shanon Moore.  

02/19/2014 Docket #16690. Northampton County Judge Paula A. Roscioli's interstate demand for my appearance to a "complex support hearing."  No mention of MR317. 

Northampton County Judge Paula A. Roscioli sued me for back disability support without ever identifying the disability. These fucking animals after almost murdering MY CHILD with a debilitating, morbid disease, were attempting to collect disability support for a disability they caused under the guise of MR317 WITHOUT EVER STATING IT BECAUSE ITS FUCKING CHILD TRAFFICKING AND ED SMITH —WHO STARTED IT—WAS UNDER REVIEW BY THE US SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE. 

2/26/2014 Docket #16690. Answer to Judge Roscioli’s interstate disability support demand that omitted concealed diagnosis code MR317 started by Ed Smith. Paradoxically there is a Medicaid billing record but NO offical Court record—it is not written down anywhere. Not even the day attorney DeRaymond presented it as "proof of mental defect" 1/5/2007 in violation of federal law.

03/26/2014 Judge Ed Smith was appointed federal judge by a full U.S. Senate vote.

03/27/2014 One of the first uses of Judge Ed Smith's newly appointed position as federal judge was guardian Lisa Spitale overdosing and brain damaging Ed Smith's trafficking victim, (my daughter) impeding her future testimony and causing her appear to have MR317. Confirming that Ed Smith's appointment to federal judge was going to used for continued violent racketeering purposes. 

Lisa Spitale brain damaged my daughter with a massive quantity of pharmaceuticals from CVS causing seizures and brain damage. The brain-damage-on-call was provided by Dr. Cha Yu.  

Pharmacological brain damage 2014

These officials belong in a hole in the ground.  Die asshole. 
Interstate Common Purpose: 
Lisa Spitale - NYC landlord Edelstein 

08/28/2014 My landlord Edelstein presented a False instrument 2  in Manhattan Housing Court attempting to steal $14,737.00. Lied about the rent stabilized status of my apartment. Concealed the $850,934.97 Edelstein owed me.  Edelstein's attempted robbery via a false instrument is an e-class felony.  The robbery was caught by Judge Arlene Hahn 12/18/2015 and ordered settlement. Letter to 

08/28/2014 My daughter's guardian Lisa Spitale [ who judge Ed Smith appointed ] emailed me that she approved the removal of my daughter’s mobile phone in lockstep with Edelstein's offering of False instrument 2  to housing court. 
Interstate Common Purpose: 
Lisa Spitale - NYC landlord Edelstein 

Guardian Lisa Spitale and my landlord Edelstein coordinated the corrupt influence of judge Lennard Zito and Housing Court Judge Wendt via the offering of false instruments for back to back robbery and kidnapping.  

2/5/2015 illegal eviction. After being ordered to do so by judge Arlene Hahn —trial judge Peter Wendt refused to calculate my DHCR rent history—refusing to pay me $283,644.99 plus treble damages ($850,934.97) that were due. Judge Wendt constructed a detour around NYS rent stabilization law— Edelstein’s use of False Instruments 1 and 2 both e-class felonies with mandatory prison sentences and evicted me. 

2/6/2015 Northampton County PA Court of Common Pleas Judge Lennard Zito and guardian attorney Lisa Spitale kidnapped my daughter. Spitale lied that I took my daughter to a shelter after my landlord Edelstein (who she was coordinating with) forced me out using toxic fumes ( NYPD said the use fit attempted murder) and into hotels 11/16/2013. 

Judge Leonard Zito in the 15-20 minutes he was judge went on a crooked, feeble-minded, evil, crime spree. Made numerous fantastical false entries into the public record to render a verdict comprised from his fraud. Preventing me from seeing my daughter [Ed Smith's child trafficking victim] the day after judge Wendt robbed me. See  18 Pa. C.S. § 4911  18 U.S.C. § 1201 (a) (1).

Judge Leonard N. Zito maliciously manufactured a public record. He knew they were false instruments used for racketeering purposes.

05/13/2015 FALSE INSTRUMENT 3 The City of New York Human Resources Administration at Waverly Center to get around their employee’s Ed Keesly’s requirement to get my legal rent #00035602756F to be able to help me—GOT AN OUTSIDE CONSULTANT on behalf of Edelstein to manufacture fraudulent documents stating Edelstein’s illegal rent—was legal. Thus, creating a false record [an e-class felony] that my evection was due to not paying rent and not illegal. New York State DHCR is the SOLE legal authority on rent for stabilized apartments. The City distributed the consultants false instrument 3 to its homeless shelters and homeless outreach employees. 

08/19/2015 Judge Wendt illegally evicted me taking all of my property, clothing, work history, ESI, IP my ability to make a livelihood. 

After my illegal evection, City of New York’s 62 homeless outreach firms did not try to help me at all—they descended upon me and immediately tried to cause permanent disabilities by maiming me to fill capitation for their Nonprofits. 

"The nonprofits that the city contracts with to run shelters have been so rife with self-dealing, nepotism and conflicts of interest that Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered an audit of every nonprofit group in the system. Nine of the 62 groups that run shelters are on an internal city “watch list.” NY Times 11/23/2021

The agency's are racketeering, self-dealing, violence-for-hire backed by NYPD omission of duty paid for by Republican Jewish Landlord Community—including mine.  I get stalked 24/7/360. This ends in bloodshed. Theirs. 

Bribed NYPD the Mayor are laundering a landlord’s criminal debt through the City’s homeless agency enterprises via 18 U.S.C. § 1959 offenses: violence-for-hire maiming, attempted murder:

– Tasering. Repeated tasing of my abdominal cavity
– Arm, feet injections of infectious substances causing cellulitis
– Removal of teeth—deforming field surgeries
– Carved concavities in my feet and packed them with shit to induce infection
– Daily nasal cavity injections—psychotropic doping so I could barely function
– Otolaryngologist scope (saw this) to deposit viral infection 3/2020 Covid-19 
– Spraying WD-40 under my nose from upside down can
– Pesticides under my nose from upside down can
– Back injures
– Debilitating soft tissue injures not easily or at all recordable via x-ray
– 07/12/2018 Hit & run. NYPD unions took credit for at the ER
– 07/20/2018 Healed broken ribs were re-broken resulting in infection
– Knee capping
– My reports of human trafficking were blunted by NYPD, CCRB, DOI, IAB. These entities vigorously protected NYC UWS Jewish landlord violence and attempted murder. 

"Nine of the 62 groups that run shelters are on an internal city watch list for issues that include conflicts of interest and financial problems. All of them continue to receive City funding" NYTimes 11/23/2021

1. The City's homeless agency's [NYPD] contract with private security. National brands are victimized by their private security participating in human trafficking and racketeering on behalf of the City's 62 homeless agencies.  They create the appearance of co-branding and use the commercially leased facility to conduct federal crime on behalf of NYC rental building owners.

2. Security cameras. Security cameras are in fact used to make sure no one normal witnesses in organized store assaults, threats of future violence, maiming, ESI theft.  The agencies flood places like Barns & Noble, Bravo Pizza, Little Italy Pizza, Staples, AMC theaters, FedEx, Prett, Starbucks with their shelter clients to maneuver and set up targets for injury, ESI theft or prevent participation in a federal process—such as suing my landlord. 

3. Tracking. The 62 shelter groups were given a mobile phone application that tracks my location and provides access to my GUI. Their dimwitted minions have read only access and are prompted while anything adversarial about their criminal business.  CVS employees were also tipped off. 

4. Shelter clients. What I see on a regular basis is the use of shelter clients to track me and impose injury if I fall asleep in full view of private security cameras. 

5. Third base coach typing miming of future injury. For example, and this is EVERYDAY. If shelter outreach staff severely tases my back as the injury of choice that day. Various representatives working for the shelter, including their clients will show up at say Nordstroms coffee shop where I am and point to their backs or hold their backs, including some Nordstroms employees threatening future pain for documenting the assault.  Total racketeering extortion.

"The nonprofits that the city contracts with to run shelters have been so rife with self-dealing, nepotism and conflicts of interest that Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered an audit of every nonprofit group in the system. Nine of the 62 groups that run shelters are on an internal city “watch list.”" NY Times 

 I was robbed by my landlord—a rent-stabilized tenant—and fed by my landlord  into the maw of 62 craven fucking  shelters—competing criminal groups—using violence-for-hire laundered through their enterprises paid for by the City.  

A good number of these assholes should be gunned down as basic gangsters under 18 U.S.C. § 1959.  


McGinn is a child and human trafficking bribe whore that belongs in solitary confinement. 

Letter to Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco
U.S. Department of Justice

2015 forward there was a regular pattern of common purpose between Easton PA guardian Lisa Spitale, Jona Rechnitz, 20th Precinct NYPD Inspector McGinn, Edelstein and my SNDY federal court cases. To alter, steal or spoil evidence. Witness tamper including a number of attempts at murder.

2015 NYPD CNY/NYPD Facilitated attempted murder, maiming, medical trafficking

2017 NYPD Theft of ESI—laptops after opening a federal case against Edelstein

2018 NYPD Attempted murder—hit and run after McGinn was named by FBI

2018 NYPD NYPD union smear campaign prior to Rechnitz / McGinn’s FBI trial 

2019 NYPD SDNY Pro Se desk issued threats of future violence on McGinn’s behalf

There are an outrageous number of uncharged violent crimes, felonies, with common goals of child trafficking and securing the federal application of Ed Smith who participated in child trafficking and torture of his victim, my daughter, Emilie Kraemer.  2021 the SDNY FBI has said to my face my daughter's torture prior to a cognitive assessment exam used to self-deal healthcare business—protecting Republican Judge Ed Smith: "was a domestic issue." I am positive U.S. AG Garland if he knew would not agree and the officer would no longer be employed. 

In the interim I hope the SDNY FBI intake gets taken to parking lot in a van, sexually assaulted and cigarette put out on her forehead like my daughter did. You stupid fucking cunt. 

Close. Members of several enterprises from different states operated together in a coordinated manner in furtherance of a common purpose that centered on the successful appointment of Republican federal judge applicant Ed Smith. The Northampton County enterprise strategically aliened with a pool of New York enterprises NYPD, the CNY, Florance Edelstein, and Jona Rechnitz with a long history of issuing and receiving bribes used their reputations, connections to power, equipment and businesses, to maim, rob, spoil ESI, and attempt the murder of me and my daughter.

Today when I walk down any street in NYC — 32BJ SEIU’s building maintenance and doormen come out and wait for my arrival to make a union chant. These union members at the behest of leadership was to: 1. Wait for me. 2. Cough when I go by. 3. Have the security technology to do so. They are a danger to the public.

32BJ SEIU’s 85,000 NYC building service workers were networked to protect Republican Jewish Landlord Edelstein and Republican Northampton County’s criminal interests.

32BJ SEIU maintains the buildings for the CIA, Pentagon and public schools entrusted with our most sensitive institutions. 32BJ SEIU leadership instructed their members to cyberstalk and terrorize child trafficking and robbery victims. Any idea or stretch of the imagination that 32BJ SEIU leader’s can differentiate between racketeering for New York republican landlords and their CIA, Pentagon and public school contract responsibilities is gravely delusional.



04/16/2008 PF2008-000254 | Kraemer v. DeRaymond
ABOVE 03/2008 My daughter Emilie Kraemer was burned with cigarettes on most of her knuckles, arms and legs prior to a cognitive assessment exam arranged by federal guardian Marcie Romberger. Emilie’s mother took her to school with open bleeding burn injures. No one reported them.

They were self-dealing business back to the Northampton County and District’s mental retardation healthcare consultants after the School District lost its Appeal to me 5/18/2006.

Emilie’s violent extortion to fail the exam came from attorney Ray DeRaymond, mother Amy DeRaymond and highly likely federal guardian Marcie Romberger who was a no show at the PFA hearing I brought against Amy DeRaymond Fontno.

04/16/2008 During the hearing attorney DeRaymond minimized his granddaughter’s serious third degree burns from cigarettes:

1. “They’re spurious.” (one of the burns was down to the bone)
2. “I can’t tell if this is a little bite that came up on the child or a scratch.”
3. He blamed his victim for doing it to herself: “Or herself. Or herself. She does cooking.”
4. Attorney DeRaymond asked for sanctions against me because I took Emilie to a doctor.
Transcript | Pg. 45 sanctions. 

Attorney DeRaymond never once sought or showed any interest in finding out who was responsible for brutally torturing his granddaughter.

His and the court’s interest was in preventing me from presenting future evidence of his and Judge Ed Smith’s (the enterprises) violent child trafficking.

4/1/2009 EDPA 06-cv-3592-TR | Kraemer v. Easton Area School District
I requested a conference with Federal Magistrate Judge Rice who appointed Marcie Romberger. After the attorney’s only conference my attorney Liz Kapo said:
1. That Judge Rice deemed the of torture my daughter to be a “domestic issue” to be heard in Northampton County and did not belong in front of his court;
2. Attoreny Kapo: Judge Rice will say your crazy if you pursue your pleading and ;
3. Attoreny Kapo: You will loose your good standing in Orphans court in front of Judge Giordano of Northampton County when Emilie turns 21 and that I could loose my guardianship as a result.

What Judge Rice was doing was criminal
4. Judge Rice had a conflict of interest due to his participation in violent child trafficking through his guardian’s resulting in my substantial prejudicial treatment by Judge Rice.

[ 2012 – 2014 all of the injuries in top the header were from Judge Rice’s federally appointed guardians Shanon Moore and Lisa Spitale. 2013 they both facilitated my daughter’s attempted murder while Ed Smith was seeking nominations for federal judge. ]

5. Marcie Romberger never questioned the proximal relationship between Emilie’s severe torture and the cognitive assessment exam she arranged because Ms. Romberger was party to attorney DeRaymond’s racketeering. It is unambiguous.

6. Judge Rice and Judge Giordano violated federal criminal law. They outright facilitated violent child trafficking and used their offices to do it through intimidation.

7. Attorney Kapo’s worry that I would loose my good standing in front of Judge Giordano was impossible. I already had no standing:

12/21/2006 Attorney Ray DeRaymond got Judge Ed Smith to approve his petition for Emilie to have a guardian using diagnosis MR317 ruled out by the appeals panel as the basis for her “mental defect.” Judge Smith scheduled the hearing for 01/05/2007.

01/05/2007 # 1990-C-956 | Attorney Ray DeRaymond v. Kraemer

Judge Giordano told my attorney Liz Kapo to shut up after Attorney DeRaymond submitted diagnosis mental retardation MR317 “as proof of mental defect” in conflict with the Education Appeals Panel ruling and in violation of federal law which Giordano approved after robbing me of attorney Kapo’s expert representation.

Judge Giordano approved Lisa Spitale as Emilie’s guardian. He threatened me from moving Emilie to New York City where people who knew her:
– Expected her to drive a car.
– Expected her to attend college.
– MD’s and the Chief Medical Examiner confirmed Emilie’s 2008 burns to be from cigarettes.
– Attorney Ray DeRaymond and Judge Giordano were human trafficking proscribed by U.S.C. § 1592 (a) (2) (3).

Attoreny Moore as of 2019 worked for the Pennsylvania State Education Association. Attoreny Lisa Spitale as recently as 5/2021 was running for public office as a district judge.
They belong in cage in Guantanamo bay.

8. 6/2021 The FBI window sergeant at 26 Federal Plaza in New York thought the torture of my daughter before a cognitive assessment exam was a domestic issue. It was clear someone spoke to her before I got there.

9. Senator Whitehouse recently raised concerns about Republican influence over the FBI.


1. Scheidler, 537 U.S. at 405-06 Distinction between extortion and coercion. DeRaymond’s use of torture in this context was extortion. He was affecting interstate commerce and obtaining property from his victims: He robbed the federal and state government and tax payers by foisting a made up disability he created on the public. That DeRaymond and the county used organized torture to send business to their consultants [ something I am sure they got a finders fee for] is RICO.

2. Sandgrund, Gaines, and Green on child abuse IQ reduction.