CHILD SLAVERY Pennsylvania 2012. There is clear and convincing evidence that numerous Easton Area School District officials, 14 Northampton County Officers of the Court, 3 State Executive level public officials and a teachers union facilitated the systematic, brutal abuse of a regular education student before cognitive assessment exams to drop IQ scores, and approved a bogus genetic mental disability billing code ruled out by medical diagnostic, an administrative proceeding and an appeals panel ruling. Then used the fraud to sell the student—into a condition of involuntary servitude—to a special education and employment contractor for the mentally retarded in exchange for bribes and a windfall of government money the fraud brought into the school district and municipality. Slavery as proscribed by 18 U.S.C. § 1584 (a).

Because abuse was a necessary and integral part of the fraud needed to gain the windfall of government money into the municipality – police and child services would readily overlook, and refuse to substantiate sick, viscous, child abuse.

About one in 7,000 children in the U.S. are born with a mental disability, a genetic defect known as Fragile X syndrome the most common known cause of autism and mental retardation or about 0.0112% of the population.

However, about one in six U.S. students 16% are in a special education.

In 2020 of the 49.5 million American students who went to public school 7.2 million of those were in special education resulting in $77.3 billion in total spending for special education services.

Environmental causes. A substantial proportion of the 7.2 million in special education according to federal statistics are there due to environmental causes.

That means non-genetic injuries that impacted their I.Q. scores after they were born. Such as abuse, pollution, lead paint, an injury that was inflicted upon their otherwise normal physicality leading to a mental deficit.

The additional help they need from their injury [ special education ] is paid for by the American tax payer as those responsible for the injury are rarely tracked down.

Creating the circumstance or loophole, if one were inclined to influence Municipal and State governments through corrupt lobbying to overlook safeguards. For example, spiking lead in water supplies in poorer communities would yield a crop of mentally challenged offspring requiring special education and the employment of expensive outsourced special education contractors. [ See Flint, or Ramapo ]. Otherwise known as self-dealing on a large scale.

The conversion of regular education students into special education students brings with it a windfall of government money into school districts and municipalities.

In my daughter’s case the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas facilitated the use of brutal child abuse before school district cognitive assessment exams to drop IQ scores. The low IQ scores were used to parlay regular education students into special education where private vocational contractors would get an opportunity to pick them up as a client.

The Court would write off the organized child torture—just before a cognitive assessment exam—as a domestic issue and coordinate with police departments and child service contractors keeping it out of criminal court.

The PA Commonwealth, through the Pennsylvania Department of Education [ PDE ] facilitated business for outsourced special education employment contractors—which in-turn created more governmental income for the Districts and Municipalities—by flouting the enforcement of Federal Least Restrictive Environment law [ LRE ] which allowed disabled students to attend regular education classes forcing them into outsourced employment programs.

Inventing mental disabilities through deliberate injury to create business for outsourced contractors would not work if the trafficked students were allowed to stay in school and attend regular classes through Federal LRE law. See Gaskin v. the Commonwealth.

Teachers union lobbyists seeking to keep regular education class ratio numbers down and increase salaries and lawyers looking to create billions of dollars in illegal business vigorously resisted Federal LRE law.

04/13/2006 Pennsylvania Department of Education Director Dr. Linda Rhen, threatened Hearing Officer Stengel who ruled in favor of my daughter [ Case No. 5779  05/06 ] for being denied LRE. Dr. Rhen threatened Stengle about her blog that supported the class action ruling Gaskin v. the Commonwealth that would make it harder for the State to skirt federal LRE law. On 06/02/2006 PDE unlawfully fired Linda Stengle in retaliation for interfering with its criminal business.


03/26/2014 Republican Judge Edward Smith responsible for silently approving a fraudulent genetic disability billing code ICD-9 MR317 used to sell my daughter to a special education employment contractor was appointed Federal Judge in the EDPA.

06/23/2014 In New York City Mayor de Blasio at the behest of New York Assembly Speak Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the New York Assembly started fast-tracking special education approvals. [1]

After making it easy to get special education services Mayor de Blasio caused environmentally induced mental disabilities:
1. In public housing by skipping lead paint inspections;
2. Allowed the Administration for Children’s Services to ignore rampant child abuse;
3. Caused a homeless explosion helping landlords evict and strand people on the street creating a pipe-line to special education contractors. [1] [2] [3]

01/22/2015 Sheldon Silver was charged with taking bribes from luxury real-estate developer Glenwood Management and died in prison 01/22/2022.

NYC like Pennsylvania created a scalable, sustainable, criminal business.

Emilie’s Fifth grade special education teacher said Emilie did not belong in her class and belonged in regular education. And that MANY of the kids in her class belonged in regular education. The sale of regular education students to outsourced special education contractors was systemic and state protected.

This is how they packaged their victim to look disabled on paper to avoid federal RICO charges:

1. Manufacture of Genetic Mental Disability Billing Codes. 02/16/2006 to obtain a fraudulent genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 previously ruled out by a genetic medical diagnostic the County Solicitor—who facilitated Emilie’s abuse—packaged Emilie to be non-communicative during the 30 minute psychological talk interview. Got the MD to acknowledge, then ignore the finding of a multifaceted genetic diagnostic conducted by 8 MD’s at Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children to obtain the fraudulent genetic billing code. i.e., there was nothing interesting or special to walk into a private doctors practice and ask for a genetic mental impairment billing code simply because a corrupt parent wanted one to get services as the State AG would not hold these doctors accountable due to the aforementioned self-dealing the State was involved in.

2. Manufacture of Risk Assessment Behavioral Descriptions. 09/06/2007 Milestones Community Health aide, Mary Toczek and Emilie’s mother Amy DeRaymond prevented Emilie from having clean clothing, from having clean hygiene, brushing her teeth, or medical assistance then wrote reports she was resistant to these habits to create business for Milestones, and Lehigh a special education employment contractor and related stakeholders.

3. Manufacture of Cognitive Assessment Results. 04/11/2008 A top NY dermatologist diagnosed Emilie with burns from cigarettes. Torture. Each of her knuckles were burned, and a hole was seared down to the bone on her wrist before a cognitive assessment exam ordered by her federal guardian Marcie Romberger with Dr. Richard Hess. The enterprise severely abused Emilie before cognitive assessment testing to drop IQ scores. And then used the manufactured result as the basis to remove Emilie from regular education and refer her to outsourced vocational employment contractors [ free labor].

His report concealed the court officers approval of ICD-9 MR317 ruled out by 3 previous courts and a medical diagnostic.

4. The Northampton County Court of Common Pleas Participated in and Obfuscated Domestic Terrorism. 04/16/2008 Judge William Moran refused to acknowledge Emilie’s third degree cigarette burns. Each of her knuckles were burned and hole was seared down to the bone on her wrist. However, Judge Moran openly entertained sanctioning me for bringing the medieval torture of a child to the Court’s attention and taking Emilie to a doctor for treatment. i.e., least I ever have the audacious notion of suing for my daughter’s insidious abuse again – interfering with criminal business. (i) It should be noted that no one from Easton High School reported Emilie walking through school with open bleeding wounds from obvious torture. No teachers sent her to the nurse.

5. Manufacture Psychological Evaluations. 04/23/2009 Hugh Smith Ph.D & Associates report produced an insane conclusion. It identified Emilie as having cognitive issues completely medically disassociated from organized torture inflicted upon her before the 2008 cognitive assessment exam. Third degree burns were confirmed by an MD. Hugh Smith Ph.D & Associates referred only to Judge Moran’s ruling dismissing my PFA: A history domestic abuse or physical or sexual abuse toward Emilie was alleged by Mr. Kraemer against Mrs. Fontno (DeRaymond); however was unfounded.”

How the fuck are any of these people allowed to have these jobs? 

6. Laundering Domestic Terrorism. 5/17/2010 I sued for custody. Many of the County’s Judge’s participated in a scheme of calling organized torture used to create business for private contractors a “domestic issue” keeping it out of criminal court.

Northampton County Court Judge Koury refused to let Senior Forensic Scientist Dr. Landi from the NY Chief Medical Examiner’s Office testify about her assessment that Emilie’s cigarette burn diagnosis was correct and that most of Emilie’s knuckles were burned with cigarettes as well.

The violent extortion was inflicted before a cognitive assessment exam to result in a mental retardation safeguard finding by Dr. Richard Hess.

The mother, Amy DeRaymond who I was suing for custody testified that Emilie’s diagnosis was PDD NOS [ mild autism ]. However DeRaymond, with guardians Spitale and Romberger’s approval was signing to treat Emilie for genetic mental retardation ICD-9 MR317. Suborning perjury on behalf of the special education contractor they were sending business to who needed the ICD-9 MR317 billing code.

The Court’s in-house guardian, Lisa Spitale operated as the Judge’s consigliere, or fixer for the illegal business making sure a cooperating client [ Amy DeRaymond ] sending business to the enterprise remained untouched.

01/31/2022 U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland released the Justice Department’s National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking pursuant to the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, 34 U.S.C. § 20711(a).