Pennsylvania Area School District officials, Court Officers, State, Federal guardians and Northampton County Judges sold a normal child into a condition of involuntary servitude to a special education and employment contractor for the mentally retarded in exchange for bribes. Slavery. [ 18 U.S.C. § 1584 (a) ]

Common objectives, relevant conduct.  Unions and Special Education contractors targeted normal, difficult to teach public school students from abusive and impoverished homes to force them out of Regular Education into Special Education. My daughter was burned with cigarettes before cognitive assessment placement exams to drop her I.Q. scores, skirting LRE by using the rigged scoring to move her into special education and subsequently making her available to outsourced special education contractors. i.e., grooming her for her eventual SALE into involuntary servitude to the School’s vocational work program for the mentally retarded otherwise known as SLAVERY.

Regular education teachers participated in targeted student harassment in furtherance of moving the student out of regular education. The influx of bogus special education students brought with it a windfall of government money.

Interstate violent retaliation. For suing a child slave trade business maintained under the color of law. After suing the Easton School District and won I was descended upon by union members. I lived in NYC while I sued the Easton PA School District. NYC unions represented by my former client labor lobbyist Pitta, Bishop & Del Gino LLC and equally strong ties to Mayor De Blasio’s office were used for retaliation: Hotel Trades Council, The Transit Workers Union, the NYPD Detectives Endowment Assoication, and City Agency Unions DC37. They were given wiretap access to my business computers.

Big business. About one in 7,000 are born in the U.S. with a mental disability, a genetic defect known as Fragile X syndrome the most common known cause of autism, intellectual disability and mental retardation or about 0.0112% of the population.

However, about one in six U.S. students [16%] are in a special education. In 2020 of the 49.5 million American students who went to public school 7.2 million of those were in special education resulting in $77.3 billion in total spending for special education services.

A substantial proportion of the 7.2 million in special education are there due to environmental causes—injuries that impacted their I.Q. scores AFTER they were born e.g., abuse, pollution, lead paint, that was imposed upon on their otherwise normal physicality. The additional help they need from their injury is paid for by the American tax payer as those responsible for the injury are never tracked down.

Leaving open a lucrative loophole for massive corruption by City and State governments [Flint, Ramapo] to manufacture mentally disabled children whose treatment is paid for by tax payers. My daughter Emilie’s case is among the most egregious, vulgar example you will find and the fraud lead all the way to the PA State attorney generals office. Defendants deserve life sentences.

In New York City, for example, Mayor De Blasio’s office deliberately increased the likelihood of children in public housing needing special education services by skipping lead paint inspections, and instituted a policy that increased chronic child abuse though NYC Administration of Children Services then fast-tracked approval for outsourced special education services. Creating a dynamic primed for self-dealing to special education contractors. When De Blasio’s Commissioner for Department Of Inspection began looking into it he was criticized and fired. [1] [2] [3]

Extorted low I.Q. scores. Bogus medical billing codes. Fabricated risk assessment reports. Psychological evaluations that disassociated State medically confirmed torture from cognitive issues. The collective fraud was used to SELL a child to special education contractors.

12/21/2006 | 1990-C-956 | Ray DeRaymond Esq. petitioned his former law partner, Judge Edward Smith to approve his emergency petition to incapacitate my daughter. Judge Smith silently approved DeRaymond’s genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 in contravention to her: Medical diagnostic; 03/26/2006 Administrative Proceeding No. 5779 05/06;  05/18/2006 Education Appeals Panel Ruling No. 1727 and 12/21/2006 Federal Settlement Order No. 06-cv-3592 GP. Each court ruled against ICD-9 MR317 and for diagnosis PDD-NOS a mild learning disability as Emilie could not physically have ICD-9 MR317.

In the same petition attorney DeRaymond strongly recommend the genetic mental retardation business he invented that day be sent to the school district’s special education employment contractor for the mentally retarded Lehigh University Transition Services. I.e. attorney DeRaymond petitioned the Court to SELL Emilie into a condition of involuntary servitude proscribed by 18 U.S.C. § 1584 more commonly known as slavery.

Nine Officers of the Court (including Emilie’s guardians) capitalized on DeRaymond’s crime and also silently approved ICD-9 MR317 in exchange for bribes from special education employment contractor Lehigh University Transition Services – selling my normal daughter into forced free labor and enslavement.

2008 The Easton School District’s special education consultants, the mother, guardians burned my daughter with cigarettes before a cognitive assessment exam arranged by her federal guardian Marcie Romberger. Emilie walked the school halls with open bleeding cigarette burns from her arms and most of her knuckles. No one questioned the bleeding injures or told me about them before I picked my daughter up for visitation. After I took her to a doctor the attorney/municipality solicitor —Ray DeRaymond— that sued on the school districts behalf attempted to have me sanctioned for taking Emilie to a doctor. The School District called Emilie’s refusal to be tested resulting from torture they facilitated: “challenging behavior”. It caused impossibly low IQ scores.

The County and District Incentivized torture that produced business results. The abusing parent was rewarded with primary custody.

The violent extortion caused Emilie to give up her property: a right to a public education, good colleges, future employment and created a tax burden.

Systemic fraud. Emilie’s fifth grade special education teacher said Emilie did not belong in her class and belonged in regular education. And that MANY of the kids in her class belonged in regular education. The Director of Special Education warned me to stay out of his business. And that I was not part of this “community”

Fabricated risk assessment behavioral descriptions. Mary Toczek of Milestones Community Health’s descriptions were pure fiction. The “observations” were augmented with organized chronic abuse, denial of clean clothing, hygiene, medical assistance to create the appearance of a mental deficit that could be shopped around to (corrupt) MD’s to get fraudulent billing diagnosis codes needed by outsourced special education contractors to bill Medicaid.

Obfuscated torture in psychological evaluations made Emilie’s mental deficits appear genetic rather than from her imposed environmentally toxic school environment and criminally abusive rearing environment.

04/23/2009 Hugh Smith. Ph.D | Psychological Re-Evaluation concealed evidence of torture, third degree burns confirmed by NY Chief Medical Examiner‘s Office used to skew low I.Q. points during Dr. Hess’s exam: A history domestic abuse, physical, sexual abuse toward Emilie alleged by Mr. Kraemer against Mrs. Fontno; was unfounded.”

This was fucking insane. Doctors know Emilie was burned but because Judge William Moron did not feel like doing anything about it—this insane report was produced—which identify cognitive issues completely medically disassociated from evil, insidious organized torture. HOW? How the fuck are any of these people allowed to have these jobs? 

5/17/2010 I sued for custody. Northampton County Court Judge Koury refused to let Senior Forensic Scientist Dr. Landi from the NY Chief Medical Examiner’s Office testify about her assessment that Emilie’s cigarette burn diagnosis was correct and that most of Emilie’s knuckles were burned with cigarettes as well.

This is a scalable, sustainable, criminal business.

The child victims measure in the millions. The hoggish, zealot, blood lust by which this “industry” seeks to convert perfectly normal children into a special education product under the color of law is exemplified in spectacular detail on the following page.

01/31/2022 U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland released the Justice Department’s National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking pursuant to the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, 34 U.S.C. § 20711(a). School districts, and special education contractors ought to be the first place he looks.

Above | 08/06/2012 Third degree cigarette burns, One down to the bone identical to 2008 torture before a cognitive assessment exam. RICO extortion [ facilitated by police ] was defined as a domestic issue keeping it out of criminal Court.