Organized child abuse before school cognitive assessment exams to drop IQ scores used to parlay business to outsourced special education contractors.

CHILD torture by guardians, court officers, unionized teachers included third degree cigarette burns, organized harassment in school by social service clients in non academic classes, singling out targeted victims during academic classes.

The Northampton County Court of Common Pleas and the Easton School District collaborated with special education contractors, court officers, guardians and the mother of a school student [ my daughter Emilie Kraemer ] to engineer her torture before cognitive assessment placement exams to drop I.Q. scores to be able to make special education recommendations providing student access to outsourced special education contractors.

There is a preponderance of evidence Northampton County Judges, Guardians, Police, MH/MR, conspired with special education contractors in exchange for bribes to conceal evidence of torture before cognitive assessment testing creating the appearance low IQ scores were from congenital problems. i.e., to self-deal business special education contractors.

Officers of the Court, dovetailed violent extortion with the silent approval of genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 ruled out by medical diagnostic and three other courts. Cooperation of police was essential to the business of torturing a child to cause low IQ scores needed by special education contractors. 2008 Chronic police “indifference” to child torture was expressed to me by the New York Chief Medical Examiner’s Office. The Plaintiff alleges it is not indifference rather organized in furtherance of creating special education product that brought with it a flood of government money into School Districts and Police departments charged with maintaining social services. NYTimes 12/29/2022 | “windfall of government money”

Federal Guardian Marcie Romberger arranged a competency exam for Emilie with doctor Richard Hess. Emilie’s PDD NOS diagnosis is protected by Federal Law. The exam was superfluous.

On or about attorney DeRaymond and mother DeRaymond arranged Emilie’s extreme torture before her competency exam burning her with cigarettes.

The Easton School District’s special education consultants, the mother, guardians burned my daughter with cigarettes before a cognitive assessment exam arranged by her federal guardian Marcie Romberger. Emilie walked the school halls with open bleeding cigarette burns from her arms and most of her knuckles. No one questioned the bleeding injures or told me about them before I picked my daughter up for visitation. After I took her to a doctor the attorney/municipality solicitor —Ray DeRaymond— that sued on the school districts behalf attempted to have me sanctioned for taking Emilie to a doctor. The School District called Emilie’s refusal to be tested resulting from torture they facilitated: “challenging behavior”. It caused impossibly low IQ scores.

Saturday I see Emilie was severely burned and I know they are a criminal enterprise.

Saturday Dr. Richard Hess retained by Federal guardian Marcie Romberger emailed his report. It recommended the IEP  team to consider EK eligible for procedural safeguards “as a student with mental retardation.”

(i) The report made NO mention of her Court ordered federally protected diagnosis PDD-NOS.
(ii) The report made NO mention of false claim diagnosis code ICD-9 MR317 county contractors and the District were illegally submitting for payment to Medicaid to treat Emilie.

I got a PFA to protect Emilie when Judge McFadden was on and not Judge Giordano.

According to attorney Abele Iacobelli, attorney DeRaymond intercepted Judge
McFadden in the Court parking lot and attempted to stop the PFA.

On or about Forensic pathologist Dr. Lara B. Goldfeder M.D. of The New York Chef Medical Examiners Office helped me document Emilie’s wounds and had me keep an eye out for new ones. She instructed me to put a ruler next to Emilie when photographing assault wounds. She encouraged me to find an MD to diagnose Emilie’s wounds as NYPD would do nothing.

NYC Dermatologist Dr. Lora Felderman MD confirmed Emilie had cigarette burns .

Dr. Kristen Landi M.D. Senior Forensic Scientist of the New York Chef Medical Examiner concurred Dr. Felderman’s MD diagnosis adding that each of the injuries to her knuckles were also cigarette burns.

PFA No. 20080254 | Kraemer v. DeRaymond
Presiding: Judge William Moran

My daughter Emilie Kraemer was burned with cigarettes on most of her knuckles, arms and legs prior to a cognitive assessment exam arranged by federal guardian Marcie Romberger. Attorney Ray DeRaymond, the grandfather and county solicitor mocked Emilie’s insidious burns used to create business for Northampton County’s health contractors [ transcripts pgs. 42-45 ]:

1. Spurious
2. A little bite that came up on the child or a scratch
3. Blamed Emilie for doing it to herself.

4. Attorney DeRaymond saw Emilie had bruises from restraint when he made his insane comments.  

5. Attorney DeRaymond attempted to have me sanctioned for taking Emilie to a doctor.

6. Nether attorney DeRaymond, mother DeRaymond or any of Emilie’s guardians took her to an MD.

7. Federal guardian Romberger [ who arranged this violent fraud ] was as no show to the PFA.

8. Attorney Abele Iacobelli saw and testified as to the deep hole seared to the bone into Emilie’s arm. He also saw each of her burned knuckles.

9. Attorney DeRaymond never once sought or showed any interest in finding out who was responsible for brutally torturing his granddaughter.

10. Judge Moran dismissed my case and sent Emilie back home with her mother.

Cigarette burns and stun gun burns on Emilie’s hand photographed in accordance with the instruction from Dr. Goldfeder M.D. of the New York Chief Medical Examiners Office.

PFA 20080254 | Northampton County DA’s Detective Miller dropped Emilie’s case of obvious, verified torture used to extort a mental retardation finding by Dr. Richard Hess. 

4/1/2009 EDPA 06-cv-3592-TR
Presiding Federal Magistrate Judge Rice
I requested a conference with Federal Magistrate Judge Rice who appointed Marcie Romberger. Judge Rice deemed the torture of my daughter to be a “domestic issue” to be heard in Northampton County. It did not belong in front of his [criminal] court. Attoreny Kapo: Judge Rice will say your crazy if you pursue your pleading and ; you will loose your good standing in Orphans court in front of Judge Giordano when Emilie turns 21 and I could loose my guardianship. Judge Rice was a violent criminal that ought to be impeached. Judge Giordano silently passed a bogus diagnosis billing code to SELL a child [ my daughter ] into forced labor and involuntary servitude. Slavery.

Hugh Smith. Ph.D Psychological Re-Evaluation
Concealed evidence of the torture, third degree burns confirmed by M.D.s used to skew I.Q. points during Dr. Hess’s exam.A history domestic abuse, physical, sexual abuse toward Emilie alleged by Mr. Kraemer against Mrs. Fontno; was unfounded.”  This is fucking insane. An expert MD and State senior forensic MDs , knew Emilie was burned but because Judge William Moron did not feel like doing anything about it—this insane report is produced—which identify cognitive issues completely medically disassociated from evil, insidious organized torture. HOW? How the fuck are any of these people in MH/MR allowed to have these jobs?

[ 6/2021 The FBI window sergeant at 26 Federal Plaza in New York thought the torture of my daughter before a cognitive assessment exam was a “domestic issue.” There was a common purpose, relevant conduct criminal pattern of defining organized torture used for trafficking by law enforcement as a domestic issue thus keeping it out of criminal court. ]

Kraemer v. DeRaymond 2007-0021 OC
Presiding Judge Koury
I re-sued in Kafkaesque Northampton County for Emilie’s organized torture seeking custody from her Frankenstein mother.  My attorney Julia Lucas did everything right.

1. Easton Police Were A No Show. Police protected child torture used to create business for special education contractors. This was a regular pattern. In 07/2012 with my sister Deputy Kraemer she refused to intervene for severe torture used for Emilie’s extortion. 

2. Judge Koury refused to allow Dr. Landi, a Senior forensic Scientist with New York Chef Medical Examiner’s Office to testify. 05/08/2010 Dr. Kristen Landi M.D. Senior Forensic Scientist of the New York Chef Medical Examiner concurred Dr. Felderman’s MD diagnosis and added that each of the injuries to her knuckles were also cigarette burns.

3. The mother’s attorney was given advance notice of Dr. Landi’s testimony then objected on the basis that he was not provided a report on her area of specialty.

4. Mother DeRaymond while enjoying protection from the Court for organized torture before a cognitive assessment exam to drop IQ scores LIED that Emilie was being treated for PDD-NOS concealing from the record she was approving treatment for genetic mental retardation code ICD-9 MR317.

5. Judge Koury did not allow me to testify about the result of taking E.K. to either doctor.

6. Judge Koury did not put his findings of fact/conclusions of law on the record.

7. He simply faxed an Order to deny my petition—for organized torture. He like judge Moran packaged these horrific organized assaults the Judges were party to—as part of the enterprise—as murky domestic issues. Thus avoiding any criminal ramifications. 

2012 Organized torture in furtherance of Judge Smith’s Federal nominations

Guardian Spitale petitioned Judge Edward Smith to remove two weeks of my summer vacation time with my daughter and for to spend it at Lehigh University Transition Services.

Emilie was raped in a parking lot by police or her “anonymous judge friend” she was taken to by Lehigh University Transition Services and let their ALL DAY two days in a row. [ ESI email threads ]

Lehigh University Transition Services explanation was ludicrous. 

Federal Guardian Shanon Moore ordered counseling for Emilie after Emilie told me that Lehigh left her in a parking lot ALL DAY with her anonymous judge friend which I saw and documented on AT&T FamilyMap.  The Friday counseling was used for violent witness suppression. Emilie often emerged from these concealing sessions drug addled and injured. I.e., to continue her organized trafficking in exchange for cop and judicial favors Shanon Moore Esq., scheduled Emilie’s suppression.

The two weeks with Lehigh University Transition Services petitioned by Lisa Spitale and ordered by Judge Smith began.  Lehigh University Transition Services staff took Emilie to a private residence and tortured her with cigarettes in escalating severity advertising Emilie’s burn injuries to me on visitation days.

CIGARETTE BURNS MONDAY | JUDGE FRIEND with wiretap access to Kraemer Inc. told Emilie to “be tough” in connection to her torture. 


CIGARETTE BURNS MONDAY | DEPUTY KRAEMER refused to intervene. She said I was overreacting. Then attempted to parley my wanting Emilie’s torture to stop into an out-of-court meeting with Judge Ed Smith.  I refused.

My sister deputy Gretchen Kraemer, Judge Edward Smith’s best friend. Deputy Kraemer had wiretap access to my business emails, files, mobile phones while she allowed inhuman torture, rape and witness suppression of my daughter, her niece Emilie L. Kraemer so Judge Smith could be a federal judge applicant.

My deputy sister refused to document or make arrests for Emilie’s cigarette burns. Deputy Kraemer said “I was overreacting” then attempted parley my wanting Emilie’s organized torture to stop into an informal meeting with Judge Smith via her wedding in 4 days she announced that day Judge Smith was organizing it and would be the only guest outside of immediate family at the reception. I learn that day my sister and Judge Smith were close friends for years. EMILIE has a literal hole seared down to the bone on her arm as a result of Judge Smith’s order.  Deputy Kraemer wanted to make sure I bring Emilie to the reception Judge Smith would be attending.

After I declined Deputy Kraemer’s insane wedding invitation. Emilie suffered more unexplained serious injures.

10/19/2012 Sexual assault
My daughter’s face was pummeled. Showed signs of sexual assault after what I called interrogation Fridays at therapist Sarah Dina that shared the same address as Insight Investigations in Nazareth PA.

11/17/2012 Stove burn
No treatment, no explanation by mother or guardian in PA.

11/27/2012 Stove burn
No treatment, no explanation by mother or guardian in PA.

02/06/2013  Cigarette burn
Lehigh University Transition Services staff sex trafficked Emilie in a parking lot. Emilie demanded to be taken back to the office. A cigarette was put-out on her forehead to make her comply with her rape. 4 weeks later Emilie contracted scabies an STD her mother, guardian Lisa Spitale and federal guardian Shanon Moore cultivated into Norwegian Scabies—a morbid, lethal disease. These  people are dumb, psychotic and violent. They cannot be reasoned with. 

03/26/2014 U.S. Senate appointed Judge Edward Smith federal judge

Guardian Lisa Spitale and mother Amy DeRaymond overdosed and brain damaged Emilie the day after Judge Smith’s appointment with pharmaceuticals. 105 Tablets of Risperidone were prescribed and combined with Bupropion causing seizers.  

PFA-2014-000815 | Spitale v. Kraemer
Presiding Judge Zito

1. Federal Guardian Lisa Spitale sued to take visitation from me. She liedthat I took my daughter to a shelter causing Northampton County Judge Zito state: “to have grave concerns about my mental health.” We stayed at a hotel because my apartment was deemed unsafe by NY DHCR and NYC HPD. 

2. My landlord Florence Edelstein was dumping fuel oil and venting it into the apartment—for which she was fined. Judge Leonard Zito ignored the pattern of torture used by the guardians to extort their victim into a condition of involuntary servitude. Judge Leonard Zito cut off my visitation and I have not seen my daughter Emilie since.

3. 2015 The PA enterprise, reached into NYC and dropped me off a cliff. They tried to kill me in the street facilitated by my illegal evection, assaults in hotels I stayed at through lobbyist Pitta’s client the Hotel Trades Council and use of an electronic prison—using standard IT geofencing alerts to set off union networked patrols. These patrols tracked, then inflict injury, spoil ESI, maim, etc. After a period of time I noticed: A. They were union members. B. They were union members represented by former client one of the most powerful labor lobbyist in New York – Pitta, Bishop & Del Giorno LLC. 

Attorneys do not work for free, nor do they knowingly commit federal crimes for

I wonder how my poor daughter is doing while terrorist thugs have access. These people are limited violent morons. The DOJ’s strategy of arresting leaders has not yielded effective results. There are thousands of these bottom feeding morons in the business in NYC alone. Arrest tens of thousands. Make an impact.


1. Scheidler, 537 U.S. at 405-06 Distinction between extortion and coercion.

2. Sandgrund, Gaines, and Green on child abuse IQ reduction.