Lisa Spitale

The theft of my daughter, business and intellectual property was done through the use of back-to-back interstate false instruments proscribed by penal code § 175.35 presented: 2/5/2015 to Manhattan Housing Court and; 2/6/2015 to Northampton County PA Court of Common Pleas. The enterprise defrauded the States of New York, Pennsylvania and committed grand larceny in the Second and First Degrees as proscribed by § 155.40. The defendants, interstate judges and private entities operated together in a coordinated manner with a shared common purpose in witness suppression and the destruction of ESI through robbery intended to conceal a child and human trafficking business and a republican federal judge applicants participation in the business. The interlocking nature of their racketeering scheme is uncharged unlawful conduct.

10/2021 I sent two documents to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

1. THE FIRST DOCUMENT is a detailed accounting of events that lead up to my landlord Florance Edelstein’s use of a false instrument proscribed by § 175.35 to collect $14,624.04 rent I did not owe in Manhattan Housing Court by stating my apartment was no longer the subject of rent stabilization law when it was. 8/28/2014 the false instrument (Non-Pay Dwelling Petition #27965 was presented after Edelstein forced me from the apartment by venting toxic fumes through the floorboards then sued for unpaid rent while I was also paying for hotels. 12/18/2014 Edelstein was caught by pre trial Judge Arlene Hahn aggressively peddling her phony instrument and ordered to settle 2/5/2015.

Because Florance Edelstein lied to the Court about rent stabilization it was safe to assume she also lied to DHCR that regulates rent in New York. I ordered the DHCR rent history and found Florance Edelstein was triple charging illegal rent for 17 years and owed me $283,644.99 from illegal rent overcharges.

This was confirmed by Manhattan Housing Court attorneys in Room 104. One stated, “You hit the lottery.” Which was funny as I was ROBBED and seeking the return of my hard-earned money. 

2/5/2015 Trial Judge Peter Wendt refused to calculate the $283,644.99 rent overcharge for my payment from DHCR’s rent history records he saw and let in.  Judge Wendt instead constructed a detour around Edelstein’s criminal offense and ordered me to pay Edelstein’s original illegal $14,624.04 request [ DENIED by Judge Hahn ] into the court’s ESCROW account.

The arbitrary, capricious (and criminal) ruling judge Peter Wendt put into place was…if I paid the court’s escrow account $14,624.04 he would then grant a ruling to calculate the rent overcharge 3/27/2015 and thus return the $283,644.99 Edelstein stole from me in violation of State rent stabilization law. 3/27/2015 was also 22 days past the Court’s 30 day rule on deciding my Motion.

This evil crook judge wanted me to pay an additional $14,624.04 to hold in escrow so he could deem my worthiness on behalf of Edelstein who already robbed me of $283,644.99 plus the treble damages I was entitled to by law.

Judge Wendt put the burden of proof on me when that burden was already established by Judge Hahn when she caught Edelstein in a CRIME.   

What Judge Wendt was did was criminal. On 2/6/2015 I met with the CNY’s Homeless Prevention unit. THEY demanded to know the legal rent of the apartment. 2/19/2015 Judge Peter Wendt DECLINED the CNY’s demand for the legal rent.

Judge Wendt then mocked my illness from toxic fumes whining in a sickening loud nasal rant IIIIIIIMMMMMMM SIIIICCCKKKKKK.  8/19/2015 Judge Wendt ordered a CNY MARSHAL to evict me from my apartment and confiscated all of my property.

Judge Wendt should have been arrested. He used his office and the City Marshal to steal property valued over $1,000,000.

02/06/2015 | PFA 000815 | Lisa Spitale v. Kraemer  |  Easton PA.

PA guardian Lisa Spitale, the Northampton County PA Court of Common Pleas, its sheriff’s department, NYC Manhattan Housing Court, NY landlord Florance Edelstein (interstate judges and private entities) operated together in a coordinated manner to create conflicting court dates to facilitate mutually beneficial outcomes. The PA enterprise abducted my daughter on 02/06/2015 the day after I was robbed of all property in NYC housing court to prevent my continued inquiry into her child trafficking by Judge Ed Smith.

SDNY Manhattan Hosing Court | # 79433/14 | Edelstein v. Kraemer

EDPA Court of Common Pleas | # PFA 000815 | Lisa Spitale v. Kraemer

PA guardian Lisa Spitale chronically perjured herself during the 02/06/2015 PFA proceeding she instigated.

Transcript page 2 | Perjury | Federal guardian Lisa Spitale presented a false instrument and chronically lied 1. “Informed me that I was homeless.” Spitale never said anything like this. Spitale cut off communication in retaliation to my federal lawsuit 14-cv-3804 SDNY | Kraemer v. Edelstein and appeal on behalf of my landlord Florance Edelstein. 2. Spitale bald faced lied that I took my daughter to a SHELTER 11/2/2014 (or on any date) during visitation after my landlord Floriance Edelstein forced me from the apartment via toxic fumes and into hotels 11/06/2013 the day Ed Smith (who appointed Lisa Spitale ) was being heard by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in regard to his federal judge application. Hotel receipt 11/2/2014.

Northampton County Judge Zito having heard Spitale’s fraud stated: “to have grave concerns about my mental health. 2/6/2015 Judge Zito used Spitale’s “homeless” perjury to bald-faced slander and rob me of my daughter the day after 2/5/2015 Housing Court Judge Wendt used Edelstein’s false instrument to rob me of my apartment.

Zito is a perverse mob pig that belongs in a grave.

Transcript page 3 | False Instrument | Federal guardian Lisa Spitale engineered PFA service after 11/04/2014 to deliberately conflict with my 02/05/2015 Manhattan Housing Court trial and settlement #79433/14 resulting from Floriance Edelstein’s attempted robbery via the use of a false instrument. 

The Northampton County Sheriff’s department repeatedly and unlawfully used the U.S. mail for service of a PFA. According to PA State law a PFA has to be HAND delivered by a Sheriff. I know this first hand as I filed for a PFA in 2008. Lisa Spitale cherry picked 02/06/2015. Skirting service was a regular pattern by Ms. Spitale.

Guardian Lisa Spitale was retained by federal judge applicant Ed Smith two weeks after his application and she collaborated with my sister deputy Gretchen Kraemer (Ed Smith’s close friend) to game repeated sheriff’s service until it conflicted with my 02/05/2015 trial in NY.

Transcript page 4-5: | Perjury | SPITALE “Additionally, he has been harassing Emilie, myself, and mother via telephone and email for quite sometime.” ( Spitale was using severe abuse, human trafficking Emilie in parking lots, and degrading treatment to coerce Emilie into agreements and to extort my cooperation )

SPITALE “He had stopped once I notified him of the temporary PFA. I had heard nothing about him until this week. He emailed me asking me when t he hearing was. I told him to contact the PFA Office. He then sent me a copy of a letter, which he sent to the PFA Office.”

02/03/2015 | 2:42 PM Spitale’s email to me: “Should you have any questions, please contact the Northampton County Sheriff’s Department.

02/04/2015 | 12:21 PM I asked guardian Lisa Spitale for the judges name and docket number. She did not respond. 02/05/2015 I confirmed with the Northampton County Protection From Abuse Office that the trial was “preassigned” to Judge Stephen G. Baratta for 02/06/2015.

02/05/2015 | 8:00 PM Spitale responded via email after the court was closed. No docket number. No judge name.

02/05/2015 | 9:27 PM I got back to Ms. Spitale to let her know judge Baratta was assigned with docket number C0048PF-2014-000815 included in my courtesy copy ANSWER.

02/06/2015 AM I faxed my ANSWER to court administration 610-559-6702 to the attention of Judge Baratta. I called after the Court was open to make sure Judge Baratta received it. His office did. But I was told Judges were changed that morning to Judge Zito and because Judge Baratta’s name was on it—it could NOT be delivered to judge Zito. I “DEMANDED” that it be sent to Judge Zito. Clerks refused. And it remained in judge Baratta’s chambers.

MS. SPITALE: “I went to the PFA Office, they informed me that Mr. Kraemer called them and DEMANDED Judge Baratta’s personal fax number. They would not provide that to him. Instead, they gave him Court Administration’s number.” 

Transcript page 6-7: | False Instrument | Judge Zito for the Court of Common Pleas reciprocated in racketeering.

JUDGE ZITO However, we are going to make part of the record the telefax or email that was sent directly to President Judge Baratta. And on that basis, I am going to make a finding that the defendant is willfully avoiding service of the PFA and that this matter has been previously extended on November 12th, 2014, on November the 26th 2014 on December the 10th 2014 and January 16th, 2015. And of course, it’s been returned today and the defendant has not appeared. However, he has stated that he is refusing service.

Judge Baratta was assigned judge 11/4/2014 and not relieved until about 9:30 AM 2/6/2015—after he received my fax. PFA’s have to be heard within two weeks of filing. Getting one extension is tough. Spitale got five extensions landing on 2/6/2015 in conflict with my New York City housing court trial on 2/5/2015.

Judge Zito in the 15-20 minutes he was judge went on a crooked, feeble minded, evil, organized crime spree making part of the public record false information with the intent to defraud and injure. A felony proscribed by 18 Pa. C.S. § 4911.

MY ANSWER Judge Zito saw the following dated list of Judge Ed Smith’s guardian appointee Lisa Spitale and federal guardian Shanon Moore’s organized abuse and witness tampering of my daughter. It is more detailed now in retrospect. However, the additional detail is their knowledge of predicate acts 18 U.S.C. § § 1512, 1951 they concealed from me.

05/08/2011 Assault, extortion and destruction of ESI by attorney Lisa Spitale. Lisa Spitale grabbed and burned Emilie in her home when the mother was out. Emilie was in her PJ’s during the attack.  Spitale coerced my daughter to agree to attend a home for the mentally retarded Camphill Soltane—two months before Ed Smith federal judge application. Guardian Lisa Spitale deleted Emilie’s calls to 911 and all of her txt messages.

07/01/2011 Senators Casey and Toomey invite applicants for federal court appointments

07/15/2011 Judge Ed Smith confirmed Lisa Spitale as my daughter’s guardian replacing me two weeks after his federal judge application became viable. Placing a known violence-for-hire thug on Northampton County’s payroll to manage Ed Smith’s child trafficking victim while he sought nominations for federal judge. See 18 U.S.C. § 1959.

03/23/2012 Federal judge applicant Ed Smith approved his appointee’s guardian Lisa Spitale’s petition to remove two weeks of my vacation and to use it for Emilie’s “education”

04/03/2012  My daughter was human trafficked in parking lots arranged by Lisa Spitale. She sat in a car in a vacant lot “ALL DAY” while “judge friends” came to see her.

07/20/2012  During my vacation time Spitale advertised my daughter’s torture to me in phased increments:
07/23/2012  Cigarette burns Monday
07/27/2012  Cigarette burns Friday
08/06/2012 Cigarette burns Monday the cigarette burn was down to the bone.

08/06/2012 Deputy G. Kraemer, judge Ed Smith’s friend saw the torture inflicted by guardian Lisa Spitale refused to document it, or make arrests then attempted to parlay my wanting it to stop into an out of court meeting with Judge Smith.

Judge Smith needed me to stop asking questions about his illegal approval to treat Emilie for mental retardation diagnosis code MR317. Emilie’s fragile x diagnostic proved she had no congenital mental retardation. Blurring Emilie’s normal cognitive capacities were the focus by the enterprise, Smith and Spitale during each of Ed Smith’s federal nomination milestones. Concealing the enterprises child trafficking from the Obama administration and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

After I rejected meeting judge Smith: my daughter was tortured when I asked for payments from my client lobbyist Vincent Pitta who as time evolved made clear he was working with or for Lisa Spitale.

10/19/2012 Emilie was beat up after seeking payment from lobbyist Vincent Pitta.

11/17/2012 Emilie was stove burned after seeking payment from lobbyist Vincent Pitta.

11/26/2012  Emilie was stove burned after seeking payment from lobbyist Vincent Pitta.

02/06/2013  Spitale’s people took Emilie to a parking lot. A cigarette was put out on her forehead and she was sexually assaulted. She contracted an STD. This is the start of her attempted murder.

05/07/2013 Spitale pulled Emilie from a public swing and 3:36 PM took her to a parking lot. An hour before emailing my letter to U.S. Department of Health, Human Services 26 Federal Plaza NY about Emilie’s cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment.

07/08/2013 Letter to Kathleen Kane  Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General The letter demanded PFA from PA AG’s office to prevent further contact by Federal guardian Shannon Moore and county guardian Lisa Spitale.  On or about 07/10/2013 Emilie has finger print bruises on my daughter’s arm from being restrained by Lisa Spitale.

07/22/2013 The mother and Spitale cultivated scabies from her parking lot human trafficking into Norwegian scabies attempting to murder her with it just after Ed Smith nomination by President Obama.

01/23/2014 Spitale tortured my daughter after I reported her sexual assault. Emilie’s 01/07/2014 sexual assault organized by Spitale was just before Ed Smith’s U.S. 01/16/2014 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee vote.

03/26/2014 Judge Ed Smith’s was appointed Federal judge

03/27/2014 Emilie overdosed into convulsions the day after on guardians Lisa Spitale and federal guardian Shanon Moore’s watch.

05/12/2014 Emile was burned cigarettes two days before opening SDNY 14-cv-3804

05/16/2014 Open SDNY14-cv-3804 Kraemer v. Edelstein. I cite my daughter’s Norwegian scabies was cultivated by guardians Spitale, Shanon Moore, mother Amy DeRaymond.

05/19/2014 Guardian Shannon Moore Esq. quit as Emilie’s guardian.
05/22/2014 Federal Judge Tim Rice emailed me for a scheduling a conference 06-CV-3592.

05/25/2014 Emilie was overdosed into convulsions with 126 tablets of Risperidone on Lisa Spitale’s watch.

05/30/2014 Federal Judge Tim Rice appointed Lisa Spitale as guardian.

Quality of Judge Zito’s Transcripts. The transcripts were dated wrong 02/06/2016 [a Saturday] actual court date was 02/06/2015 [a Friday]. The PDF font was rendered incorrectly making the transcripts very difficult to read. Altering documents with intent to impair the integrity or availability for use in an official proceeding is proscribed by 18 U.S.C. § 1512. Court reporters are charged by statute 28 U.S.C. § 753 with producing a “verbatim” transcript for inclusion in the official record.

Judge Zito was a cowardly, deeply perverted judge resulting from the inherent strangeness that came from a government culture that got used to torturing minors—school children—to self-deal business to early prevention behavioral healthcare consultants. 

2. THE SECOND DOCUMENT is the completed § 175.35 form substantiating criminal violations for Offering A False Instrument For Filing First Degree. 

FELONY FRAUDS in furtherance of a common purpose. 

2/5/2015 | § 175.35 | Manhattan Housing Court Judge Peter Wendt.
8/28/2014 false instruments proscribed by penal code § 175.35 were presented to Manhattan Housing Court and made part of the public record with the intent to defraud the State and rob the Plaintiff for over $1,000,000. 12/18/2014 having been caught in CRIME by judge Arlene Hahn a trial was ordered. 2/5/2015 judge Peter Wendt constructed a detour around Judge Hahn’s order creating a second false instrument used to steal the same property Edelstein set out to steal 8/28/2014.

Judge Wendt offended § 175.35 (an E class felony) stealing property from me on behalf of Florance Edelstein worth over $1,000,000. Grand Larceny in the First Degree. NY PL 155.42 a class B felony. It carries with a mandatory sentence for which there is no parol.

2/6/2015 | 18 Pa. C.S. § 4911 | Northampton County Court Judge Leonard N. Zito
Judge Zito made numerous damaging false entry’s into public record with the intent to defraud and injure. A felony proscribed by 18 Pa. C.S. § 4911.

Judge Leonard N. Zito deliberately and maliciously manufactured a public record that would cause extraordinary harm to me and my business. He knew the entrees made were in reaction to frauds presented by Lisa Spitale and himself:
1. Judge Zito falsely claimed “to have grave concerns about my mental health in reference to Lisa Spitale’s perjury about taking my daughter to a shelter.
2. Judge Zito falsely claimed “to have grave concerns about my mental health after Lisa Spitale made false and derogatory assertions about me being “homeless” when I had an apartment, had access to it but stayed out of it and protected my daughter from it as the landlord made it unlivable—in collaboration with Lisa Spitale.
3. Judge Zito lied about the timing of Judge Baratta’s assignment as judge then penalized me for communicating with him.
4. Judge Zito
lied about the proper service of PFA documents —they have to be delivered by a sheriff— and skirted the extraordinary legal basis for Judge Baratta allowing Lisa Spitale FIVE extensions until 2/6/2015.

Judge Zito used these false entrees it to the record to render a verdict that was kidnapping in violation of the Federal Kidnapping Act 18 U.S.C. § 1201 (a) (1).

The theft of my daughter, business and intellectual property was done through the use of back-to-back interstate false instruments proscribed by penal code § 175.35  presented:  2/5/2015 to Manhattan Housing Court and; 2/6/2015 to Northampton County PA Court of Common Pleas. The enterprise defrauded the States of New York, Pennsylvania and committed grand larceny in the Second and First Degrees as proscribed by § 155.40. The defendants, interstate judges and private entities operated together in a coordinated manner with a shared common purpose in witness suppression and the destruction of ESI through robbery intended to conceal a child and human trafficking business and a republican federal judge applicants participation in the business. The interlocking nature of their racketeering scheme is uncharged unlawful conduct.