This page covers the violent coercion and attempted murders of republican federal judge applicant Ed Smith’s trafficking victim Emilie Kraemer and her father during his federal judiciary nomination milestones with: U.S. President Barack Obama and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. Republican Easton Police, DA, the Allentown PA FBI and NYPD choose Republican solidarity over their duty. They concealed extreme violence used extort his victims allowing a child torturing, child trafficking thug, to become federal judge.

12/2006 Northampton CountyJudge Ed Smith approved false claim diagnosis code MR317 to treat my daughter Emilie Kraemer at the behest of his law partner, Northampton County solicitor attorney Ray DeRaymond. Smith did this after the Easton School District lost their appeal #1727 to me specifically ruling out diagnosis code MR317 and approving diagnosis PDD-NOS taking [self-dealing] business from DeRaymond’s clients Northampton County IEP service contractors working for the School District. Smith and associates easily brushed off their criminal child trafficking they kept encapsulated in the County. However, when Ed Smith applied for federal judge the diagnosis code misuse became the focus of Smith and parties who benefited finically from the illegal use of MR317. Violent witness tampering resulted.


Ed Smith appointed Lisa Spitale as Emilie’s guardian after applying for federal judge

5/08/2011 Guardian Lisa Spitale grabbed and burned Emilie in her home. Emilie was in her PJ’s during the attack. Spitale coerced my daughter to agree to attend a home for the mentally retarded Camphill Soltane—two months before Ed Smith’s federal judge application. Further insulating Ed Smith’s MR317 medical code and child trafficking crime just before his federal judge application.

7/1/2011 Ed Smith applied for federal judge.

07/15/2011 Ed Smith replaced me as my daughter’s guardian with attorney Lisa Spitale who worked as violence-for-hire on Smith’s behalf.

3/23/2012 Guardian Lisa Spitale petitioned Judge Smith to use the two weeks of my summer vacation visitation 7/16/2012 to 08/06/2012 for Emilie’s “education.”

Spitale tortured my daughter in phased increments burning her with cigarettes then advertised the torture to me during my visitation days:
7/23/2012 Monday;
7/27/2012 Friday;
08/6/2012 Monday the cigarette burn was down to the bone.

8/6/2012 Ed Smith’s friend, my sister, deputy Gretchen Kraemer saw the torture inflicted by guardian Lisa Spitale refused to document it, or make arrests then attempted to parlay my wanting it to stop into an out of court meeting with Judge Smith.

After I rejected meeting with Smith: my daughter was tortured when I asked for payments from my client lobbyist Vincent Pitta who apparently was working with Lisa Spitale:


Attempted murder Ed Smith’s victim Emilie Kraemer just after his nomination from President Obama

2013 weaponized medication data The data proves beyond any reasonable doubt defendants attempted to murder my daughter by deliberately lowering her immunity with prescription medication after introducing a biological agent [scabies] that would become lethal [ Norwegian Scabies ] in her artificially compromised physicality.

2/6/2013  Lehigh Transition Service took Emilie to a parking-lot where she was sexually assaulted, had a cigarette put out on her forehead and contracted scabies—an STD.

5/1/2013 after two months of my repeated requests to take Emilie to a doctor for a rash that appeared after 2/6/2013 Emilie’s Mother and Lisa Spitale agreed to take Emilie to a doctor.

The appointment was used to cultivate Norwegian scabies a lethal disease via the use high powered immunosuppressants topical ( glucocorticoid ) corticosteroids that caused allowing the disease to rapidly propagate into Norwegian scabies which is very rare.
[1] [2] [3]

05/07/2013 Emilie was tortured by Lisa Spitale when I asked for help from Loria Hodge Office of Inspector General Department of Health and Human Services 26 Federal Plaza, Room 13-124, New York, NY 10278-0004. 4:04 PM Lisa Spitale pulled Emilie from a public swing and took her to parking lot and abused her.

07/08/2013 Emilie was tortured by Lisa Spitale when I asked for help from Kathleen G. Kane Attorney General of Pennsylvania

07/22/2013 Emilie was nearly dead from Norwegian scabies.

07/26/2013 Spitale paused their cultivation of Norwegian scabies one week before Ed Smith’s 08/01/2013 federal judge nomination by President Obama. 

When they cured Emilie’s manifestation of Norwegian scabies on her hands one week before Ed Smith’s Presidential judicial nomination:
1. They proved they could cure it;
2. Proved they were responsible for cultivating it;
3. Hiding it from President Obama’s administration.

08/07/2013 Spitale resumed cultivation nearly killing my daughter until I stoped it Monday 08/26/2013. 

8/25/2013 the skin fissures were so deep Emilie’s hands were being held together with tape. There was fluid pooling on the bottom of her foot from staph the mother called “juice”. “my mom says I have some juice down there” Emilie could barley walk and had to take her shoes off by the time we got to Broadway just down the block from my apartment. Guardian Lisa Spitale, the mother lied to me explaining Emilie’s condition was from eczema which is not lethal. They knowingly caused my daughter to rot in her own skin. 

18 U.S.C. § 2332b proscribes acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries when the intended victim, is the United States Government or judicial branches. Their deliberate cultivation of Norwegian scabies for this purpose fits within the meaning of predicate 18 U.S.C. § 175.

No one was arrested. Not mother Amy DeRaymond or Lisa Spitale. They were helping the Republican party. They attempted to murder Emilie with a rare disease known for infecting those with a congenital intellectual disability while deliberately immunpsuppressing her the essential requirement for acquiring Norwegian scabies. e.g., creating the appearance of MR317 and attempting to murder her.


Attempted murder of Ed Smith’s victim’s father Thomas Kraemer residing in NYC in connection with his U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Committee approval and submission for full Senate vote.

After I stoped my daughter’s attempted murder 8/26/2013, after Ed Smith was nominated by President Obama, the enterprise focused on preventing me from interfering with his U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee review which started 11/06/2013. They enlisted Republican brand and foreign agent Jona Rechnitz in New York City.

Jona Rechnitz resided in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Rechnitz represented the highest levels of Republican government for Israel and the United States. Reported directly to Republican Prime Minister Netanyahu. 02/17/2013 Rechnitz and Reichberg promoted Israeli’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System to the US Senate on behalf of Republican Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. His father Robert [ part of Netanyahu’s inner circle ] was in regular contact with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who sat on the U.S. Judiciary Committee and the Appropriations Committee. Rechnitz also represented Republican Jewish Coalition. 

6/17/2016 FBI Special Agent Blair Toleman brought charges 16-MAG-3919 against Rechnitz and numerous NYPD for taking bribes from Rechnitz and Reichberg as a “a real estate developers and businessman.” Rechnitz’s foreign agent status was never brought or addressed. Rechnitz’s status as a high-level Republican brand representative had influence at NYPD well beyond a common real-estate developer including using his republican credentials to gain promotions for key high level NYPD.

“Barack Obama said in 2012 that dealing with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was like dealing with his rivals in the Republican Party, and that Netanyahu was dishonest toward his administration, former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes says in his new book.” Harretz Israel News, Jun 06, 2018

The social dynamic Rechnitz’s presence caused, in this context was a natural expectation that NYPD would omit their duty out of Republican solidarity on behalf of Republican federal judge applicant Ed Smith when Edelstein began venting fumes in my apartment—which they did.

11/24/2020 NYPD PBA  pledged loyalty to Republican Trump during the 2020 election. 
05/18/2015 Obama: U.S. Cracking Down on ‘Militarization’ of Local Police
08/28/2017 Trump Reverses Obama Policy on Surplus Military Gear for Police

E.g., what Rechnitz and Reichberg were bribing NYPD for was omission of duty—to stay out of their illegal business. Such as the racketeering of a republican federal judge applicants committee nomination through the violent witness tampering of one of his victims:

11/4/2013 NYPD 20th Precinct Inspector Brian McGNYPD 20th Precinct inspector commander Brian McGinn was promoted. FBI stated Rechnitz and Reichberg had significant influence over promotions and were actively bribing McGinn. Their stated mission on behalf of Prime Minister Netanyahu was liaisons for their NYC community. Specifically, Republican-Jewish Landlords.

11/4/2013 My apartment was turned into a miasma of toxic fumes and infestation. The owner: Republican-Jewish Landlord Florence Edelstein. 2207 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11223 i.e., King David E LLC; King Solomon E LLC, etc.

11/6/2013 Judge Ed Smith interviewed by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

11/6/2013 My apartment was turned into a miasma of toxic fumes and infestation.

11/16/2013 I was forced into hotels. My rooms were broken in to and assaulted in my sleep by Hotel Trade Counsel memebers under the significant influence of lobbyist Vincent Pitta and NYC City Hall.

There was a seamless transfer of violent RICO activities and responsibilities from Inspector McGinn allowing my landlord Edelstein to repeatedly to vent toxic fumes while taking bribes from Republican foreign agent Jona Rechnitz; To my client New York lobbyist Vincent Pitta’s influence over the Hotel Trades Council union [HTC] that tampered with my rooms the moment I moved to hotels. HTC maintains total control over hotel environments. 3.25.8

Vincent Pitta is general counsel for Hotel Trades Council [HTC] and Local 6. He also represented the NYPD Detectives Endowment Association. His father Vito Pitta was union president of HTC, Local 6 and was indicted as leadership of the Colombo crime organization for regular violent extortion . [3][4][5]

11/19/2013 (on or about) I met with NYPD’s 20th Precinct. A sergeant and a lieutenant confirmed my description of TOXIC FUMES as definitely assault and highly likely ATTEMPTED MURDER. They refused to investigate:  “COME BACK AND SEE US IF HE DOES IT AGAIN.”  When I went back to see NYPD again I found they erased my detectives report and told me to call the fire department for what they defined as attempted murder. It is inconceivable the criminal consistency with which the 20th Precinct police department engaged me was not by instruction from Inspector Brian McGinn.


01/15/2014 I made Spitale and Federal guardian Moore take Emilie to a doctor. She did not look right and was complaining that one of Freya Koger’s staff attacked her at a private residence.

01/16/2014 Ed Smith Nominated by U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Vote.

01/23/2014  Guardian Lisa Spitale tortured my daughter after reporting her sexual assault.

02/19/2014 | PA Judge Roscioli Notice of disability support hearing Docket #16690. No mention of Northampton County’s current treatment for MR317 or disability of any-kind one month before the Senate Judiciary Committee would pass on Smith’s application for a full vote.


3/26/2014 Ed Smith was appointed federal judge

3/27/2014 My daughter was overdosed with pharmaceuticals causing seizures brain damaging her—mimicking a congenital mental retardation diagnosis MR317 she could not possibly have while Northampton County continued to treat and bill Emilie for that diagnosis well into 2014.

My daughter’s brain damage on call came from Dr. Cha Yu at Lisa Spitale’s request.  Dr. Cha Yu dispensed massive quantities of harmful pharmaceuticals after Ed Smith federal judge appointment. Not before. Subsequent massive prescriptions were episodic correlating with federal filings. i.e., having nothing to do with Emilie’s medical needs. This is pure Evil.

Prescription Table 2014  

The issue of Emilie’s cognitive capacities were the constant focus by Smith’s team putting up subterfuge and frauds to conceal it.

Judge Smith’s violent witness tampering and motive for it centered on his 12/21/2006 approval of his law partner attorney DeRaymond’s petition for a guardian to treat Emilie for congenital mental retardation MR317 ruled out by diagnostic and the education appeals panel i.e., his criminal, and violent medical code trafficking of my daughter Emilie Kraemer was the basis for racketeering his federal judge appointment.

Evidence also revels his concern arose from a trackable court record the U.S. President, and Senate Judiciary Committee potentially could see. What the Republican party, Ed Smith, guardians or any of them were not at all concerned with was the Republicanism of the police, law enforcement’s loyalty and their deliberate omission of duty when violent extortion was needed in furtherance of his federal application.