Officers of the court suborned perjury

Kraemer v. Pennsylvania EDPA 10-cv-4868
09/10/2010 I sued 49 defendants in federal court. Everyone involved with my educational lawsuits.  What prompted my lawsuit were two criminal causes of action.

1. The brutal and systematic torture of my daughter Emilie.

In 2008 my daughter Emilie was sadistically tortured. Each of her knuckles were burned, and a hole was seared down to the bone on her wrist. I sued for a PFA. 04/16/2008 Judge William Moran refused to acknowledge Emilie’s third degree cigarette burns. Judge Moran openly entertained sanctioning me for bringing the medieval torture of a child to the Court’s attention and taking Emilie to a doctor for treatment. i.e., least I ever have the audacious notion of suing for my daughter’s insidious abuse again.

The courts criminal, rough treatment of me and packaging of my daughter’s assaults as domestic issues made it clear that I was being warned for interfering with an enterprises criminal business. I just did not know exactly what business. I went back and sued again in 2010 and brought a New York Chief Medical Examiner MD, a Forensic Scientist as an expert witness.

05/17/2010 Kraemer v. DeRaymond No. 2007-0021. I sued Amy DeRaymond for custody after my daughter was brutally and systematically tortured. During the lawsuit, the Mother Amy DeRaymond lectured me that Emilie did not have Aspergers and that she had PDD-NOS. [ Transcript pages 33-34 ] 

What I did not know:
(i). The 2008 torture was not at all random. It was a calculated RICO assault with the intent to alter Emilie’s 03/10/2008 cognitive assessment exam ordered by Emilie’s federal guardian Marcie Romberger to result in a mental retardation finding. The criminal enterprise working out of the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas rough treatment of me was not capacious or arbitrary they were conducting a calculated criminal business through the court of selling a normal student through violent extortion to special education employment contractor Lehigh University Transition Services.

(ii). Mother DeRaymond’s backhanded correction that Emilie diagnosis was “PDD-NOS” was suborned perjury. She was signing for Lehigh University Transition Services to treat Emilie for previously ruled out genetic mental retardation ICD-9 MR317 since 12/21/2006. Her father attorney Ray DeRaymond went to his former law partner Judge Edward Smith the same day my Federal settlement was initiated to silently approve ICD-9 MR317 in exchange for kickbacks from either Lehigh or the county enterprise.

Mother DeRaymond was suborning perjury to the tribunal, but the tribunal she was lying to—Northampton County Court Judge Koury—was part of the criminal enterprise. Judge Koury refused to let the New York Chief Medical Examiner MD testify; Did not allow me to testify about the result of taking Emilie to a doctor; Allowed the trial to begin without the police [ Police were a no-show for a brutal assault —violent extortion—to sell a regular education student to a special education contractor ]. Judge Koury dismissed my case without putting his findings of fact / conclusions of law on the record.

2. Shanon Moore trafficked my daughter to a special education employment contractor. I had no idea how in the world she did it and was not arrested. I won three lawsuits on the subject of my daughter’s competence.

08/27/2010 Federal Guardian Shanon Moore. After Emilie’s graduation guardian Shanon Moore on law firm letterhead for Gallagher, Schoenfeld, Surkin, Chupein & DeMis stated that Emilie would be not be allowed to attend colleges she was accepted to and would be educated as someone with “Aspergers” at “Lehigh University

Unknown to me guardian Moore was silently approving genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 she knew was ruled out by medical diagnostic, Administrative Proceeding No. 5779 05/06 and the State Education Appeals Panel No. 1727 to be used by Lehigh University Transition Services—an employment contractor for the mental retarded.

A preponderance of evidence exists that guardian Shanon Moore received some pecuniary benefit for facilitating the SALE of my daughter to the employment contractor for the mental retarded by silently approving an illegal billing code they needed.

On 09/10/2010 after my daughter was tortured into a mental breakdown and then sold to an employment contractor for the mentally retarded Lehigh University Transition Services I sued 49 defendants involved in my educational lawsuits for damages without knowing the PA Commonwealth endorsed their RICO activities and to what extent.

In addition to the State AG, and Pennsylvania Department of Education [ PDE ] silently approving student torture before cognitive assessment exams, the concealment of it by MH/MR, Police and teachers unions, and the use of fraudulent diagnosis codes they also fired Education Hearing Officer Linda Stengle soon after she ruled No. 5779 05/06 in favor of my daughter’s normal mental capacity and against the District for violating federal LRE law and in accordance with the Gaskin v. the Commonwealth class action ruling. PDE fired Hearing Officer Stengle specifically for upholding the GASKIN ruling. LRE requires that special education students be included in regular class settings. The Municipality/Easton School District was inventing mental disability diagnosis codes then violating LRE to be able to outsource business to employment contractors for the mentally retarded in exchange for kickbacks and the windfall of government money it brought into the District and County each time a regular education student was converted into a special education product.

Of the 152 Docketed motions in Kraemer v. Pennsylvania genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 was not mentioned by any of the defendants. In particular Officers of the Court who silently, illegally, approved it for treatment and billing. Not by me because it was ruled out by medical diagnostic, Administrative Proceeding No. 5779 05/06 and the State Appeals Panel Ruling No. 1727.

17 Officers of the Court suborned perjury concealing from the tribunal their knowledge and approval of a fraudulent, genetic mental retardation billing code [ ICD-9 MR317 ] used in furtherance of selling my daughter to a special education employment contractor. A child slavery business.

3 of the court officers were Pennsylvania State Executive Officials including Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly, Chief Deputy Attorney General Mark Pacella, and the Deputy Secretary for the Department of Public Welfare Kevin Casey.

10/29/2010 The Delaware United States Attorney Patricia C. Hannigan made an appearance.

01/25/2011 Kraemer v. Pennsylvania  was transferred to former Republican Congressman N.J. Judge William Martini.

02/11/2011 DeRaymond v. Kraemer Northampton County Court of Common Pleas. Guardians Shanon Moore, Lisa Spitale and mother DeRaymond sued me during the pendency of Kraemer v. Pennsylvania while I was making it more difficult for them to lie about their illegal use of ICD-9 MR317. They demanded to be able to send Emilie to Camp Hill for two weeks, a home for the mentally retarded—7 hours from me making visitation impossible. Threatening to cut me off from my daughter while I was suing them.

I made 11 references that Camp Hill was a school for the mentally retarded and that Emilie did not belong there. NONE of them admitted they were approving treatment for genetic mental retardation ICD-9 MR317 since 2006 and using it to send business to Lehigh University Transition Services.

Lisa Spitale, the Court’s guardian also applied to be Emilie’s co-guardian at this time. Guardians Moore and Spitale were court officers suborning perjury to the tribunal, but the tribunal they were lying to—Northampton County Court Judge Beltrami was part of the criminal enterprise. Judge Beltrami warned me that if I did not come to some middle ground with the plaintiffs [criminal activity ] he could simple send my daughter to a State institution.

 09/15/2011 Kraemer v. Pennsylvania Judge Martini dismissed my case with prejudice as a result of court officers [ judges and attorneys ] suborning perjury concealing from the tribunal their approval to treat Emilie for genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317:

“He believes that though, he claims, Emilie was originally diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome [PDD NOS], a conspiracy made up of some of the defendants changed her diagnosis to mental retardation in order to funnel money to private organizations that specialize in the treatment of such individuals.” Doc. 122  

Which is exactly what they did for which there is a preponderance of evidence they were doing it in exchange for some pecuniary benefit. 17 Officers of the Court, including 3 State Executives suborned perjury concealing from the tribunal their knowledge of genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 ruled out by medical diagnostic, an Administrative Proceeding, the State Education Appeals Panel then used in the SALE of the student [ Emilie ] to an employment contractor for the mentally retarded.

Judge Martini also dismissed Emilie’s abuse as time bared from an assault standing. But that is not what it was. It was a pattern organized torture of a child in furtherance of selling the child into a condition of involuntary servitude from which there is no time bar.

10/11/2011 I filed a Motion To Reconsider. 

10/12/2011 PA Attorney General Linda Kelly’s answer to my Motion To Reconsider Doc.134 made circular, vague, arguments devoid of dates and details. As Attorney General she had unlimited access to billing requests for MR317.

Attoreny General Linda Kelly suborned perjury on behalf of a violent child trafficking enterprise. She has to know what I am asking:

What happened to my daughter’s State Appeals Panel ordered PDD-NOS diagnosis that entitled her to $255,000 to make up for the education the District denied her by inventing a mental retardation evaluation then denied her Federal LRE [ Inclusion in regular education ]?

AG Linda Kelly could have said well I’m the AG I can see everything and the County has been processing ICD-9 MR317. But she can’t. Because she and a lot of other officials would land in jail. Instead she chooses to skirt the question with attorney double talk and lies.

03/26/2006 Administrative Proceeding No. 5779 05/06 Hearing Officer Linda Stengle ruled my daughter was unlawfully denied LRE. Hearing Officer Stengle was constrained to rule my daughter’s discrimination as a problem of IEP incompetence when it was a matter of violent racketeering to inflict torture before cognitive assessment evaluations to cause low IQ results then deliberately skirt LRE law to advance the sale of regular education students to outsourced special education employment contractors.

04/13/2006 Hearing offer Linda Stengle was threatened by Pennsylvania Department of Education Special Education Director Dr. Linda Rhen [ After her 03/26/2006 ruling that Emilie was denied LRE ] that her blog was spreading misinformation on class action ruling Gaskin v. Commonwealth [GASKIN ] that caused the enforcement of Federal LRE in Pennsylvania.

05/18/2006 The ODR State Education Appeals Panel ruled against the Easton School District in favor of Emilie and added $55,000 in compensatory education in addition to the $200,000 already awarded to her:

“The District asserts that the Hearing Officer [ Stengle ] erred by refusing to disclose a personal and professional association that could influence her decision-making in the due process hearing and by failing to recuse herself based on her position as a member of the Gaskin Advisory Panel. The District contends that the “Gaskin Advisory Panel is inherently pro-parent in that its purpose is to ‘police’ school districts… “

06/02/2006 PDE wrongfully fired Hearing Officer Linda Stengle and not for any of the reasons stated in PDE’s complaint. Stengle’s position and ruling on enforcing Federal LRE law interfered with the Commonwealth’s and participating Municipalities violent child racketeering business. i.e. selling regular education students to outsourced special education employment contractors.

[ Doc 134 ] PA Attorney General Linda Kelly Concealed ICD-9 MR317

Department of Public Welfare Kevin Casey Concealed ICD-9 MR317

Chief Deputy Attorney General Mark Pacella Concealed ICD-9 MR317

These PA Executive public officials had total access to Northampton County’s payment requests for treatment of ICD-9 MR317 and repeatedly skirted around my interrogatory about the disappearance of my daughter’s PDD NOS diagnosis i.e., What were they using?  No answer from AG Linda Kelly.

The judge that originally silently approved treatment for ICD-9 MR317, Republican Judge Edward Smith, applied for Federal Judge 07/2011. His Republican comrades AG Linda Kelly, Mark Pacella, and Kevin Casey concealed its use from U.S. Delaware Attorney Charles Oberly closely associated with then President Barack Obama and would be evaluating Judge Smith. 

10/15/2011- Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams LLP Concealed ICD-9 MR317

10/15/2011 – Freya Koger Lehigh U Transition Services Concealed ICD-9 MR317

10/15/2011 Case dismissed.

Chief Deputy Attorney General Mark Pacella continues to work for the State of Pennsylvania.

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