Interstate judges coordinated with common purpose in witness suppression of a republican federal judge applicants child trafficking victim via grand larceny of the father’s apartment, business assets, IP on one day and kidnapping of his daughter the next day.

False instruments ( penal code § 175.35 ) were submitted into public court records and used for organized back-to-back robberies: 2/5/2015 Manhattan Housing Court Judge Peter Judge Wendt stole ALL of my property valued at over $1,000,000 put me on the street with no means of making a livelihood. That was capitalized on the next day 2/6/2015 by Northampton County PA Court of Common Pleas Judge Lennard Zito and guardian attorney Lisa Spitale who kidnapped my daughter Emilie that day who the county was child trafficking.

2010 I sued for my daughter’s Civil Rights, Emilie Kraemer of Easton PA in federal court due to  violent child traffickers operating out of the Easton Area School District. 10-cv-4868 Kraemer v. Pennsylvania. U.S. Attorney Patricia C. Hannigan represented Federal Magistrate Judge Tim Rice. She had a front-row seat to child torture before a cognitive assessment exam, subsequent use of false diagnosis codes to bilk Medicaid, self-dealing to IEP service providers. Child trafficking. Did nothing. One of the principles responsible for the torture and approval of bogus diagnosis code MR317 for my daughter was Republican Judge Ed Smith. He applied for federal judge 7/2011. My case was arbitrarily closed with prejudice 9/2011. [ The L4 clerk assigned to me confided that Judge William Martini dismissed all Pro Se cases ]. 2013 Ed Smith and associates reached into my NYC neighborhood recruited 20th Precinct Inspector Brian McGinn and my Upper West Side (UWS) landlord Florance Edelstein to violently eject me from my apartment via the use of toxic fumes and rob me of everything I owned in furtherance of his federal judge appointment. 

Edelstein conservatively owes me: $1,191,531.00.  Edelstein, to escape having to reimburse me for overcharged illegal rent COOPERATED with NYPD’s 20th Precinct’s CLIENT—UWS Republican Jewish Community representative Jona Rechnitz in exchange for their omission of duty.  2013 – 2014 Edelstein as part of the UWS Republican Jewish tribe was expected to attempt my murder in my apartment via the repeated use of TOXIC FUMES starting 11/4/2013. NYPD as expected repeatedly refused to investigate what they defined as attempted murder and erased my detectives report on it. The NYPD 20th Precinct’s global omission of duty came at the direction of their Commander Inspector Brian McGinn. 4/2018 NYPD McGinn was named by the FBI for taking BRIBES from Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg from 2012 to 2016 which included a promotion on 11/4/2013. The two were extremely powerful and politically connected Republican Israeli foreign agents. They worked at the highest levels of Republican U.S. and Israeli government. Reporting directly to Republican Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and almost daily communication with U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham who sat on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

NYPD via their corrupted persuasion and solidarity with the Republican Party are responsible for facilitating my attempted murder and furthering my violent human trafficking through CNY homeless agency’s Outreach, Core services, BRC run by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Due to Edelstein’s $283,644.99 illegal rent overcharge my rent is paid until 2036.

I am illegally deprived apartment access to 145W71ST. Judge Peter Wendt ordered my eviction 8/19/2015 violating Judge Arlene Hahn’s 12/18/2014 order after she discovered Edelstein owed me money and ordered settlement. The CNY DHS and NYPD human trafficked me and attempted my murder 11/14/2015 soon after my illegal eviction 08/19/2015 paying Edelstein for attempted murder-for-hire on Rechnitz’s behalf.  


11/4/2013 my landlord, Florance Edelstein began venting TOXIC FUMES and INFESTATION into my UWS apartment forcing me out and into hotels (11/16/2013) the same day NYPD 20th Precinct Inspector Brian McGinn received a promotion substantially influenced by the UWS Republican Jewish Landlord Community and Republican foreign agents Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg.

Edelstein owed me nearly a million dollars in illegally overcharged rent she was able to collect through offering FALSE INSTRUMENT 1 to NYS DHCR rent regulation authority. For reasons that are clear she chose to wait until 11/4 and 11/6 to scheme my illegal eviction. NY Post  ChiefLeader

11/6/2013 Republican, federal judge applicant Judge Ed Smith (responsible for violently child trafficking my daughter) was before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee for federal judge. My apartment was again turned into a makeshift gas chamber and miasma of infestation forcing me out and into hotels by 11/16/2013. 

11/16/2013 I was forced into hotels. There was a seamless transfer of violent RICO activities and responsibilities from Inspector McGinn allowing my landlord Florance Edelstein to repeatedly attempt murder via toxic fumes in my apartment while he was taking bribes from UWS Republican Israeli foreign agent Jona Rechnitz—to—lobbyist Vincent Pitta and Mayor de Blasio’s use of the Hotel Trade Council union (HTC) to tamper with my and my daughter’s hotel rooms. (2018 de Blasio testified to taking bribes from Rechnitz. HTC finically backed 80% of de Blasio’s 2020 presidential run. Vincent Pitta [my client] was general counsel for HTC.)

2014 the Hilton, Grand Hyatt [10] 2017 the Jane [11] 2020 Arlo [12] 2021 The POD [13] Hotel’s were victimized by HTC security and custodial staff and Local 6 even if the Hotels were non-union. 

Union employees broke into my hotel rooms, and highly likely assaulted me and my daughter while sleeping in furtherance of racketeering republican Ed Smith’s federal judge appointment.


11/19/2013 (about) I reported Edelstein’s use of toxic fumes she was venting through the floorboards in the apartment to the NYPD 20th Precinct. A sergeant and lieutenant stated my description of toxic fumes fit attempted murder. Took no notes, made no record, and refused to investigate stating: “Come back and see us again if he does it again.” After that I avoided the front desk went directly to detectives. NYPD then erased my detective’s report and told me to call the fire department.

4/2018 NYPD 20th Precinct Commander Brian McGinn was charged by the FBI for taking bribes from two foreign agents Republican Jewish landlords representing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the NYC Republican Jewish landlord Community. Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg.  

01/17/2014 Manhattan Housing Court Judge Sabrina Kraus HP Part ordered for DHCR B2133C36 to reduce the rent to $1.00 per-month until the landlord corrected the issue—which Edelstein never did as she was deliberately venting TOXIC FUMES through the floorboards.  

Republican, Jewish, Landlord Edelstein went on a tribal tirade of toxic fume assaults each time I attempted to move back into the apartment after HPD repairs: 2/17/2014, 2/19/2014, 2/25/2014 turning the apartment into a makeshift gas chamber each time. NYPD 20th Precinct deflected my requests for intervention—of attempted murder—each time.

03/04/2014 I stopped paying rent after NYS DHCR found the apartment to be so hazardous they refused to inspect it.  I was paying double duty: hotels and rent up until then.

3/4/2014 DHCR Inspector Robinson caused me to cut short my Manhattan Housing Court HP hearing on TOXIC FUMES and did not answer her phone when the Court called her to resolve the conflict.  Robinson deemed the apartment too dangerous to inspect and said to look for an order reducing the rent “on my door” pursuant to section 2522.8. Despite this finding Edelstein never stopped using TOXIC FUMES. [1] [2].


08/28/2014 Edelstein’s attorney Christopher Duval (attorney #2122000) and building manager Alan Orgel offered FALSE INSTRUMENT #2 to Manhattan Housing Court: Non-pay dwelling petition #27965 seeking payment for 5 months ($14,737) of unpaid rent after Edelstein forced me from the apartment 11/16/2013 using TOXIC FUMES. 

08/28/2014 My daughter’s guardian Lisa Spitale [ that judge Ed Smith appointed ] emailed me that she approved the removal of my daughter’s mobile phone in lockstep with Edelstein’s offering of False Instrument #2.


12/18/2014 Manhattan Housing Court Judge Arleen Hahn Ordered “Trial/Settlement”  for 2/5/2015 after finding in case #79433/14 that my landlord Florence Edelstein, attorney Duval and building manager Alan Orgel offered False Instrument #2: Non-pay dwelling petition #27965 stating my apartment was no longer the subject of State rent stabilization law when it was.

Edelstein attempted to steal property and defrauded New York State DHCR by offering False Instrument #2 proscribed by NYPL § 175.35. Judge Arlene Hahn was pissed.  

Edelstein triple charged illegal rent for 17 years and owed me $283,644.99 plus treble damages of $850,934.97.  e.g., Edelstein (Duval/Orgel) had to lie about the rent-stabilized status, commit a low-level e-class felony, or get caught and have to pay nearly one million back to me in rent overcharges, plus additional money for my hotel expenses. (Putting them in first-degree grand larceny territory). 

1/15/2015 (about) Manhattan Housing Court attorneys in room 104 saw my DHCR rent history and said “YOU HIT THE LOTTERY”

DHCR # 313311 Rent history | 145W71 NY NY | 8G Rooms 3
DHCR # 313312 Rent history | 145W71 NY NY | 8G1 Rooms NA

Manhattan Housing Court #79433/14 Edelstein v. Kraemer

Trial judge Peter Wendt refused to calculate my DHCR rent history—refusing to pay me $283,644.99 plus treble damages ( $850,934.97 ) that were due. Judge Wendt then CONSTRUCTED A DETOUR around NYS rent stabilization law, Edelstein’s use of False Instruments #1, #2—e-class felonies.

Judge Wendt ordered me to deposit $14,737.00 into the Court’s escrow account
by 2/17/2015. I asked Judge Wendt about compensation for my hotel expenses.
[ $44,000.00 in hotel expenses caused by Edelstein ] He said “THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION” and closed the hearing. 

2/17/2015 I presented to judge Wendt the City of New York’s demand #00035602756F for the legal rent calculation after they reviewed the DHCR rent history. Judge Wendt DECLINED the CNY’s demand. When I told Judge Wendt I was sick from toxic fumes, Judge Wendt at the top of his lungs yelled IIIIIMMMMMMMM SSSIIICCCCCKKKKK!! Judge Wendt is a criminal jackass tool for landlords.

03/02/2015 Attorney Duval filed a motion for re-possession. Hearing date 3/17/2015. I was never served. Attorney Duval was using a grossly outdated meter (mail fraud) to fake service. Judge Wendt asked attorney Duval if he mailed service—not requiring any proof from Attorney Duval. U.S. postal rules 4.6.1 / article 000002976 are explicit: metered mail deposited in mail boxes (“machines do not catch stale meter dates”) will not scan for outdated meter mail and go through. Outdated metered mail deposited in a post office WILL be scanned by employees and returned to the sender. Attorney Duval picked and chose when his mail would be received by a party. Attorney Duval #2122000 is a criminal that committed two at least two felonies on behalf of Edelstein. 8/19/2015 Judge Wendt illegally evicted me for no appearance on 03/17/2015 and non-pay of his 2/5/2015 escrow order. Judge Wendt was under a legal duty and implicated in the commission of the offense. Costs of Judge Wendt’s robbery on Edelstein behalf: 

$850,934.97 Treble damages
$44,000.00 Hotel expenses
$155,819.00  Property stolen by Wendt
$74,942.16 Capital One default
$65,835.57 American Express default
$0,000,000 Theft of original artwork collection requires valuation estimate. 

New York City Human Resources Administration at Waverly Center to get around their employee’s Ed Keesly’s requirement to get my legal rent #00035602756F to be able to help me—GOT AN OUTSIDE CONSULTANT on behalf of Edelstein to manufacture a false instrument stating that Edelstein’s illegal rent was legal.

A New York City HRA consultant created false instrument #3 [ an e-class felony ] that my evection was due to not paying rent and Edelstein’s rent was legal. New York City HRA defrauded New York State DHCR the SOLE legal authority on rent for stabilized apartments and allowed Edelstein’s illegal rent to go forward. The NYC HRA distributed its consultant’s FALSE INSTRUMENT #3 to its homeless shelters, homeless outreach agency’s and removed NYC HRA Director Ed Kelsey’s request for the legal rent #00035602756F from their files.

8/20/2015 Supervising Judge Gonzales called Judge Wendt’s illegal activities in previous letters discretionary and outside of her jurisdiction. Judge Wendt was absolutely Gonzales responsibility. Judge Wendt put the burden of proof on me after Judge Hahn caught Edelstein in a CRIME. Judge Wendt used his office in furtherance of a racketeering. Grand Larceny in the First Degree § 155.42.


08/19/2015 Judge Wendt evicted me taking all of my property, clothing, work history, ESI, IP my ability to make a livelihood. Violent human trafficking started the moment I hit the street. A violent human trafficking free for all sponsored by Mayor de Blasio on behalf of Republican Jewish landlord’s he took donations from including two Republican foreign agents.


11/2015 I registered with CNY MainChance Drop-in-Center. Their intake Ms. Leveen was quick to show me the consultants FALSE INSTRUMENT 3 and had no record of HRA Ed Keesly’s request for the legal rent of my apartment. I am being trafficked by the NYC HRA. 4 weeks later I was deliberately infected with cellulitis in both legs through my feet. 12/14/2015 I opened federal lawsuit 15-cv-9839 SDNY against my landlord Edelstein. 12/15/2015 I was evicted from MainChance with no winter clothing. 

1/07/2016 CNY Bellevue Hospital ER treated me intravenously for Cellulitis. Requests to fully clear the infection were denied by the ER. 01/14/2016 13th Precinct NYPD at Bellevue Hospital attempted to induce me to the tell ER MD’s I was “hallucinating” to get out of the cold for 3 days. “They all do it.” The NYPD sergeant was inducing me to agree to schizophrenia”or freeze to death. The CNY and NYPD were laundering me out existence on behalf of their landlord bribe clients.  

NYC’s 62 street outreach agencies and Unions [ organized violence ] tracked me down and assaulted me in my sleep. They were protected by park rangers and NYPD. Making me look like deranged, dirty and un-credible. Injuries were intended to permanently cripple to fill bed spaces [ prisons ] run by NYC’s 62 non-profit shelter / outreach teams special needs supportive housing units which they get paid to fill:

PR Maiming, rebranding after illegal eviction by City Shelter Agency’s and NYPD

– Daily nasal cavity injections—psychotropic doping so I could barely function.
– Spraying WD-40 under my nose from an upside down can.
– Pesticides under my nose from an upside down can.
– Dirt baths, rub downs with used cooking oil from local food-carts, holes cut in clothing. 
– Tasering repeated tasing of my abdominal cavity.
Injections. Arms, Feet and Fingers of infectious substances causing cellulitis.
– Removal of teeth—deforming field surgeries. There is no dental insurance for low income. They focused on removing molars to prevent chewing—eating.
Carved concavities in my feet and packed them with shit to induce Cellulitis infection.
– Use of otolaryngologist scope (saw this) to deposit viral infection 3/2020 Covid-19. 
– Back injures.
– Debilitating soft tissue injures not easily or at all recordable via x-ray. 
07/20/2018 City Outreach RE-BROKE healed ribs from a 7/12/2018 hit & run instigated by the 20th Precinct resulting in infection.
– Knee capping—tasering knee joints to make walking difficult.
– My reports of human trafficking were blunted by NYPD, CCRB, DOI, IAB. These entities vigorously protected NYC UWS Jewish landlord violence and attempted murder.

Murder-for-hire laundry service. My UWS Jewish landlord Edelstein owes me at least $1,191,531.00. The tribe simply calls Mobile Street Outreach, CORE Services Group “If you, or someone you know, is currently experiencing homelessness on the street and would like to see an outreach team, please call 311 and ask for Mobile Street Outreach. A team will be dispatched to the street location within one hour (and often much quicker).” They come out and put you at risk of serious injury or death.

These morons reach out to employees at FedEx, Staples, B&N, a Park, Unions BJ32, DC37, offer stipends to criminally harass—cyberstalking.

NO ONE tried to help me get on my feet after running a great business —they simply tried to kill me as quickly as possible.


2015 NYPD Facilitated attempted murder, maiming, medical trafficking

2017 NYPD Theft of ESI—laptops after opening a federal case against Edelstein

2018 NYPD Attempted murder—hit and run after McGinn was named by FBI.
4/2018 after NYPD Inspector Brian McGinn was named by the FBI for taking bribes from Republican Jewish landlords.

2018 NYPD NYPD union smear campaign prior to McGinn’s FBI trial

2019 NYPD Use of the SDNY Pro Se desk to issue threats of future violence by NYPD

Northampton County PA Court # PFA 000815 | Lisa Spitale v. Kraemer 

PA guardian Lisa Spitale, the Northampton County PA Court of Common Pleas, its sheriff’s department, NYC Manhattan Housing Court, NY landlord Florance Edelstein (interstate judges and private entities) operated together in a coordinated manner to create conflicting court dates to facilitate mutually beneficial outcomes. It can be seen through Spitale’s manipulation of service, to link up with my 2/5/2015 housing court trial and a pattern of dates coordinating my harm with my landlord Florence Edelstein and building manger Allen Orgel.

2/6/2015 The PA RICO enterprise KIDNAPPED my daughter the day after I was ROBBED of ALL property by housing court blunting continued inquiry into her child trafficking.  

PA guardian Lisa Spitale chronically perjured herself during the 02/06/2015 PFA proceeding she instigated causing judge Leonard N. Zito—in collaboration with Spitale—to make numerous false entries into the public record with the intent to defraud, and injure. A felony 18 Pa. C.S. § 4911

Transcript page 2  |  Perjury | Guardian Lisa Spitale and chronically lied: 

1. That she “Informed me that I was homeless.” Spitale never said anything like this.
Lisa Spitale cut off communication in retaliation to my federal lawsuit 14-cv-3804 SDNY |Kraemer v. Edelstein and U.S. Appeal 2nd Cir. 14-2221 on behalf of my landlord Florance Edelstein.

08/28/2014 Edelstein filed false instrument non-pay dwelling #27965 with housing court.
08/28/2014 Lisa Spitale emailed that she approved the removal of Emilie’s mobile phone.

2. Guardian Lisa Spitale bald-faced lied that I took my daughter to a “SHELTER” on 11/2/2014 during visitation. I have never taken my daughter to a shelter.

My landlord Floriance Edelstein forced me from the apartment via toxic fumes and into hotels from 11/16/2013 forward. I had access to the apartment—taking my daughter there in light of Edelstein’s violent criminal actively allowed by NYPD would have been GRAVELY irresponsible. Hotel receipt 11/2/2014  

Northampton County Judge Zito having heard Spitale’s fraud stated for the record: “to have grave concerns about my mental health.Judge Zito used Spitale’s “homeless” perjury to bald-faced slander me in the public record then rob me of my daughter the day after 2/5/2015 Housing Court Judge Wendt used Edelstein’s false instrument to rob me of my apartment.

Judge Leonard N. Zito is a perverse violent mobster that belongs in a grave.

Transcript page 3  |  False Instrument  |  Federal guardian Lisa Spitale engineered PFA service after 11/04/2014 to deliberately conflict with my 02/05/2015 Manhattan Housing Court trial and settlement #79433/14 resulting from Florence Edelstein’s attempted robbery via the use of a false instrument. 

The Northampton County Sheriff’s department repeatedly and unlawfully used U.S. mail for the service of a PFA. According to PA State law, a PFA has to be HAND delivered by a Sheriff. I know this first hand as I filed for a PFA in 2008. Lisa Spitale cherry-picked 02/06/2015. Skirting service was a regular pattern by Ms. Spitale.

Guardian Lisa Spitale was retained by federal judge applicant Ed Smith two weeks after his application and she collaborated with my sister deputy Gretchen Kraemer (Ed Smith’s close friend) to game repeated sheriff’s service until it conflicted with my 02/05/2015 trial in NY.

Transcript pages 4-5 | Perjury | SPITALE “Additionally, he has been harassing Emilie, myself, and mother via telephone and email for quite some time.”

SPITALE “He had stopped once I notified him of the temporary PFA. I had heard nothing about him until this week. He emailed me asking me when the hearing was. I told him to contact the PFA Office. He then sent me a copy of a letter, which he sent to the PFA Office.” This was a lie.

02/03/2015 | 2:42 PM Spitale’s email to me: “Should you have any questions, please contact the Northampton County Sheriff’s Department.”

02/04/2015 | 12:21 PM I asked guardian Lisa Spitale for the judge’s name and docket number. Spitale did not respond.  02/05/2015 I confirmed with the Northampton County Protection From Abuse Office that the trial was “preassigned” to Judge Stephen G. Baratta for 02/06/2015.

02/05/2015 | 8:00 PM Spitale responded via email after the court was closed.
No docket number. No judge name.

02/05/2015 | 9:27 PM I got back to Ms. Spitale to let her know judge Baratta was assigned with docket number C0048PF-2014-000815 included in my courtesy copy ANSWER.

02/06/2015 AM I faxed my ANSWER to court administration 610-559-6702 to the attention of Judge Baratta. I called after the Court was open making sure Judge Baratta received it. His office did. But I was told Judges were changed that morning to Judge Zito and because Judge Baratta’s name was on it—it could NOT be delivered to judge Zito. I “DEMANDED” that it be sent to Judge Zito. Clerks refused.  It remained in judge Baratta’s chambers.

MS. SPITALE: “I went to the PFA Office, they informed me that Mr. Kraemer called them and “DEMANDED” Judge Baratta’s personal fax number. They would not provide that to him. Instead, they gave him Court Administration’s number.” This is a lie.

Transcript page 6-7: | False Instrument | Judge Zito for the Court of Common Pleas reciprocated in racketeering.

JUDGE ZITO However, we are going to make part of the record the telefax or email that was sent directly to President Judge Baratta. And on that basis, I am going to make a finding that the defendant is willfully avoiding service of the PFA and that this matter has been previously extended on November 12th, 2014, on November the 26th 2014 on December the 10th 2014 and January 16th, 2015. And of course, it’s been returned today and the defendant has not appeared. However, he has stated that he is refusing service.

Judge Baratta was assigned judge 11/4/2014 and not relieved until about 9:30 AM 2/6/2015—after he received my fax. PFA’s have to be heard within two weeks of filing. Getting one extension is tough. Spitale got five extensions landing on 2/6/2015 in conflict with my New York City housing court trial on 2/5/2015.

Judge Leonard Zito in the 15-20 minutes he was judge went on a crooked, feeble-minded, evil, crime spree. Made numerous damaging false entries into the public record to render a verdict that was kidnapping—a felony proscribed by 18 Pa. C.S. § 4911 and the Federal Kidnapping Act 18 U.S.C. § 1201 (a) (1) under the guise that he was protecting my daughter.

Judge Leonard N. Zito deliberately and maliciously manufactured a public record that would harm me, my business in NY to justify kidnapping my daughter—“for her own good”—to conceal the RICO enterprise’s (he worked for) trafficking scheme. He knew the record entrees he made were false instruments for racketeering purposes.

1. Judge Zito falsely claimed “to have grave concerns about my mental health” in reference to Lisa Spitale’s perjury about taking my daughter to a shelter.

2. Judge Zito falsely claimed “to have grave concerns about my mental health after Lisa Spitale made false and derogatory assertions about me being “homeless” when I had an apartment, had access to it but stayed out of it and protected my daughter from it as the landlord made it unlivable—in collaboration with Lisa Spitale.

3. Judge Zito lied about the timing of Judge Baratta’s assignment as judge and penalized me for legitimately communicating with him while he was judge.

4. Judge Zito lied about the improper service of PFA documents —they have to be delivered by a sheriff. He skirted around the extraordinary legal basis for Judge  Baratta allowing Lisa Spitale FIVE extensions until 2/6/2015 when it conflicted with 2/5/2015        

The poor quality of Judge Zito’s transcripts aided felonies
The transcripts were dated wrong 02/06/2016 [a Saturday] actual court date was 02/06/2015 [a Friday]. The PDF font was rendered incorrectly making the transcripts very difficult to read. Altering documents with intent to impair the integrity or availability for use in an official proceeding is proscribed by 18 U.S.C. § 1512. Court reporters are charged by statute 28 U.S.C. § 753 with producing a “verbatim” transcript for inclusion in the official record.

Federal Kidnapping Act 18 U.S.C. § 1201 (a) (1)
Judge Zito used false entrees into the public record to render a verdict that was kidnapping in violation of the Federal Kidnapping Act 18 U.S.C. § 1201 (a) (1).

As Judge Zito and Court officer, Lisa Spitale was under a legal duty and implicated in the commission of the offense. As such their criminal conduct is not time-bared. Moreover there is no time-bar for kidnapping and maiming the captive as Lisa Spitale did adds significantly to sentences.

Judge Leonard Zito was a cowardly, deeply perverted judge resulting from the inherent strangeness that came from a government culture that got used to torturing minors—school children—to self-deal business to early prevention behavioral healthcare consultants.  Judge Zito took over Judge Ed Smith’s duties while he was in Iraq in 2007 and after his appointment to the federal bench 2014. Judge Zito (the lap dog) made sure Smith’s criminal past would remain out of the public’s reach—protecting a child torturing, child trafficking judge after he became federal judge.

FOLLOWED Kraemer v. Pennsylvania | 10-cv-4868 | EDPA | Judge William Martini.

On or about 09/15/2011—after my case was dismissed Northampton County authorized a PERMANENT WIRE-TAP to my mobile and business devices and used them to dilute my business, credibility, status, standing in the business community, etc. to protect 07/2011 republican federal judge applicant Ed Smith from his participation in a trafficking my daughter by approving a false diagnosis code MR317 [ ruled out by diagnostic and the state appeals panel ] to treat and bill for a non-existent mental disability.

Around 09/15/2011 my daughter told me detectives were interviewing her and reviewing my business emails with her in Pennsylvania. Two months prior 7/1/2011 Ed Smith applied for federal judge 7/15/2011 he appointed Lisa Spitale guardian replacing me and used her for witness suppression and violence-for-hire.

These fucking clowns: County solicitor attorney Ray DeRaymond violently child trafficked his granddaughter—for money—by getting his former law partner Judge Ed Smith to approve a guardian appointment to enforce a false mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 after the school district lost their appeal to me 5/2006 ruling out diagnosis code MR317.

7/2011 When Republican Ed Smith applied for federal judge I was well into embroiling his judicial colleagues in federal court for concealing the 2008 torture of my daughter by attorney DeRaymond prior to a cognitive assessment exam. The torture, extorted a poor performance by my daughter giving DeRaymond and Smith room to keep using the impossible diagnosis code MR317 after it was ruled out. My federal case 10-cv-4868 was transferred from Judge Padova to former Republican Congressman federal judge William Martini.

Judge Martini protected Smith’s federal judge application by artfully not addressing the appeals panel ruling of PDD-NOS, specifically ruling out false diagnosis code mental retardation MR317 that Ed Smith and attorney DeRaymond were responsible for its criminal usage. 

09/15/2011 | “He believes …a conspiracy made up of some of the defendants changed her diagnosis to mental retardation in order to funnel money to private organizations that specialize in in the treatment of such individuals.” Judge Martini Doc. 122 Page 2., P3.

The County was actively billing for congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 while I was suing them for it and Judge Martini was mocking me as a conspiracy nut. The US Attorney, the State, and County Judges who were present knew treatment for MR317 was being administered by mental retardation specialists Milestones and the School Districts consultant. Massive, official, racketeering.

03/23/2006 Educational Due Process #5779 05/06 Hearing officer found in Emilie’s favor due to her medical diagnostic that proved she had NO congenital mental retardation. Her fragile x chromosome xx was intact, had virtually no iterations that would have regulated the FM1 protein to cause diminished synaptic function. She was normal. Consistent with the hearing officers comp-ed award as someone with PDD-NOS (mild atypical autism) recommended by the medical diagnostic.

Just before the ruling the mother, Amy DeRaymond and county solicitor attorney Ray DeRaymond shopped around until they found a corrupt quack MD to diagnose Emilie with congenital mental retardation diagnosis code mental retardation MR317 and presented it during the last hearing 2/16/2006. The hearing officer let it in and gave it little to no weight. 

03/28/2006 The District and County began treating my daughter for mental retardation diagnosis MR317—ruled out by the hearing officer—in school, home and the community without telling me. The District and consultants advertised Emilie as mentally retarded in the community where she lived after losing the hearing officer’s decision. Slander and racketeering.  

The School District’s consultant Freya Koger and Milestones that specialized in mental retardation were getting paid to treat Emilie for mental retardation MR317 after it was specifically ruled out. e.g., “ funnel money to private organizations that specialize in the treatment of such individuals.”

05/18/2006 The school district appealed and lost Education Appeals Panel #1727. The three judges confirmed Emilie’s diagnosis as PDD NOS. Again specifically overruling MR317.

Vicious, evil, violent child trafficking.  Right afterward the District, Northampton County MH/MR ignored the ruling and continued treatment for MR317. Attorney Ray DeRaymond and Judge Ed Smith, Judge Giordano ordered that a guardian (violence-for-hire Lisa Spitale) be placed to enforce the illegal treatment of MR317. 

Judge Martini cast me as a conspiracy nutI wondered if he was brain-damaged 
Judge William Martini: “Emilie has had multiple court-appointed guardians, has been seen by multiple doctors, has attended programs for special needs, but regardless of all of this, Mr. Kraemer feels as if all involved are attempting to undermine Emilie’s best interests.”

The U.S. Attoreny and everyone of these defendants knew at the time the State was process mental retardation code MR317 from Northampton County. Massive perjury and racketeering with the Court’s cooperation:

U.S. Attorney’s Office Patricia C. Hannigan; EDPA Federal Judge Timothy Rice;  EDPA Federal Judge Pratter; The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett; Prosecutor Linda Kelly Pennsylvania Office Of Attorney General; Federal guardians Ms. Marcie Romberger Esq; Ms. Shannon Moore Esq; Mother (teacher) Amy DeRaymond; County Solicitor Ray DeRaymond Esq; Judge Emil Giordano; Lisa Spitale Esq; John Merlo Director of Special Education; Early Intervention consultant for the Easton School District Freya Kroger; Northampton County MH/MR Services.

Each of the aforementioned legal experts knew the treatment for diagnosis code MR317 was wrong, the presence of MR317 proven to be impossible by medical diagnostic by a team of eight MD’s including the head of Child Neurology at Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children and was specifically ruled out by the states education appeals panel in favor of PDD-NOS.

Federal Judge Martini protected attorney DeRaymond’s use of torture prior to a 2008 cognitive assessment exam.
7/2011 When Republican Ed Smith applied for federal judge I was well into embroiling his judicial colleagues in federal court for concealing the 2008 torture of my daughter by attorney DeRaymond prior to a cognitive assessment exam. This in furtherance of continuing to treat Emilie via diagnosis code MR317—initiated by judge Smith and DeRaymond in 2006— after it was ruled out.

Judge Martini: “Finally, he (me) points to signs of suspected abuse of Emilie, from 1995 through 2007 that he feels have been ignored.” Section 1983 and 1985 claims due to Defendants’ unconstitutional policies that promote “abuse; the cover-up of abuse; fraud; misconduct; and other criminal acts…mischaracterization of symptoms of suspected abuse as behavioral issues and signs of mental retardation”

Martini: “Since Plaintiff filed the instant lawsuit on September 21, 2010, any claims based on events prior to September 21, 2008 are time-barred. Almost all the allegations of abuse forming the basis of Plaintiff’s Section 1983 claim are from before 2008, and they date as far back as 1995.  As such, the Court finds that any claims based on events prior to September 21, 2008, must be dismissed.”

Judge Martini improperly time-barred Emilie’s 3/2008 torture caused by attorney Ray DeRaymond and federal guardian Marci Romberger before her cognitive assessment exam which was arranged by Romberger.

04/16/2008 During the PFA trial attorney DeRaymond characterized his granddaughter’s third-degree cigarette burns [ one was down to the bone ] as:

1. “Spurious” 
2. “A little mark that came up on the child”
3. Blamed the victim: “She did it to herself to herself”
4. Attorney DeRaymond sought sanctions for my taking EK to a doctor seeking to hide future evidence of their central extortion tool.

The numerous third-degree cigarette burns were confirmed by top NY dermatologist Dr. Felderman MD and concurred by the NY Chief Medical Examiners office. 

The use of violent coercion prior to a cognitive assessment exam—resulting in diminished IQ results was a self-dealing business agreement that benefited ALL of the defendants. It caused Dr. Hess to consider Emilie eligible for procedural safeguards “as a student with mental retardation” in conflict with her diagnostic and Appeals Panel Ruling.

Emilie gave up I.Q. points ( from which her extortionists profited ) not to suffer future pain. The medical community is very consistent about the negative impact of violence on I.Q.  This relationship was well understood by the RICO enterprise to cause business. Officials saw the evilness of the business and did nothing:

U.S. Attorney’s Office Patricia C. Hannigan; EDPA Federal Judge Timothy Rice; EDPA Federal Judge Pratter; The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett; Linda Kelly Pennsylvania Office Of Attorney General; Federal guardians Ms. Marcie Romberger Esq; Ms. Shannon Moore Esq; County Solicitor Ray DeRaymond Esq; Judge Emil Giordano; Judge Michael Koury; Lisa Spitale Esq;  Ms. Melinda Mason; The Honorable Michael J. Koury.

From 03/01/2006 to at least 2013 Northampton County billed Medicaid to treat Emilie for false diagnosis code MR317 she could not have and was ruled out by the State Education Appeals Panel. See the Department of Human Services 2012 Individual Support Plan They should have been charged like everyone else:

10/27/2014 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Files Healthcare Fraud Lawsuit Against Computer Sciences Corp. and The City of New York For Orchestrating a Multimillion-Dollar Medicaid Billing Fraud Scheme. “Suit alleges Computer Sciences Corp. and New York City systematically submitted tens of thousands of claims to Medicaid without exhausting private insurance coverage and also switched diagnosis codes in tens of thousands of Medicaid claims to get those claims paid

8/13/2021 United States Court of Appeals For The District Of Columbia Circuit No.

18-5326 PILLARD, Circuit Judge: “The Overpayment Rule is part of the government’s ongoing effort to trim unnecessary costs from the Medicare Advantage program. Neither Congress nor CMS has ever treated an unsupported diagnosis for a beneficiary as valid grounds for payment to a Medicare Advantage insurer. Consistent with that approach, the Overpayment Rule requires that, if an insurer learns a diagnosis it submitted to CMS for payment lacks support in beneficiary’s medical record, the insurer must refund that payment within sixty days. The Rule couldn’t be simpler.”

These criminals, government officials wired tapped, reached into to New York City and royally fucked with my NY State business and attempted to murder me and my daughter to conceal thier racketeering.

OPEN 15-cv-1755 | Kraemer v. DeRaymond  | SDNY —Lobbyist Vincent Pitta’s CFO Mickey Cekovic told me “you don’t decide we decide” in regard to proper diagnosis code usage. That was a Colombo crime family legacy telling me who gets to go to public school and who gets swept up in a medical child trafficking network.   

These fucking thieves—and judges no less—engaged in behavior of a toddler, lying impulsively, evil beyond belief, protected a child torturing and trafficking enterprise driven by the behavioral health care industry. We let demented freaks sworn to uphold the law protect a gang of behavioral health, child torturing sociopaths who figured out they could make money by deliberately imploding IQ via torture and abuse. What’s next—cave drawings and cannibalism?

Moreover, terrorists who organize torture for profit can be put down like the insane rabid animals these characters fall squarely in the meaning of in every respect by the FBI. We haven’t been able to torture Iraq war prisoners since 2009 when President Obama’s executive order 13491 revoked Bush’s enhanced integration polices. This evil brain trust calculated torturing kids for money would be ok as long as they redefined it as unfounded domestic violence. Fuck their noise. 2008 my daughter was held down, restrained and severely burned with cigarettes before a cognitive assessment exam and it was called unfounded. Kill them.



The traffickers RELIED on police, counted on them and bribed them not to do their duty to stay out of the criminal businesses and even go so far to protect Republican Judge Ed Smith federal judge application who was directly responsible for child trafficking and torturing my daughter in furtherance of his nominations. 

In NEW YORK a political-religious business group Republican-Jewish Landlords corrupted NYPD. It was brought to the public’s attention 6/2016 during an FBI sting netting 20 NYPD inspectors 3 commanders and embroiling Mayor de Blasio for taking bribes from Republican-Jewish Landlords arranged by two Israeli foreign agents representing republican Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The foreign agents used luxury bribes, and NYPD promotions they had significant control over to gain inspectors omission of duty on behalf of the republican tribe. 2018—20th Precinct commander Inspector Brian McGinn was named by the FBI for taking bribes exclusively from UWS Republican-Jewish Landlords. 16 MAG 3919

Edelstein was allowed to poison me with toxic fumes by NYPD. They aggressively refused thier duty—while letting me know they understood they thought the landlord was attempting murder making them an accessory. I was then robbed of all property and the City put me on the street 12/15/2015 the day after I sued Edelstein in federal court. 01/14/2016 NYPD 13th Precinct told me to lie and put into a public medical record at the ER that I was hallucinating to get out of the cold for three days as I had no winter clothing. Just go into the ER and claim your insane. “They all do it” the NYPD Sargent enticed me to agree to “schizophrenia” via extortion. I refused. 

There was consistent pattern of slander from the RICO enterprise voiced by Northampton County Judge Zito, federal Judge Martini, my Landlord Edelstein who used toxic fumes and NYPD responsible for allowing my attempted murder attempting to cloud thier violent crime by calling thier victim crazy.

All this for asking questions about their criminal use of diagnosis code MR317 ruled out by the appeals panel used to medically traffic my daughter —creating self dealing business.

The psychological ploy, the theater they put on. Thier criminal use of diagnosis code MR317 and use of torture to traffic children used the Court’s as the theatrical backdrop to give their crime credibility with judges using thier positions to knowingly forward crime. Asking reasonable questions end up with the “courts” calling me crazy ( for getting in the way of thier racketeering business )

NYPD Inspector Brian McGinn ought to be in prison for the rest of life for what he did. His department allowed my attempted murder over republican politics and NYPD 13th attempted to finalize it

Former DOI Commissioner Mark Peters was right about all of them. 

See also  This website follows the trafficking business in to the community retail environment showing how child traffickers leveraged and victimized national brands via the use of police, City heath agencies and private security trick brands into reprehensible crime—including organized assault. They leveraged the employees and spaces of national and international retail brands highjacking their brands to co-brand adverse messaging about customers in line with their criminal businesses objectives—adversely effecting interstate commerce. And thats my experience in New York City for asking questions about my daughter’s trafficking from a public school district in PA.

My daughter was advertised as a mentally retarded person on behalf of behavioral healthcare consultants that were peddling false diagnosis codes to Medicaid to treat her for mental retardation. The retail employees greeted her and treated her as a mentally retarded person
as advertised. The criminal co-branded messaging needed to traffic her with the help of national brand employees was disseminated by the consulting mental health agency, police and private security. They used her Facebook page to co-brand her image with their corrupt child trafficking business paid for by tax payers. 



11/4/2013 NYPD 20th Precinct inspector commander McGinn’s was promoted. It was due to foreign agents representing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. FBI stated Rechnitz and Reichberg had significant influence over promotions and were actively bribing McGinn. Their stated mission on behalf of Prime Minister Netanyahu was to be liaisons for the NYC UWS / UES Republican-Jewish Landlord Community.

11/04/2013  My apartment was turned into a miasma of toxic fumes and infestation. Republican landlord Florence Edelstein. 2207 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11223 e.g., Edel Family Management Corp; Majestic Realty Corp; King David E LLC; King Solomon E LLC, etc.

11/06/2013 Federal judge applicant Judge Ed Smith was before the US Senate Judiciary Committee.

11/06/2013  My apartment was turned into a miasma of toxic fumes and infestation.

11/16/2013 I was forced into hotels. Housing Trade Council (HTC) union members under the substantial influence of my former client, their general council and lobbyist attorney Vincent Pitta broke into my rooms and assaulted me.

11/19/2013 NYPD 20th Precinct. A sergeant and a lieutenant determined my photo evidence and description of toxic fumes was attempted murder. They refused an investigation: “Come back and see us again if he does it again.”

01/17/2014 Judge Sabrina Kraus Housing Court HP Action 6294/13. The HPD inspector agreed with me the landlord was using the large cracks between the floorboards to vent toxic fumes and ordered a new floor. Judge Kraus instructed me to go to DHCR to have apartment rent reduced to one dollar B2133C36. Which DHCR never does.

02/08/2014 NY HPD 6294/13 repairs completed. Each time I attempted to move back in Edelstein turned my apartment into a gas chamber.

02/13/2014 Housing Court HP Action 6294/13 I complain Edelstein was venting toxic fumes.

02/17/2014 TOXIC FUMES | Try to move in. Toxic fumes. NYPD said to call the fire department—for attempted murder.

02/19/2014 TOXIC FUMES | Security cameras capture toxic fumes ejecting from the bedroom floor. 1:42 PM NYC EMT’s refused to enter apartment 8G because toxic fumes were that bad.

02/20/2014 Housing Court HP Action. I complain about toxic fumes.

02/25/2014 TOXIC FUMES | MD treated me for toxic fumes and large bug bites.

02/25/2014 on or about NYPD erased my detectives report on the matter of toxic fumes.

03/04/2014 10:15 AM HP Action court attorney called DHCR Inspector Robison. She did not pick up her phone.

11:00 AM DHCR Inspector Barbara Robison docket number CM410048S did not show up for her appointment and did not call me causing me to cut short my 03/04/2014 Housing Court HP Action hearing on TOXIC FUMES

HP Action was for toxic fumes on 02/13/2014, 02/20/2014, 03/04/2014

DHCR Inspector Robison NEVER reduced the cost of the apartment as required. Robinson’s co-worker at DHCR 25 Beaver street hid her notes from the FOIL.  Robinson’s co-worker friend gave me the finger to the back of my head for looking for Ms. Robison’s fraud.

8/28/2014 the landlord, Florence Edelstein after violently forcing me out sued for back rent. Manhattan Housing Court. Resolution Part. Judge Arleen Hahn. From 8/28/2014 to 12/18/2014 Judge Hahn refused to evict me.

10/10/2014 14-2221 2nd. Cir. Motion To Reconsider Kraemer v. Edelstein Denied

10/11/2014 Edelstein broke the radiator steam-pipe setting off the fire alarm. The fire department ripped the door off its hinges.

11/08/2014 Exterminator. PestPro owner John Downey sent copies of service reports said not to exist after seeking double payment. The report substantiated the findings of bird mites in the apartment bedroom next to the radiator.  Downey asked me if I was “going to sue him” [for withholding the reports] Keeping them from DHCR inspector Barbra Robison leaving her free to disparage me while concealing the landlord’s use of TOXIC FUMES.

11/10/2014  I filed for HPD an inspection #1721/14 in the bedroom scheduled for 11/18/2014. 

11/16/2014 Edelstein broke in and DESTROYED apartment 8G by pulling the steam-pipe from the radiator preventing HPD’s inspection of window area.

11/18/2014 HPD 1721/14 inspector took pictures of the tampered radiator venting raw steam and left. I turned it off.

12/05/2014 Manhattan Housing Court. HP Part. Judge Sabrina Kraus. #1721/14. Ordered repairs 12/15/2014 for Edelstein’s radiator pipe pull, apartment destruction and instructed me to watch him. I slept in the bathroom to avoid fumes and bites. 2015 after the repairs I found Edelstein constructed a device under the windowsill to time assaults.

12/18/2014  Manhattan Housing Court. Resolution Part. #79433/14. Judge Arleen Hahn presided over the pre-trial matter and ordered “Trial/Settlement” for 2/5/2015 after finding the mover landlord Florence Edelstein case #79433/14 filed fraudulent documentation stating my apartment was no longer the subject of rent stabilization when it was.  

Florence Edelstein sought back-rent after she violently forced me out of the apartment 11/16/2013 using toxic fumes (approved by NYPD) recognized 01/17/2014 by Judge Sabrina Kraus HP Part who ordered for DHCR B2133C36 to reduce the rent to $1.00 per-month until the landlord corrected the issue—which Edelstein never did as she was deliberately venting TOXIC FUMES through the floorboards.  

Edelstein’s fraud upon the court equitably estopped him from invoking any 4 year statute of limitations for making an rent overcharge claim. Simcuski v Saeli, 44 NY2d 442, 448-449 [1978]

Further, Edelstein’s fraudulent scheme to dupe rent stabilization law was so crafty her concealment evaded Housing Court Judge Hahn’s expert eye from 8/28/2014 to 12/18/2014.  Edelstein blustered her way through the court system claiming the apartment was no longer the subject of rent stabilization until she was caught 12/18/2014

01/07/2015 I ordered DHCR’s rent history:
DHCR # 313311 DHCR # 313312

01/15/2015 I took the DHCR rent history to room 104 attorneys who determined “I hit the lottery” Edelstein owed me over $283,644.99 in rent overcharges plus treble damages. DHCR’s deputy commissioner said their initial 4 year calculation did not go back far enough. The base date rent had to be calculated from 1996 before Edelstein’s fraud took place.

I filed a MOTION for the trail judge to calculate the rent history from DHCR’s rent history records as part of the Trial/Settlement

02/05/2015 Manhattan Housing Court. Resolution Part. Judge Arlene H. Hahn was replaced with the expediter in the Trial Part. Judge Peter Wendt. He was insane.

02/05/2015 the expediter in the Trial Part; Judge Peter Wendt reviewed and established the validity of the motion’s service and DHCR’s rent history records. He ordered the next trial date for 3/27/2015 and said he would make a ruling then—well past the 30 day motion rule.  Wendt then ordered me to pay five months back-rent at $2,947.00 per month ($14,737) 10/11/2014 to 3/27/2015 with a rent Judge Wendt knew to be illegal. 

02/06/2015 I showed the City of New York Homeless Diversion Unit Director DHCR’s rent history. He determined an illegal rent was charged by the landlord and needed the legal rent calculated by Judge Went for the City to help.

02/19/2015 Judge Wendt DECLINED the CNY’s request #00035602756F for the legal rent. Judge Wendt then mocked my illness resulting from my landlord’s use of TOXIC FUMES that NYPD determined from my description was attempted murder: “iiiimmmmmmm siiiiiccckkkkk”

5/14/2015 A CNY Waverly Center. A consultant manufactured fraudulent documents that made Edelstein’s illegal rent appear legal. The consultant also removed Ed Keesly’s request for the legal rent #00035602756F denied by Judge Wendt from CNY’s FOIL.

8/19/2015 Judge Wendt approved a NYC Marshal’s order to illegally evicted me. Judge Wendt took all of my property and put me on the street then refused to allow me to collect any of my property. 

11/2015 NYPD referred me to the MainChance drop-in center. The CNY consultant’s fraudulent rent document was waved at me by the NYC Main Chance intake Ms. Leveen. The CNY legal rent request #00035602756F was not in Ms. Leveen’s file.

Within two weeks MainChance and NYPD immediately maimed me with a cellulitis infection. Exhibit 1.27.14

Main Chance kept pressuring me to sign with Family Health Centers should I become immobilized or unconscious. I refused to sign. They did this while cultivating a serious Cellulitis infection in my legs during my stay. I was treated at Bellevue Hospital’s ER. MD’s said the infection was unusual and very rare [turned out there was a regular pattern by City of New York agencies to maim through infection]. 

12/14/2015 I opened federal lawsuit 15-cv-9839 SDNY against my NY landlord the Edelstein’s. CNY MainChance evicted me in retaliation first-thing the next morning.

01/14/2016 A 13th Precinct NYPD sergeant at Bellevue Hospital attempted to induce me to tell the ER I was hallucinating—a schizophrenic—to get out of the cold for three days. “They all do it.” The CNY/NYPD cast a narrative of me as a drug addict/schizophrenic and attempted to pick me off under the cloud of their bribed aspersions. (I do not do drugs). They trafficked me out of existence. They called my clients, friends—destroyed my business reputation.

Ms. Leveen was a violent criminal running a human trafficking racket out of an CNY facility.

Never once was I referred to a Safe Haven transitional housing option designed to help unsheltered New Yorkers get back on their feet. Their intention was to kill me. Period

I had a disabled daughter registered at my address, a great company that was busy, excellent clients, excellent reputation consulting for the most prestigious firms in the United States, [including the United States] and excellent credit. I went to a safety catch school and was given an honorary degree after I went into business. I was a perfect candidate. NYPD instead used illegal access to my business devices to impede my communication and imploded my 15 year business.


Engineered interstate court conflict and abduction of my daughter Judge Ed Smith’s victim Emilie Kraemer
02/06/2015 PFA-2014-000815 | Spitale v. Kraemer | EASTON PA Federal guardian Lisa Spitale put off a groundless PFA hearing she opened 11/04/2014 until 02/06/2015 conflicting with my groundless non-pay housing court hearing brought by my landlord Edelstein. Federal Guardian Lisa Spitale LIED that I took my daughter to a SHELTER causing Northampton County Judge Zito “to have grave concerns about my mental health.” 2.59.2, 2.59.3, 2.59.6

Judge Zito showed NO concern or interest in my evidence of my daughter’s many cigarette burns, stove burns, bruises from Spitale grabbing her or her FILTHY living conditions. Judge Zito’s only interest was protecting the RICO enterprises child trafficking business.

2018 I was involved in a hit and run. NYPD took credit for it. It was soon after Inspector McGinn was named by the FBI [4/2018] for taking bribes from two republican foreign agents /NYC real-estate developers working for the highest reaches of republican Israeli and U.S. government.