05/2013 After living at my Upper West Side NYC apartment 145 W71ST NYNY for 17 years my landlord Florance Edelstein constructed various delivery systems and used them vent toxic fumes and infestation into my apartment making me extremely sick. Above. Toxic gas vented into my bedroom starting 11/04/2013 from underneath the floorboards caught by motion detection infrared security cameras. This after dumping pesticides in my air conditioning intake vent from the roof 05/2013 which failed to permanently impair me. Afterward I ran an industrial fan 24/7 to pull air through the apartment. That worked until 11/04/2013.

12/21/2006 my daughter Emilie was SOLD to special education employment contractor Lehigh University Transition Services via Judge Edward Smith’s approval of a genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 ruled out by three previous courts submitted to Smith by his former law partner attorney Ray DeRaymond who was taking kickbacks from Lehigh University Transition Services in exchange for getting the bogus billing code approved.

08/01/2013 A week after Republican Judge Ed Smith received his federal judge nomination from President Obama—08/07/2013—the pecuniary beneficiaries of Judge Smith’s fraud: DeRaymond, Lehigh University Transition Services, guardian Lisa Spitale, federal guardian Shanon Moore who placed Emilie with Lehigh attempted to murder my daughter via the cultivation of a lethal rare disease Norwegian Scabies. I stopped Emilie’s attempted murder 08/23/2013.

11/04/2013 Florance Edelstein constructed a delivery system and used it vent toxic fumes and infestation into my apartment through the floor boards making me extremely sick the same day NYPD 20th Precinct Inspector Brian McGinn’s PROMOTION began. 4/2018 Inspector McGinn was named by the FBI for taking bribes from Jona Rechnitz.

According to the FBI, Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg had significant influence over NYPD internal affairs and were able to dictate who got PROMOTIONS. They used the promotions as bribes then leveraged the promoted officers for favors such as omission of duty predicated on their personal and their community of Republican Jewish landlord’s interests 16-MAG-3919.  Para 8a. 

11/06/2013 The day Republican Federal judge applicant Edward Smith was before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Republican extremist, real estate agents Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg got my landlord Florance Edelstein to use her delivery system again to vent toxic fumes and infestation into my apartment through the floor boards making me extremely sick.

Forcing me into hotels by 11/16/2013. My rooms were broken into and I was assaulted by Hotel Trade Council union members, client of lobbyist Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC. They also represent the NYPD Detectives Endowment Association and the Transition Workers Union. Grand Hyatt

11/19/2013 on or about. I went to the NYPD 20th Precinct in my neighborhood. A sergeant and lieutenant called the attack definitely assault and highly likely attempted murder. They refused to investigate:

“come back and see us again if he does it again”

When I went back I found NYPD 20th Precinct erased my detectives report. NYPD engaged me in a transparent hustle: “are you sure you talked to a detective” “describe him” “there is no one here that looks like that” It was moronic fraud.

01/17/2014 HPD Judge Kraus HPD #6294/13 instructed me to have DHCR reduce rent to $ ONE DOLLAR which DHCR never does. DHCR Confirmation No. B2133C36, DHCR Doc No. CM410048S.

01/30/2014 HPD #6294/13 Judge Kraus HPD ordered repairs.
02/13/2014 I tried to move in TOXIC FUMES
02/17/2014 I tried to move in TOXIC FUMES
02/19/2014 I tried to move in TOXIC FUMES
02/20/2014 I tried to move in TOXIC FUMES
02/25/2014 I tried to move in TOXIC FUMES

03/04/2014 DHCR CM410048S Inspector Barbara Robison did not show for her 10:00 AM inspection. 11:52 AM DHCR Rent Administrator Luke O’Brian was supposed to be reducing my rent to ONE DOLLAR for lack of service. Instead he fraudulently discounted the infestation and made no mention of toxic fumes the central subject matter of HPD hearings and canceled my case.

12/05/2014 Edelstein destroyed the apartment. Judge Sabrina Kraus ordered repair of radiator pipe tampering HPD No. 1721/14.


12/11/2014 Rechnitz and Reichberg bribed Correction Officers Benevolent Association President Norman Seabrook with $60,000 to invest retirement funds with Platinum Partners Hedge Fund. Seabrook dropped lobbyist Justin McCarthy Consulting LLC 01/2015 and retained Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC for double [ $90,000 ] the fee he was paying McCarthy. 06/8/2016 Seabrook was charged by the SDNY U.S. Attorney for taking a $60,000 bribe from Rechnitz and Reichberg. 2016 Pitta was dropped as their lobbyist. 

“Jeremy Reichberg was an all-purpose “expediter” for individuals in his community and – as a self-styled “NYPD Liaison”– he was paid in order to assist people at large with their problems with the NYPD and other pockets of local government”. 05/13/2019 DOJ

2014 My former client Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC. Their CFO Mickey Cekovic offered to help with my daughter’s maltreatment and arranged a meeting partner Jon Del Giorno. Del Giorno after seeing pictures of my daughter’s Norwegian Scabies said in front of Mickey Cekovic.

“The mother Amy DeRaymond should have been arrested” 
The firm abruptly changed direction a few weeks later.

12/18/2014 NYC Housing Court Edelstein v Kraemer LT-79433/14
Edelstein sued for back rent No. 27965 for her unusable apartment. Judge Arlene Hahn ordered Edelstein to obey Rent Stabilization Law after Edelstein was caught cheating then ordered trial and settlement for 02/05/2015 she said she would be presiding over: CIV_20141218-1608 Recording 1608 Marker 12:40 Judge Hahn assigned herself to the 02/05/2015 trial.  Plaintiff ordered DHCR rent history records No. 313311. No. 313312.

“YOU HIT THE LOTTERY!!” said seasoned housing court attorneys. Edelstein was cheating for 17 years charging illegal triple rent and owed me $850,973.00 in rent overcharges.

02/05/2015 Edelstein v Kraemer LT-79433/14
Judge Wendt refused to calculate what Edelstein owed the Plaintiff and ordered Plaintiff to put $14,747.40 in escrow as per rule RPAP § 745(2)(a) for an apartment that was unusable, dangerous and willfully used to attempt to murder or maim the Plaintiff.

RPAP § 745 (v) also states however: “The court shall not order deposit or payment of use and occupancy where the respondent can establish, to the satisfaction of the court that respondent has properly interposed one of the following defenses or established the following grounds: a colorable defense of rent over charge.

02/06/2015 The City of New York Homeless Prevention Unit Ed Keesley demanded Judge Wendt submit the legal rent via form No. 00035602756F

02/19/2015 Judge Wendt DECLINED the CNY’s form No. 00035602756F request for the legal rent. Judge Wendt was not at all concerned about the rule of law or getting arrested.

Judge Wendt was stealing. Period.


03/09/2015 Kraemer v. Fontno 15-cv-1755
I sued Northampton County for charging me disability support after I sued for my daughter’s education and it was found she had no mental defects and was accepted to college. After my case was dismissed I filed a motion to reconsider [MTR ]. In it I created a table that proved that Northampton County was not treating my daughter for PDD-NOS [ a mild learning disorder ] ordered by the ODR Appeals Panel —but genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 issued by Judge Edward Smith now a Federal Judge. Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC told me to back off:

Mr. Cekovic: “You don’t decide we decide.”

In other words Italian organized crime decides who becomes federal judge and who gets to go to public school. My MTR was dismissed. The Pro Se attorney order was nuts as was the pattern, and it was known to me by that time NYPD and Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC were strongly influencing my federal cases filed at the Pro Se level. There was NO quality control over federal pro se departments. They were a free for all. Including using PBA union slogans at the Pro Se desk to intimate participation in the federal process.

05/13/2015 CNY-HRA Waverly Center employee TELLER No. 2 altered the City of New York’s public database record for landlord Edelstein.

Teller No. 2 deleted NYC No. 00035602756F request for the legal rent that was declined by Judge Wendt and replaced it with a “Consultants” fraudulent One-Shot document that falsely promulgated that Edelstein’s rent was legal. A federal crime. Brazen.

08/19/2015 Judge Wendt ordered a Marshal to enforce the robbery under the threat of arrest for non-compliance. Judge Wendt robbed me of my apartment for non-pay of Judge Wendt’s bad order. Putting the Plaintiff on the street with the shirt on his back and a laptop.

ESI, Court documents against Federal Judge Edward Smith, DeRaymond, Judge Giordano, art collections were confiscated by the CNY. Judge Wendt would let me “go back for medication” I did not need or have.


11/2015 MainChance Shelter director Ms. Leveen waved the false One-Shot order at the Plaintiff as part of his condition to stay at MainChance. The CNY No. 00035602756F demand for legal rent was not in her folder.

Guy from Grant & Associates. A back-to-work program contracted through NYC MainChance. Guy told me why I was captive to his labor program: “I was turned down for a One-shot.” [ The one-shot from the altered public record I never applied for. ]

When I asked Guy for CNY Ed Keesley’s No. 00035602756F demand for legal rent—he said he had no record of it and called me “Miss.”  I explained I had a business to run he responded “On the books?” Guy knew he was trafficking me into a condition of involuntary servitude.


I was human trafficked by the City of New York and NYPD on behalf of Republicans interested in the continued appointment of Judge Edward Smith.

12/14/2015 attempted murder. CNY MainChance deliberately infected the Plaintiff with Bilateral Cellulitis a life-threatening infection that is impossible to get unless it is deliberately inoculated.

12/15/2015 CNY MainChance evicted the Plaintiff [ with no winter clothing ] after he opened Federal complaint 15-cv-9839 against Edelstein seeking the collection from the illegal rent, with life threatening, severely infected legs. These greedy assholes acted without the slightest worry.


04/15/2020 I was punched in the face with a stun gun in front of Nordstroms with a warning after making CNY HRA discovery requests about a CONSULTANT [highly likely labor/ political consultant Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC ] working with HRA TELLER #2  altering a public record concealing Edelstein’s illegal rent. Then using the altered record to force me into a labor contract with Grant Associates. My attempted murder followed. [ Vincent Pitta was highly likely responsible for my assaults in hotels I stayed in after my illegal eviction 11/16/2013 vis-a-vis the Hotel Trade Council Union, his father was president of and he became general council for. ]

09/11/2020 This incident occurred after posting Kraemer v. The City of New York 2nd Cir 20-1972 Doc 83-3 Exhibit A. Exhibit A was a chronological listing of ESI spoliation and thefts by CNY, NYPD and defendants from Pennsylvania. When I was smashed across the back of my head with some object [highly likely a park chair] I was recapitulating the information from Exhibit A to a database to my website penn-nyrico.com/esi. That I was not killed instantly was a miracle. It was followed with a warning that I should have paid attention to my previous warning from 04/15/2019 which was about the altered public database by a consultant and HRA teller2 and those who benefitted from it.