PA Deputy Gretchen Kraemer leveraged my daughter’s torture arranged by federal judge applicant judge Smith through guardian Lisa Spitale to attempt to get me to meet with Judge Smith outside of court.

10/15/2011 Kraemer v. Pennsylvania was dismissed after PA Attoreny General Linda Kelly concealed Judge Edward Smith’s—a principle of an association-in-fact criminal enterprise—approval of bogus genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 to sell normal school student Emilie Kraemer to special education contractor Lehigh University Transition Services.

03/23/2012 Guardian Lisa Spitale—who Judge Ed Smith appointed— petitioned Judge Ed Smith for Special Relief No. 2007- OC. 0021 to take two weeks of my summer vacation away with Emilie and for her to spend them with Lehigh University Transition Services.

Spitale used my vacation time to have Lehigh University Transition Services torture Emilie in phased increments, then advertise the torture to me on my visitation days Monday, Friday, Monday. The torture took place in the presence of anonymous Magistrate District judge Robert Halal.

Judge Halal, retained by Lehigh University Transition Services changed the original use of their procured wiretap from extorting the outcome of Kraemer v. Pennsylvania to extorting the outcome of Judge Edward Smith’s federal judge application.

04/03/2012 Emilie began complaining that Lehigh was taking her to parking lots “ALL DAY” behind District Court 31-1-06 where she was met by her anonymous “judge friend” Judge Robert Halal.

During the time Emilie was supposed to be on vacation with me Lehigh advertised the injuries they inflicted upon her in increasing severity.

Anonymous judge friend (Robert Halal) with wiretap access to Kraemer Inc. told Emilie to “be tough” in connection to her torture. 


Deputy Kraemer refused to intervene, said I was overreacting. Then attempted to parley my wanting Emilie’s torture to stop into an out-of-court meeting with her friend, federal judge applicant Judge Edward Smith. 

Deputy Kraemer certainly knows Judge Ed Smith appleid for federal judge. The former drug addict leveraged her tortured niece to help him out. Deputy Kraemer is part of right wing radical extremist police corruption that was racketeering the appointment of a Republican federal judge via extortion and torture.

I refused the meeting.

As a result of my refusal Emilie suffered more cigarette burnsstove burns, taken to parking lots next to municipal properties: a golf course, district courts [31-1-07], buildings and private residences—sex trafficked to a public official(s) in Pennsylvania. No one is saying meet with Judge Smith or this is going to get worse—that just started happening after I refused to meet with Judge Smith.


10/19/2012 Emilie’s Sexual Assault. Torture. Plaintiff’s extortion to meet with Judge Edward Smith continued.  After refusing Emilie was tortured encouraging my reconsideration until parties decided to attempt her murder her 02/06/2013.

11/17/2012 Stove burn. Defendants tortured Plaintiff’s daughter. No treatment, no explanation by mother or guardian in PA. 

11/27/2012 Stove burn. Defendants tortured Plaintiff’s daughter. No treatment, no explanation by mother or guardian in PA.

02/06/2013 Lehigh University took Emilie to a parking lot and put her with an infected client then put a cigarette out on her forehead to get to comply. Three weeks later an STD, a severe scabies rash manifested.

04/29/2013 After two months of requests to take Emilie to a doctor Emilie’s mother, daughter of gangster attorney Ray DeRaymond agreed to take Emilie. The doctors appointments were used to make Emilie exponential worse by prescribing medications [ powerful topical immunosuppressants ] that would cultivate the scabies into rare, lethal Norwegian scabies. They timed it so its peak lethality would start just after judge Edward Smith’s 08/01/2013 Presidential nomination for federal judge.

05/14/2013 The anonymous judge [ Halal ] told to Emilie to tell me not report to Dr. Landi MD anymore. A senior NY Chief Medical Examiners Office Forensic Scientist who appeared to testified for Emilie 05/2010. [ Northampton County mob crime Judge Koury refused to allow Dr. Landi’s expert testimony. ]

05/22/2013 The anonymous judge [ Halal ] told Emilie to tell me not to send photos of her skin rash [ scabies ] to NY Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Landi. Dr. Landi a senior forensic scientist would have instantly known Emilie had scabies. The Judge friend kept pressing not send photos to Dr. Landi.