03/26/2014 Republican Judge Edward Smith appointed to EDPA Federal Judge by the United States Senate.

03/27/2014 The pecuniary beneficiaries from Judge Edward Smith’s approval of bogus genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 [ the same defendants who concealed their approval of ICD-9 MR317 during Kraemer v. Pennsylvania ] brain damaged my daughter Emilie Kraemer by overdosing her causing seizors. The violent mobsters used the bogus billing code ICD-9 MR317 to obtain extremely harmful pharmaceuticals they knew would maim Emilie.

Above: 07/22/2013 Deliberately cultivated Norwegian Scabies used for my daughter’s attempted murder.

The hyperlinked table proves beyond reasonable doubt Emilie’s seizures were planned two weeks after her attempted murder via the cultivation of Norwegian Scabies failed 8/28/2013 [above] and deliberately induced seizures the day after Edward Smith’s 3/26/2014 federal judge appointment by Dr. Cha Yu, Guardian Lisa Spitale and mother Amy DeRaymond.

Dr. Cha Yu co-administered Bupropion with Risperidone. Bupropion is known to cause seizures if not managed properly. Risperidone is metabolized by the CYP2D6 isoenzyme present in Bupropion increasing the blood serum of Risperidone 6 fold lowering the threshold for seizures to occur. Risky.

“If Bupropion is added to the treatment regimen of a patient already receiving a drug metabolized by CYP2D6, (Risperidone) the need to decrease the dose of the original medication should be considered particularly for those concomitant medications with a narrow therapeutic index.” Such as Risperidone. FDA

03/27/2014 Dr. Chu Yu the day after Edward Smith’s federal judge appointment did not decrease Emilie medication he DOUBLED Emilie’s dosages of Risperidone knowingly and willfully caused seizures, brain damaging her. Soon after the excessive dosages seizure medication was purchased.

Dates of massive quantities no longer followed any schedule but were prescribed in corollary to federal filings.

1. FDA Wellbutrin®

2. Population pharmacokinetic analysis of drug-drug interactions among risperidone, bupropion, and sertraline in CF1 mice

“…The interaction of Risperidone, which is metabolized by CYP2D6 and transported across the blood brain barrier by P-gp, was studied in combination with bupropion. Bupropion increased the Risperidone plasma (5.9-fold, P<0.01) and brain (2.2-fold, P<0.01)…”

3. The dosing of atypical antipsychotics
Risperidone “narrow therapeutic window”

4. Antipsychotic medication and seizures
“Drug-drug interactions appear to increase the chances of an antipsychotic medication inducing seizure activity.” “…antipsychotics [Risperidone] also lower seizure threshold…”