18 U.S.C. § 241 – Conspiracy against rights, RICO

10/21/2023 In reference to below. I got a new car—extra secure. It was broken into almost immediately and i was assaulted. Even after I defeated known exploits. The RICO thugs are not master minds, the got access through NYPD provided robbery equipment and they were really not hiding that fact. They drilled into my teeth, stun gunned my chest, and head. Just after mailing these:

1. FTC Antitrust complaint Security companies child trafficking
2. FTC Antitrust complaint Northampton County Court
3. FTC Antitrust complaint Credit bureaus posting fraud.

Don’t be surprised that these fucking nuts are involved in protecting child trafficking enterprise. NYPD’s LEADERSHIP was charged by FBI in 2016 for taking bribes from landlords and a foreign agent—top commanders, inspectors.

Parties clearly paid to play to win EDPA Republican Judge Edward Smith’s federal appointment via a non-judicial wiretap.

What follows are some of the tools used for violent extortion and methods of injury retained by court officers and third parties interested in Republican Judge Edward Smith’s federal judge appointment after an off-the-books wiretap was installed on my Apple mobile devices through police and OIC, security for Apple stores. Device access was shared with private security firm Allied Universal who distributed it to its employees, Paragon Systems Security, NYC agencies and union members and had access to NYPD DAS CCTV security cameras used to time my extremely violent maimings. 

These tools were initially used to prevent my discovery of Judge Edward Smith’s criminal violations concerning my daughter through distraction; starting in 2012 by diluting and robbing my business Kraemer Inc., and use of my daughter in PA for violent extortion. 2013 turning my New York City apartment into a makeshift gas chamber. 

The common purpose at all times was to prevent my discovery of Republican Judge Edward Smith’s silent approval of a bogus genetic mental retardation diagnosis billing code ICD-9 MR317 used to sell my daughter to a special education contractor while he sought a federal judge application.

There was and currently is an enormous allocation of New York City federally funded resources and private resources to aide my landlord Florence Edelstien’s continued theft of my property and avoid making her reimburse me her tenant for her $850,934.97 in illegal rent overcharges—by forcing me off of my property followed by the City and private security attempting murder me in the street coupled with the aide of NYPD’s bribed omission of duty. Violent witness suppression to prevent me from impeding the Republican federal judge appointment of a criminal judge, Edward Smith and the means under the color of law to permanently silence his victims. The seriousness of the crime is unprecedented in the United States by any measure.

The City of New York easily allocates 20 – 50 part and full-time employees a day to track and deter me from reporting extreme government waste, racketeering and foreign agent backed terrorism.

My violence in New York City started with the 2013 grand larceny of my dwelling 145W71St during two of Republican Judge Edward Smith’s Federal Judge nomination milestones: (i) 08/01/2013 Judge Smith was nominated by President Obama—08/26/2013 my daughter’s murder was attempted. 05/2013 toxic fumes were vented into my apartment until I stopped my daughter’s attempted murder 08/26/2013. (ii) 11/06/2013 Judge Smith was interviewed by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee—I was forced from my apartment with toxic fumes that same day.

03/26/2014 Judge Smith was appointed federal judge—03/27/2014 my daughter was overdosed and brain damaged. My murder was attempted 2015 a few months after my illegal eviction and then several more times after that.

In between attempted murders parties used violent extortion anytime I sought court relief to regain my stolen property: Deliberate mental impairment via sleep deprivation, doping, torture and maiming coupled with “behavioral reinforcement” by union members, city agencies and security personal in retail settings to intended to influence the content of federal complaints issued by me.

Union members—represented by Pitta, Bishop & Del Giorno LLC—five to ten at a time called “heat” patrols, tracked me into coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels, coalesce around me, and then are remotely cued via phone-app by a union network leader or a private security attorney to “cough” anytime I type incriminating facts on my laptop. Coughing, to get my attention is followed by members pointing to or rubbing the area they maimed in my sleep as a reminder to stop typing.

None of these fucking morons, mind you, have a court wiretap order, they are simply given my location access via criminal proxy from privately held Allied Universal in offense of RICO. And Allied Universal gets their access from OIC‘s nexus to Apple stores computer inventory. Privately held security firms are not held to SEC, CISO cyber disclosure standards—while guarding huge publicly traded companies. It will be interesting to see how the new SEC CISO rules apply to police seeking non-judicial access to publicly traded computer and smartphone inventory.

Death threats are made which they make good on. Unsuccessfully so far. The extortion is facilitated with public resources and intended to curtail my effort to regain the property that was stolen from me—grand larceny in the first degree and kidnapping of my daughter via her SALE and trafficking to a special education contractor. Both achieved under the color of law.

The 2013 politically motivated use of force to push me out of my NYC apartment and off my property leveraged Ultra-Orthodox Jewish foreign agent working for Republican Prime Minister Netanyahu – Jona Rechnitz, an NYC real estate developer. Jona Rechnitz held himself out as a Republican Jewish landlord community representative and liaison to NYPD.

He bribed NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD leadership between 2011 to 2016 resulting in the arrests of over 20 NYPD Inspectors, Commanders, and assorted leadership at NYPD. The U.S. Attorney that brought it, Preet Bharara, was fired by President Trump soon after he rehired him, then PBA endorsed Trump for President. The foreign terrorist insurgence of Netanyahu’s influence—proscribed by Section § 2332b (b) (1) (C)—continues to grow under NYC Mayor Adams.

Recently, Israeli Republican Prime Minister Netanyahu diluted Israel’s judiciary on behalf of Republican extremists Ultra-Orthodox Jews, called Haredims. Installing a basic dictatorship.

Manhattan Housing Court quietly succumbed to that same judicial dilution, under NYC Mayor de Blasio who took bribes from Ultra-Orthodox foreign agent Jona Rechnitz. NYC Mayor Adams has been promoting two NYPD namely, Commander Philip Banks and Inspector Brian McGinn that were previously named by FBI for taking bribes from Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Republican extremist leaders Rechnitz and Reichberg. They clearly demonstrated the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community has NO interest in equal protection, due process, or the rule of law and imperialistically sought to instal the same private club ownership of law enforcement and judiciary—currently imposed on secular [ liberal ] Jews in Israel—in the United States in Manhattan. They were not unsuccessful. “Brooklyn, is home to the world’s largest Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, with over 600,000 adherents living in the borough, more than in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv.”

1. Attempted murder under the color of law
NYPD conspired with NYC homeless agency owners for my attempted murder, evidence theft and ESI spoliation after my forced, illegal eviction.

(i) NYPD, NYC Homeless Agencies, Unions aggressively and very violently protect my landlord Florence Edelstein from litigation [ who owes me $283,644.00 plus treble damages in illegal rent overcharges ] after she used her building in 2013 to impair me with toxic fumes in furtherance of Judge Edward Smith’s federal judge nominations:

A. 05/01/2013 toxic fumes began just after NYPD Commander Harrington’s bribe agreement with Jona Rechnitz. 08/01/2013 Republican federal judge applicant Judge Edward Smith was nominated by the Obama Administration for federal judge.

B. 11/04/2013 toxic fumes began the same day 20th Precinct NYPD Inspector Brian McGinn began his promotion instigated by Jona Rechnitz. 11/06/2013 more toxic fumes while Judge Edward Smith was before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for federal judge. I was forced out of my apartment with fumes and infestation by 11/16/2013:

11/16/2013 to 11/10/2014. My Hotel rooms were tampered with by the Hotel Trades Council under the substantial influence of labor lobbyist Pitta, Bishop & Del Giorno LLC.

– 11/10/2014 HPD ordered an inspection of the apartment.
– 11/18/2014 Edelstein broke in and destroyed the apartment concealing the device she constructed to disperse toxic fumes.

12/05/2014 Housing Judge Sabrina Kraus ordered me to “watch them” Edelstein make repairs after she destroyed the apartment.

12/18/2014 Housing Judge Arlene H. Hahn | Edelstein v. Kraemer No. LT 79433/14 ordered settlement for 02/05/2015 after it was found Edelstein lied and filed fraudulent documentation [ #27965 ] that the apartment was removed from rent stabilization.

– 1/15/2015 Housing Court attorneys reviewed DHCR rent history records and said I “Hit the Lottery!” Edelstein illegally triple charged rent for 17 years or $283,644.99 in illegal rent or 26 years of advanced rent.

– 02/05/2015 Manhattan Housing Court administration racketeered the removal of Arlene H. Hahn and replaced her with Judge Peter Wendt.

– 02/05/2015 Judge Wendt refused to calculate Illegal rent overcharges, ordered me to pay 5 months back rent $14,747.40 calculated with the illegal rent.

– 02/19/2015 Judge Wendt DENIED NYC government request No. 00035602756F for the legal rent.

– 05/15/2015 NYC Teller No. 2. altered the City’s database removing government document No. 00035602756F request for the legal rent— and replaced it with a fraudulent “consultants document” concealing Edelstein’s illegal rent where Edelstein owed me $283,644.00 in illegal rent overcharges.

– 08/19/2015 Judge Wendt illegally evicted me for not paying his $14,747.40 Order when he knew Edelstien owed me $283,644.00 plus treble damages.

11/15/2015 Attempted murder MainChance Homeless Agency. While at MainChance I was infected with life threatening Bilateral Cellulitis which is impossible to get unless it is deliberately inoculated.

12/15/2015 I was evicted from MainChance with no winter clothing the day after I filed Kraemer v. Edelstein 15-cv-9839 in federal court seeking my property from Edelstein.

– 01/14/2016 While being treated at Bellevue Hospital for Bilateral Cellulitis a NYPD 13th Precinct Sergeant attempted to induce me to the tell ER MD’s I was “hallucinating” to get out of the cold for 3 days. “They all do it.” he said.

04/01/2018 Attempted murder after NYPD 20th Precinct Inspector Brian McGinn was named by FBI for taking bribes from UWS Republican foreign agent Rechnitz who lived on the UWS where I lived. 2013 McGinn’s 20th precinct said my description of toxic fumes [ dispersed 11/04/2013 when McGinn began his promotion and 11/06/2013 during Republican judge Edward Smith’s U.S. Senate federal judge review ] was attempted murder by Edelstein. Refused to investigate. Erased my detectives report on the subject. 10/22/2014 arrested me for falling asleep at the subway across from my apartment while avoiding fumes.

07/12/2018 NYC Homeless Agency drive by —hit and run.

04/15/2020 | Attempted murder for discovery.
NYC Homeless Agency. Punched in the face with a stun-gun. I was warned about making interrogatories about NYC HRA TELLER NO. 2. who altered the City’s database removing government document No. 00035602756F seeking the legal rent and replaced it with a fraudulent “consultants document” concealing Edelstein’s illegal rent during Housing Court Edelstein v. Kraemer No. 79433/14 where Edelstein owed me $283,644.00 in illegal rent overcharges.

09/11/2020 Attempted murder for discovery.
NYC Homeless Agency. NYPD protected agency employee smashed a chair on the back of my head while sitting in Bleaker Park typing. I was warned about making discovery interrogatory for HRA TELLER NO. 2. who altered the City’s database removing government document No. 00035602756F seeking the legal rent and replaced it with a bogus “consultants document” concealing Edelstein’s illegal rent during Housing Court Edelstein v. Kraemer No. 79433/14 where Edelstein owed me $283,644.00 in illegal rent overcharges.

(ii) NYPD concealing judicial circumstances of illegal wiretap and sex trafficking of my daughter in furtherance of Judge Edward Smith’s Federal Judge application.

07/21/2022 Attempted murder for discovery.
NYC Homeless Agency extortion, maiming and attempted murder at Columbus Circle linked NYPD to tampering with federal court evidence about suicide of PA Magistrate District Court 31-1-07 Judge Robert Halal meeting my daughter in parking lots behind PA Magistrate District Court 31-1-06.

2. Union Members. Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC used unions under his auspices, including the NYPD Detectives Endowment Association for violent witness suppression to help a political candidate he represented move forward and get appointed in offense of the Little Hatch Act.

3. Witness suppression—sale of toxic electronic products. Apple union influenced employees tricking the victim into believing their computer is secure “you have a virus” when they were cooperating with police, as a favor to provide control over robbery targets computer volume. Resulting in blocked phone calls, redirected/blocked emails, theft of intellectual property, etc.

(i) Witness suppression—Facebook. Facebook shut down my account because I posted my daughter’s burn injuries from assaults used to SELL her to a special education contractor. Facebook directly, significantly contributed to child abuse.

(ii) Witness suppression—Federal complaints.
10/18/2019 SDNY 19-cv-6671 Kraemer v. The City of New York, Pro se clerks in the SDNY filing office issued threats of future violence on behalf of PBA. No quality control in the SDNY Pro Se division.

(iii) Witness suppression—Evidence spoliation, cell phones, laptops. Police imposed isolation. Phone calls, and txts are suppressed. They delete Google Drive ESI evidence and gmails. I am GPS tracked by unions, and homeless agencies, to steal laptops, hard drives, thumb drives etc.

(iv) Witness suppressionPublic spaces protected by § 241.
Organized marketing placemat use. Canned, condescending remarks by union influenced retail employees. Any NYC national retail brand I walk into triggers an alert from an MDM Geofence alert application which triggers a payload of PR instruction to cashers, security personal, NYPD. [ Much like a placemat used by telemarketers or software help-desks —for morons, simple, big letters, simple non-verbal slogans, monosyllabic. ]

4. Counterfeit Federal Judical Orders. Defendants leveraged vulnerabilities in the SDNY federal court system for Pro Se litigants bribing Pro Se attorneys to draft fraudulent Orders that departed from the subject matter. Pro Se attorneys present their Order —recommendation hand crafted for defendants— to Federal Judges for signatures. The Court’s procedural rules are never followed as a result.
Case are always dismissed before any discovery is reviewed.

5. Infections. Cause and setting off infections is very popular in the witness suppression business. In PA they deliberately infected my daughter Emilie with scabies then cultivated it pharmacologically into Norwegian Scabies attempting to murder her with it. In New York after my illegal evection the City of NY caused Bilateral Cellulitis. Bilateral Cellulitis is life threatening and incredibly rare because it has to be deliberately caused.

(i) Dental infections. Causing life threatening dental infections by drilling into my gums while sleeping. 18th Precinct NYPD were instrumental in these field torture / attempted murder operations.

(ii) Injection with dirty needles. Parties regularly use private security cameras to facilitate injury and assaults. 05/18/2021 I was injected and infected with a dirty needle in a COVID 19 waiting area at Bellevue Hospital monitored by the NYPD 13th Precinct. When I approached an NYPD [ who was facilitating the assault ] about the assault she said: “I don’t have time for this fucking shit”

(iii) Staph infections. In this example 08/08/2020 they carved groves into the bottom of my feet then packed the concavities with shit and put my socks and shoes back on. When they perform these attempted murder field operations they sedate you.

6. Doping. Starting 2018 the enterprise began doping me through my eyes while sleeping preventing me from writing cogent, logically contiguous federal complaints. 06/10/2021

(i) Suffocation. Literally just holding your nose shut.
(ii) Poisoning. Spraying aerosol from an upside down WD40 can

7. DOD contractor Raytheon’s microwave gun. A directed energy microwave weapon, Active Denial System or “Silent Guardian.” They sell it to law enforcement for riots/crowd controll. However these fucking clowns use it in national retail brands to suppress witnesses connected to their orgnazed crime activity. Directed-energy [ microwave ] weapon’s are considered a torture device by the DOD. The width, frequency, watt output of the beam can be adjusted and easily cause soft tissue damage including second degree burns.

(I) August 20, 2010, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department announced its intent to use this technology to control incarcerated people in the Pitchess Detention Center in Los Angeles.

(II) 07/9/2023 I was diagnosed with having very small cataracts [ caused by microwave radiation] which I did not have during my last exam a year ago.

8. Sleep depravation. I am kept to about 4 hours of sleep per day which significantly cuts into my reporting capacities. If I’m on a bench I get stun gunned 20 times a night easily. The sleep dep creates opportunities for assaults and maimings. But mainly to prevent detailed recordings of their unionized crime activity.

9. Stun gun assaults. Union network supervisors [ typically on weekends when they have enough manpower available] orgnazed swarm attacks. Swarm attacks are packs of union members anywhere from 5 to 20 coalesce around you on a busy street corner and stun gun you.

(i) The enterprise regularly targets joint, knees, hips and ankles to cripple their victims resulting in some shelter or long term nursing home —where they would just kill you.

Organized Assaults, evidence spoliation | 2015 after my illegal evection the MDM server was used to electronically alert union members under Pitta, Bishop & Del Gino LLC influence and NYPD controlled shelter systems of dangerous clients for spontaneous activation any anytime I entered into an electronically defined geofenced hotspot (a standard MDM feature) to steal evidence, spoil ESI, maim, extort give up property rights to my daughter and apartment, attempt murder.

Booby Traps in Geofenced Retail Settings | NYPD influenced private security and custodial, union members connected to Pitta, Bishop & Del Gino LLC have installed dangerous, portable, microwave equipment below seating areas in national brand retail environments, movie theaters and in adjacent rooms of hotels to burn victims internally
[ slow cook them ] while seated but leaving no external signs of injury. 

Above: toxic gas vented into my bedroom from underneath the floorboards caught by motion detection infrared security cameras after dumping pesticides in my AC failed to permanently impair me.