Madison Sq. Park

Since my illegal eviction: CNY Health, Park Rangers, NYPD-PBA, Private Security firms have protected my Republican Jewish landlord. My evection was illegal. My landlord Florance Edelstein [King Solomon E LLC ] her Highness owes me $283,644.99 plus treble damages or $850,934.97. Her Upper West Side Jewish consigliere fellow building owner David Apple came by to let me know they run the courts and at their weekly republican Jewish landlord meetings I earned the name Houdini for dodging the toxic fumes Edelstein was venting into the apartment —which forced me into to hotels for years until they killed my business.

The City of New York —Her highnesses Edelstein’s personal witness removal service—right after my illegal evection did the following: CNY Main Chance drop in shelter. Attempted murder via deliberate cellulitis infection in both legs which is extremely rare. Main Chance was a deliberate and organized crime scene run by an all black staff. To say its racist is an under statement.

I moved to the City Parks after almost getting killed —the City’s employees and their unions during federal complaints:
2018 Set up my hit and run for which NYPD took credit for in the ER while I was treated for broken ribs and lacerations;
– Removed teeth;
– Injected me with infectious substances;
– 2020 Cut grooves in my feet then packed them with shit;
– 2020 Sliced open my leg with threats of cutting off my balls;
– 2020 A razor knife attack by a CNY news stand;
– 9/11/2020 CNY Outreach smashed me in the back of my head while typing;
– 2021 CNY Outreach volunteers come by drop off a bags of half eaten food then tased me;
-2018- 2021 used an otolaryngologists tube dope me up during federal complaints. (I actually caught the fucker doing this with the permission of Park Rangers)
10/15 to 20/2021 I was knee capped and hair ripped out my head with a thinning sheers;
– They used a razor knife to cut through the tape I used to keep my helmet on my head. 10/20/2021 10:00AM A FedEx [black female] employee at 21st street endorsed the violent activity cough, cough, cough. These are Teamsters.

Robbery and illegal eviction by a private landowner who then paid bribes and gave political donations to the City Mayors office, NYPD, and City Parks employees for which and in return allowed the attempted to murder the landlord’s outstanding debt or maim and move him to the landlord’s cousins nursing home where the robbery and murder can continue under private security.

This is how the City treats its criminal victims who are owed money by a landlord. Former Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio belong in federal prison.