BRANDS whose security actively organize violent witness suppression in furtherance of child trafficking on behalf of special education health care firms.

Brands that have been compromised by private security firms protecting a violent child slave trading business operating from public school districts: OIC, Allied Universal, etc.
– McDonalds
– Hotels/Casinos
It makes perfect sense child traffickers would would set up here as these brands market to younger audiences. Using private security provides corrupt government agency contractors with ideal cover and opportunity to create new business.

– Nordstroms
– Pret-A-Manger
– Joe & the Juice
– Whole Foods
– FedEx

Witness suppression organized by security working for these brands without the brands knowledge influenced by unions represented by Pitta, Bishop & Del Giorno LLC.

Typically they will surround their target to create optimal conditions for assault and intimidation. Recently all of the aforementioned brands have used DOD contractor Raytheon’s directed-energy weapon, the Active Denial System or “Silent Guardian” on a paying customer. Cheerfully greeted by retail employees during a transaction and then burned out of your seat in excruciating pain from a weapon operated by union influenced private security.

AMC | 34th Street | Mid-Town Precinct | 2023 I paid for a ticket, sat down to watch a film and then in-house security aimed and fired Raytheon’s micro-wave underneath theater seating—burning my leg.

August 20, 2010, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department announced its intent to use this technology to control incarcerated people in the Pitchess Detention Center in Los Angeles.