Current Events

10/22/2022 I sent a brief regarding the trafficking of my daughter out of regular education to special education employment contractors in the Easton PA Area School District via the use of a bogus genetic mental disability billing code and her severe abuse before cognitive assessment exams to drop IQ scores to my ex-girlfriend, a New York Times Business Section editor.

12/29/2022 the New York Times through their own investigation exposed a very similar scheme in New York City entitled: “Schools Reaped A Windfall of Special Education Money”. The Times found school districts using mass e-mail campaigns to parents encouraging them to get their doctors to approve suggested bogus mental disability billing codes so their children could get more services and were using corporal punishment seemingly arbitrarily.

01/11/2023  That resulted in the arrest of five special education contractors on by the SDNY U.S. Attorney who said “they were using children as currency.”

06/23/2023 I filed the same brief with the Pennsylvania Inspector General, who said my facts and supporting evidence were crimes and referred me to the New York Attorney General and the Pennsylvania Attorney General. 

10/23/2023 New York Governor Hochul as a result of the discovery of abuse connected to special education trafficking banned corporal punishment in all schools. 

11/03/2023 New York City tightened special education rules, aiming to reduce fraud in the “billions of dollars.”  Allegedly caused by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Asembly Speaker Sheldon Silver who died in prison for taking bribes.

I noticed my complaints were not getting through to the State AG’s and drove to Albany and Harrisburg to hand deliver them.

11/27/2023 AM after meeting with PA State Senator Bascola’s staff with concerns my complaint [ Where Judge Edward Smith was the central subject matter ] was not getting through to the Attorney General’s office they hand delivered it and waited for it to be filed.

11/27/2023 PM Federal Judge Edward Smith “unexpectedly” died.
No cause of death was issued to the media.

My daughter was a bright, communicative, gifted young lady who deserved a full life and could have gone far and was robbed of it by vicious, violent gangsters working out of the Easton school district and the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas.