The defendants listed on this website are responsible for some of the worst crimes one can commit. They are judges, union leaders, lawyers, [a lot of lawyers] and cops responsible for repugnant violent child trafficking. They walk around New York City and Easton PA like heroes. Almost every attorney I called in PA said what I described was not child trafficking because sex was not involved. Then got off the phone. I called 30 – 40 law firms. I have their names. I’ll post them later.

The use of torture and fake diagnosis billing codes to coerce a CHILD to agree to special education programs and destroy their lives—well no attorney thought that could be sued for in PA.

The well educated professionals that worked up a sick business plan that involved abusing children, and fraud to collect a U.S. government paycheck to treat a mental disability they caused are beyond rehabilitation. The lawyers that pick up the phone that do not want to help, or want me to a find a “local lawyer” who knows the judges —they are out of their fucking minds. There is a very sick kink in their brain no democracy can have as a congressman, state senator, AG, Judge, legislator, etc., but as the content in this website proves that has already happened.

There is no chance in hell that President Obama knew Judge Edward Smith sold a child into slavery and had her tortured with cigarettes before he appointed him federal judge. Or all the people required to keep that information from him. Emilie wasn’t sold on a street corner. Emilie was sold in a court house and by union network leaders to a contractor. And after her graduation that contractor took her to parking lots and sex trafficked her to at least one public offical.

01/31/2022 U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland released the Justice Department’s National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking pursuant to the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, 34 U.S.C. § 20711(a).

Get my daughter out of that evil shit hole now. Mr. Garland you have send in U.S. Marshals. There is no fucking way in hell any double talking lawyers are going to be able to convince me or a lot of U.S. Citizens what went on resembles anything close to the Constitution. EDPA Republican Judge Edward Smith has to be impeached.