01/13/2014 Emilie sexually assaulted, abused, three days before Smith’s 01/16/2014 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Nomination.

PA Emilie attacked at private residence taken to by Lehigh Transition Services.

NY Sunday Emilie was extremely upset she had to go back home to Easton PA.

12:10 AM | Mother Amy DeRaymond After seeing EK’s condition over the weekend I emailed EK’s mother Amy DeRaymond that Emilie get medical treatment. No Reply. The PA enterprise was vicious slime.
12:46 PM | Federal Guardian Shanon Moore Ms. Moore, My daughter, Emilie Kraemer needs to see an MD—she has flaky skin (crusts) around her right eye and has been making frequent trips to the bathroom. I have already asked her mother. Emilie states that her mother is not going to take her. That possibility  of scabies returning is probable after having a rare disease like Norwegian Scabies (hyper infestation of scabies). The real concern is that the same attitude’s that allowed the previous disease to progress unchecked till it became infected continue to prevail.

12:46 PM | Federal Guardian Shanon Moore “Dear Mr. Kraemer: I am copying Lisa Spitale, Esquire, who is Emilie’s guardian of 2.86.41 the person to keep her apprised of any concerns, particularly health related, regarding Emilie. I have spoken with Emilie’s mother who will make arrangements to take Emilie to see her doctor to evaluate her eye and any concerns relating to Emilie’s bathroom use. As for concerns relating to Emilie’s instructional coach, can you please detail what the concerns specifically are? There has been a recent change with her coach and SPIN is currently searching for a permanent replacement. Thank you. 

01/15/2014 | 12:39 PM | Federal Guardian Shanon Moore Ms. Moore, Thank you for seeing that Emmy saw a doctor. However, her needing to see a doctor closely correlated with some friction with one of Spin’s people. This not the first time. Emilie, more often that not does not know who she is with and does not like who she is with. Today is a perfect example of that. These people interfere with my relationship with my daughter and that nonsense needs to stop at once. My daughter is not to go to their homes, pet their animals or be coerced to cover for them

When I speak to my daughter I fully expect her to be able freely say who she is with (first and last name) where she is going and why. I expect to be able to identify them directly while they are with my daughter. Finally, there is also some on going discrepancy between who Emmy is reported to be with and who she is actually with. The times I’ve emailed you to ask who Emmy’s with and following up with her to let her know who she is with has yielded conflicting responses. That is—are you aware that who Spin states that Emmy is with is not at all who Emmy is with and no doubt accounts for some of the anonymity. 

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Nominated Ed Smith for Federal Judge

“Ms. Moore, As a result of Emilie’s doctor visit, she is now wearing clean clothing and her room is clean as well. Emilie has said that this was because of the doctors visit and order. So there’s a corollary between what she said the doctor said and what I observed.” “Emilie has clean clothing for the first time in a very long time. However, what Emmy continues to contend is some  altercation between her and the SPIN employee. And, she has stated that the doctor called the  police—”a little bit.”

Guardians Moore and Spitale refuse to share the medical report I requested. Emilie at private residence with dog Logger: https://youtu.be/XaTuZ7oo9J8 ]

01/24/2014 RetaliationEmilie was burned and had finger print bruises

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