Court Officers Racketeered the Federal Judge Appointment of EDPA Edward Smith

After 10-cv-4868 was dismissed an amalgam of Interstate interests in common purpose: court officers, lobbyists, social service agencies and public employees conspired in furtherance of Republican Federal Judge applicant Edward Smith’s nominations. Violent acts against my daughter and myself included extortion, maiming, robbery, ESI spoliation and attempted murder.

05/08/2011 Federal defendant, Guardian Lisa Spitale grabbed and injured Emilie in her home. Emilie was in her PJ’s during the attack. Spitale coerced my daughter to agree to attend a home for the mentally retarded Camphill Soltane—two months before Ed Smith’s federal judge application. Further insulating Ed Smith’s MR317 medical code and child trafficking crime just before his federal judge application.

7/01/2011 On or about Judge Edward Smith applied for federal judge.

07/15/2011 Judge Edward Smith replaced me as my daughter’s guardian with attorney Lisa Spitale who was perfect, proven, violence-for-hire thug Smith used to extort my daughter as needed during his federal judge application milestones.

03/23/2012 Guardian Lisa Spitale petitioned Judge Smith to use the two weeks of my summer vacation visitation 7/16/2012 to 08/06/2012 for Emilie’s education.

04/03/2012 Lehigh staff took Emilie to a dirt parking-lot behind Bethlehem District Court 31-1-07 where the anonymous judge visited her. Emilie said she was in the same parking lot ALL DAY before which I saw on AT&TFamilyMap. Lehigh began taking Emilie in 2011 to the anonymous judge and in exchange he provided wiretap access to my business and harassed me during Kraemer v. Pennsylvania. However, now Judge Edward Smith was under consideration for federal Judge and they beat up my daughter and advertised it to me specifically on my Friday visitation days so i would have the weekend to think about it. No misunderstanding. I’m a award winning graphic communication expert.

04/06/2012 Lehigh’s explanation was ludicrous.

04/09/2012 Federal Guardian Shanon Moore ordered counseling for Emilie after she reported her trafficking in the parking lot ALL DAY which I saw and documented on FamilyMap.  She did this instead of calling the police. The therapy session were used for suppression and Emilie on Fridays often looked drug addled and roughed up. I complained to my sister deputy Kraemer about it, Judge Ed Smith’s close friend —she shrugged.

During the two weeks Lisa Spitale tortured my daughter in phased increments burning her with cigarettes in increased severity then advertised the torture to me on my visitation days:
07/23/2012 Monday
07/27/2012 Friday
08/06/2012 Monday the cigarette burn was down to the bone

08/06/2012 Judge Edward Smith‘s enlisted friend, my sister, Deputy Gretchen Kraemer saw the torture inflicted by guardian Lisa Spitale refused to document it, or make arrests then attempted to parlay my wanting it to stop into an out of court meeting with Judge Smith.

I refused the meeting.

As a result of my refusal Emilie suffered more cigarette burnsstove burns, taken to parking lots next to municipal properties: a golf coursedistrict courts [31-1-06], buildings and private residences—sex trafficked to a public official(s) in Pennsylvania. ( thanks to the friend of human trafficking to cops Judge William J. Martini.)


10/19/2012 Emilie’s Sexual Assault. Torture. Plaintiff’s extortion to meet with Judge Edward Smith continued.  After refusing Emilie was tortured encouraging my reconsideration until parties decided to attempt her murder her 02/06/2013.

11/17/2012 Stove burn. Defendants tortured Plaintiff’s daughter. No treatment, no explanation by mother or guardian in PA. 

11/27/2012 Stove burn. Defendants tortured Plaintiff’s daughter. No treatment, no explanation by mother or guardian in PA.


2013 Defendants from Kraemer v. Pennsylvania attempted to murder my daughter by deliberately lowering her immunity with prescription medication after introducing a biological agent [scabies] that would become lethal [ Norwegian Scabies ] in her artificially compromised physicality.

02/06/2013  Lehigh Transition Service took Emilie to a parking-lot where she was sexually assaulted, had put a cigarette put out on her forehead. She contracted scabies an STD (the biological agent deliberately cultivated to attempt her murder)

05/01/2013 after two months of my repeated requests to take Emilie to a doctor for a rash that appeared after 2/6/2013 Emilie’s Mother and Lisa Spitale agreed to take Emilie to a doctor.

The appointment was used to cultivate Norwegian scabies a lethal disease via the use high powered immunosuppressants topical ( glucocorticoid ) corticosteroids that caused allowing the disease to rapidly propagate into Norwegian scabies which is very rare. [1] [2] [3]

05/07/2013 Emilie was taken to a parking lot by Lisa Spitale when I asked for help from Loria Hodge Office of Inspector General Department of Health and Human Services 26 Federal Plaza, Room 13-124, New York, NY 10278-0004. 4:04 PM Lisa Spitale pulled Emilie from a public swing and took her to parking lot and abused her.

07/08/2013  and abused by Lisa Spitale when I asked for help from Kathleen G. Kane Attorney General of Pennsylvania

07/22/2013 Emilie was nearly dead from Norwegian scabies.

07/26/2013 DeRaymond, Spitale, Moore and Lehigh cured the cultivation of Norwegian scabies on Emilie’s hands in four days—one week before Judge Ed Smith’s 08/01/2013 federal judge nomination by President Obama. 

1. Thus they proved they could cure it—quickly.
2. They proved they were responsible for cultivating it.
3. They proved they hid it from President Obama’s administration before the nomination. This in the same way they hid Republican Judge Smith’s approval of false claim billing code ICD-9 MR317.

08/01/2013 President Obama nominated Judge Edward Smith for Federal Judge.

08/07/2013 Mother DeRaymond and guardian Spitale resumed cultivation nearly killing my daughter until I stoped it Monday 08/26/2013. 

8/25/2013 the skin fissures were so deep Emilie’s hands were being held together with tape. There was fluid pooling on the bottom of her foot from staph the mother called “juice”. “my mom says I have some juice down there” 

Emilie could barley walk and had to take her shoes off by the time we got to Broadway just down the block from my apartment. Guardian Lisa Spitale, the mother lied to me explaining Emilie’s condition was from eczema which is not lethal. They knowingly caused my daughter to rot in her own skin. 

8/26/2013 I stoped my daughter’s attempted murder
No one was arrested. Not mother Amy DeRaymond, Lisa Spitale or Shanon Moore.


11/04/2013. My landlord Edelstein after I living in my apartment building for 17 years began venting toxic fumes  into the apartment.

The time was ripe to assault me in my apartment as the NYPD 20th Precinct commander, Inspector Brian McGinn, in my neighborhood was taking bribes from an Upper West Side Republican Jewish landlord liaisons “fixers” Reichberg and Rechnitz. They proclaimed to represent the Jewish community and were part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s inner circle.

See United States v. Reichberg No. 19-1645-CR (2d Cir. 2021). “Barack Obama said in 2012 that dealing with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was like dealing with his rivals in the Republican Party, and that Netanyahu was dishonest toward his administration, former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes says in his new book.” Harretz Israel News, Jun 06, 2018

11/06/2013 Republican Judge Edward Smith was before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee for a hearing on his federal judge application Edelstein vented more toxic fumes keeping me out of the apartment.

11/16/2013 I was forced into hotels. My rooms were broken in to and assaulted in my sleep by Hotel Trade Counsel memebers under the significant influence of lobbyist Vincent Pitta and NYC City Hall.

11/19/2013 On or about, NYPD 20th Precinct, after hearing my description of pesticides dumped into my air conditioner from the roof during my sleep said it fit attempted murder. NYPD refused to investigate after I made many complaints and erased my detectives report from their database.


When I went back to see NYPD again I found they erased my detectives report. On 02/17/2014 told me to call the fire department for my toxic fume complaints. On 02/19/2014 I did that and caught Edelstein via security camera venting fumes through the floorboards of the apartment. [3][4][5]


PA Emilie attacked at private residence taken to by Lehigh Transition Services.

NY Sunday Emilie was extremely upset she had to go back home to Easton PA.

12:10 AM | Mother Amy DeRaymond After seeing EK’s condition over the weekend I emailed EK’s mother Amy DeRaymond that Emilie get medical treatment. No Reply. The PA enterprise was vicious slime.
12:46 PM | To Federal Guardian Shanon Moore Ms. Moore, My daughter, Emilie Kraemer needs to see an MD—she has flaky skin (crusts) around her right eye and has been making frequent trips to the bathroom. I have already asked her mother. Emilie states that her mother is not going to take her. That possibility  of scabies returning is probable after having a rare disease like Norwegian Scabies (hyper infestation of scabies). The real concern is that the same attitude’s that allowed the previous disease to progress unchecked till it became infected continue to prevail.

Federal Guardian Shanon Moore “Dear Mr. Kraemer: I am copying Lisa Spitale, Esquire, who is Emilie’s guardian of the person to keep her apprised of any concerns, particularly health related, regarding Emilie. I have spoken with Emilie’s mother who will make arrangements to take Emilie to see her doctor to evaluate her eye and any concerns relating to Emilie’s bathroom use. As for concerns relating to Emilie’s instructional coach, can you please detail what the concerns specifically are? There has been a recent change with her coach and SPIN is currently searching for a permanent replacement. Thank you.

01/15/2014 | 12:39 PM | To Federal Guardian Shanon Moore. Ms. Moore, Thank you for seeing that Emmy saw a doctor. However, her needing to see a doctor closely correlated with some friction with one of Spin’s people. This not the first time. Emilie, more often that not does not know who she is with and does not like who she is with. Today is a perfect example of that. These people interfere with my relationship with my daughter and that nonsense needs to stop at once. My daughter is not to go to their homes, pet their animals or be coerced to cover for them

When I speak to my daughter I fully expect her to be able freely say who she is with (first and last name) where she is going and why. I expect to be able to identify them directly while they are with my daughter. Finally, there is also some on going discrepancy between who Emmy is reported to be with and who she is actually with. The times I’ve emailed you to ask who Emmy’s with and following up with her to let her know who she is with has yielded conflicting responses. That is—are you aware that who Spin states that Emmy is with is not at all who Emmy is with and no doubt accounts for some of the anonymity. 


01/23/2014 Guardian Lisa Spitale tortured my daughter after reporting her sexual assault involved police “the doctor called the police a little bit” But then refused to share the medical report I asked for.

Guardians Moore and Spitale refuse to share the medical report I requested.

01/24/2014 RetaliationEmilie was burned and had finger print bruises

02/19/2014 | PA Judge Roscioli Notice of disability support hearing Docket #16690. No mention of Northampton County’s current treatment for MR317 or disability of any-kind one month before the Senate Judiciary Committee would pass on Smith’s application for a full vote.



My daughter’s brain damage on call came from Dr. Cha Yu. He belongs in prison for attempted murder right next to Amy DeRaymond, Lisa Spitale and Shanon Moore. Prescription Table 2014

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