Lobbyist, Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC

Lobbyist Pitta, Bishop & Del Giorno LLC are using their lobbyist union clients for violent witness suppression in furtherance of the political appointments of Pitta’s political candidate clients i.e., EDPA Federal Judge applicant Judge Edward Smith, or anyone else they represent in violation of the Little Hatch Act and RICO.      

“Vincent Pitta is among the most politically influential union and lobby representatives in NYC.” He is general counsel for Hotel Trades Council [HTC], Local 6 and represents the NYPD Detectives Endowment Association union.

“The lobbying firm Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno helps elect politicians — then tells them how to vote when they get in office.” NewYork Post

The Post is not entirely accurate. They look for weak links—non-lawyers—who get into politics get elected, get addicted then can’t get out.  These are ideal candidates targeted by Pitta to help get re-elected as they are malleable, blue collar workers he can tell what to do and say on behalf of his clients seeking legislation changes. Organized crimes sweet spot.  As Pitta represents the top unions in NYC he can virtually guarantee a desired candidates election.  This is how one undermines a democracy through an LLC. 

– “Some attorneys are not willing to do some of the things we do—so fuck em” I asked Pitta’s CFO Mickey Cekovic on why new attorneys were leaving so quickly.

– Legislation   “We can get any pice of legislation passed within five years—if you have the money—which we need to do to be competitive.” CFO Mickey Cekovic.

[ 11/06/2011 Federal Judge Applicant Edward Smith: Senator, I understand the difference between a legislator and a judge, and I understand that my personal views do not come into play in my interpretation of the law.]

15-cv-1755 | Kraemer v. DeRaymond | SDNY | When I found PA court officers, guardians never processed treatment for my daughter Emilie’s court ordered PDD NOS diagnosis [ a mild learning disorder ] and were processing instead Judge Edward Smith’s silent approval of genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317 ruled out by three previous courts I was threatened by Pitta, Bishop & Del Giorno, CFO Mickey Cekovic quoting: “You don’t decide, we decide.” My case was dismissed which was no surprise given the severe corruption in the Manhattan SNDY Pro Se department.

That is, the mob, organized crime decides who gets to go to public school and who gets abused and pummeled into disability so criminal enterprises “treating” these “disabled students” can rob the tax payers and medicaid to line their pockets with government paychecks. FAPE and LRE are almost nonexistent.

Vincent Pitta is/was for a very long time general counsel for HTC. His father Vito Pitta was union president of HTC, Local 6 and was indicted as leadership of the Colombo crime organization for violently extorting businesses to pay off union leaders [Pitta] to avoid increased wages for employees. [9] [10] [11]

9/14/2021 The POD hotel on 42nd and 9th NYC. I caught an HTC union member [hotel employee] reaching out of a large air duct in the ceiling just after pressing on my face and teeth to pre-stress them to break. One example of many.

Pitta lobbies for Glenwood, one of the largest real-estate companies in New York from around 2012 to 2023. According to JCOPE Glenwood  dropped Pitta in 2015 after Albany Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver 01/22/2015 and former State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos 05/04/2015 were charged by US Attorney Preet Bharara for taking bribes and kickbacks from Glenwood Management.

Glenwood agreed to cooperate and testify in the matter pursuant to a non-prosecution agreement with the U.S. Attorney and paid a $200,000 fine to NYS Joint Committee on Public Ethics. 2016 Pitta and Glenwood went back to doing business. 

From 2012 to at least 2019 “Our Facilitated Enrollment for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (FE- ABD) program helps individuals who are age 65 to apply for Medicaid and the Medicare Savings Program through the New York City Human Resources Admin.” 

In 2018 after NYPD Inspector Brian McGinn was named by the FBI NYPD and Pitta’s unions tired to pick me off. They were able to get my medical history to pinpoint areas to maim and use these union members to cause injuries. 

05/18/2021 10:00 AM Bellevue Hospital National Covid-19 treatment center back waiting area. I was injected and infected with some substance infecting the arm I work with.

05/18/2021 Bellevue Hospital National Covid-19 treatment center front waiting area. When I attempted to get a covid-19 vaccination a DC37 union member walked around his Covid-19 intake station and did a union dance a few feet from me.