Risk for Marketing CMO’s, public relations staff and reporters using hotels

I have seen it too many times—Hotel Trades Council members breaking into my hotel room while I was sleeping to inflict injury. The POD hotel on 42nd street for example had an HTC member crawl through the air duct and I caught the little bastard pressing on my teeth, so they were sore and lose. Think its too outrageous to lower a boom from the roof to reach in from the outside window? Think again.

My marketing friends from the Marc Dreier law firm [ who owned Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC] reported strange things happening to them while staying in NYC hotels. That was HTC. The types of injuries they inflict might seem related to something you were doing earlier in the day —but weird, terrifying and unexplainable? Thats HTC.

Vincent Pitta’s father Vito was president of the Hotel Trade Council and leadership in the Columbo crime family. His son Vincent became their general council. If you are a reporter, marketer, involved in government and you are thinking about staying in a hotel in New York City—think again.

Jane Hotel NYC Jane Street: Use of broken microwave ovens from adjacent room. Doors pulled off of small microwave ovens with the safety switch depressed. Plug it in and leave the room. Woke up with burns. I knew it was electromagnetic [ I’m a former electrician ] but i had no clue what they were using to generate the wave direction until I got burned by union members sitting at a WholeFoods cafe on Columbus circle.

Arlo Hotel NYC room break in. Back stun gunned while sleeping. Stun gun attacks became very frequent in most hotel rooms. The experience is you feel fine, and wake up beat up—soft tissue injures below the dermis so there no reasonable way to make a police report.

My way around them was to assume they engaged in these types of assaults and then protecting myself from them and by trial and error. I was able to confirm for my own purpose the unions were using electromagnetic and microwave energy to impose serious injury with minimal detection.

Hotels are made extremely dangerous by the Hotel Trades Council. HTC has substantial influence over NYC Mayor’s office and is the most powerful union in New York City. It is LONG overdue for the FBI to step in and dissolve this union. Hotel owners and the hospitality industry deserve protection from violent morons who use other peoples property to express themselves through racketeering.