2017 Suicide of anonymous parking lot judge Robert Halal

06/05/2017 PA Magistrate District Court 31-1-07 Judge Robert Halal committed suicide with a shotgun blast to his head when I filed a federal motion to show cause seeking the identity of the judge meeting my daughter in the dirt parking lot behind Magistrate District Court 31-1-06.

The motion never made it to the public docket. The back up to my laptop was stolen the next day 06/06/2017. The laptop was stolen the day I opened the case. There were 7 overt acts by parties attempting to conceal the connection between my motion and Judge Halal’s suicide.

06/27/2022 I discovered Allentown PA Magistrate District Judge Robert Halal from district court 31-1-07  committed suicide the same day I posted a Motion to Show cause 06/05/2017 in federal court seeking the identity of the anonymous Judge Lehigh was taking my daughter to in a parking lot behind district court 31-1-06 in Bethlehem PA while I was suing them and her guardians during Kraemer v. Pennsylvania.

07/2022 to 07/24/2022 I was tracked maimed and life threatened by union members cooperating with NYPD’s 18th and 20th Precinct’s responsible for participating in racketing Republican judge Smith’s 03/26/2014 federal Judge appointment. NYPD was notoriously Republican and PBA backed Trump’s 2020 Presidential campaign.


04/21/2017 I opened SDNY 17-cv-2910 Kraemer v. Edelstein
04/21/2017 I opened SDNY 17-cv-2913 Kraemer v. The State of New York

04/21/2017 My laptop was stolen about an hour after opening the federal lawsuits. It had interviews of Emilie talking about what Lehigh University staff were doing with her.

04/28/2017 my U.S. mailing address for my retirement check was changed by a third party [ my ex-wife ] to my ex-wife’s former address 123 Vista Drive Easton PA via a change of address form. I uncover this 6/29/2017 purely by luck.

06/05/2017 I filed a Motion to Show Cause for Edelstein my landlord, to pay me. [see para 25-29] It promised a separate show cause motion on the subject of my daughter being trafficking in parking lots in particular the dirt parking lot behind Magistrate District Court 31-1-06 in Bethlehem PA.

“17-cv-2910 is the first of three show causes I intend to file… Personally, 17-cv 2913 [ para 30] out of all my lawsuits is the most important as the egregiousness of it centers on the action of public officials and law enforcement who deliberately trafficked my daughter.”


Suffering from “anxiety and depression” Halal killed himself with a shotgun blast to the head.

06/05/2017 Pro Se clerks suppressed my motion from the federal docket and I had to make a special request to post it.

06/06/2017 The backup drive [ESI] to the laptop was stolen at CVS 300 Park Ave. South NY NY. It contained interviews of Emilie and her experience in cars, judge-friends, etc. CVS was implicated as it dispensed sedatives without a prescription also connected to Emilie’s contraction of an STD from a parking lot client while in the care of Lehigh Transition Services.

06/08/2017 Federal clerks posted my 06/05/2017 motion after resubmitting it and complaining about it 06/07/2017—three days after Judge Halal committed suicide. Short circuiting any connection to be made by the media.

06/29/2017 I discovered my U.S. Mail was redirected to an Easton PA party the day after I opened my federal complaints 04/22/2017.

06/30/2017 3 TIMES SDNY Pro Se clerks suppressed posting Temporary Restraining Motion to the federal docket. SDNY federal Pro Se clerks deliberately concealed the PA defendant’s criminal activities requiring me to get a supervisor to post my motion to the federal CM/ECF.

06/17/2017 17-cv-2913 Dismissed
09/19/2017 17-cv-2910 Dismissed Doc 14.


Common purpose. To establish a criminal conspiracy violation under 18 U.S.C. § 1962(d) each of the following elements must be proved: 1. The existence of an enterprise [ or that an enterprise would exist ]; 2. That the enterprise was [ or would be ] engaged in, or its activities affected [or would affect], interstate or foreign commerce; and 3. The partners in the criminal plan must agree to pursue the same criminal objective and may divide up the work, yet each is responsible for the acts of each other. If conspirators have a plan which calls for some conspirators to perpetrate the crime and others to provide support, the supporters are as guilty as the perpetrators.

Defendants from Kraemer v. Pennsylvania, officers of the court and police had a pattern of spoiling ESI evidence of the same subject matter.

  1. PA defendants from 10-cv-4868 redirected my U.S. Mail to Easton Pennsylvania the day
    after opening SDNY 17-cv-2913, 2910.
  2. Federal Pro Se clerks suppressed two motions linking Halal’s suicide to the federal actions.
  3. NYPD/CNY spoiled critical ESI evidence twice in connection to Emilie in parking lots with her judge friend and getting burned with cigarettes.
  4. My laptop was stolen a few hours after initiating 17-cv-2913, 2910.
  5. The back up drive to the laptop was stolen the day after Halal’s suicide.
  6. Both ESI devices had interviews of Emilie talking about her judge friend, LehighUniversity Transition Services, and getting burned with cigarettes at Lehigh and evidence against Edelstein.

NYPD has a pattern of ESI spoliation and corruptly persuading federal Pro Se attorney’s and clerks in connection with PA defendants and Edelstein.

04/21/2017 I opened SDNY 17-cv-2913 Kraemer v. The State of New York. About an hour after opening the federal lawsuits NYC Homeless shelter agency clients in coordination with NYPD stole my laptop. It had interviews of Emilie talking about what Lehigh University Transition Services staff were doing with her.

02/04/2019 NYC shelter clients ice-picked into my laptop’s power-port after drafting a 2012 to 2014 email thread for Lehigh University Transition Services.

Emails [ESI] are admissible under federal rules. The emails were about Lehigh University Transition Services regarding my daughter’s horrific treatment: her time in parking-lots and injurious events around Ed Smith’s federal judge application milestones.

05/16/2019 NYPD organized the theft of my laptop the day after I received Northampton County PA transcripts that contained perjury by guardian Lisa Spitale that cost me visitation with my daughter. NYPD used their union threat of future violence in the 14th St. Apple computer store and as I walked across the atrium in Penn Station just before my [ESI] laptop was stolen.

09/27/2019 19-cv-6671 SDNY Kraemer v. The City of New York. Attorney Ray DeRaymond Challenge Of Venue Motion Case Document 18. “Consequently, the proper venue for determination of the issues, if any, would be best determined by the Court of Common Pleas of Northampton County, Pennsylvania.” NYC agency clients in coordination with NYPD stole my laptop the same day.

07/2022 My self-defense from their organized violence and grand larceny resulted in my false arrest. [The DA dismissed my case ] The NYPD officer used union references through out my arrest process while setting free his associate involved in police union backed organized assault. NYPD made it VERY clear their union(s) were arresting me—not the police. It left an impression of how severe organized corruption has progressed in NYC since Mayor Bill de Blasio.


Pursuant to State v. Mann, 132 N.J. 410, 423 (1993), “a trial court ordinarily should hold an [N.J.R.E. 104(a)] hearing to determine whether evidence of a defendant’s suicide attempt is sufficient to support a reasonable inference that the suicide attempt was prompted by a desire to avoid the ordeal of prosecution and punishment or was otherwise evidence of consciousness of guilt.”