Anonymous Judge, dirt parking lot behind Magistrate District Court 31-1-06, WIRETAP.

01/25/2011 Kraemer v. Pennsylvania was transferred to N.J. Judge William J. Martini. Soon afterward defendant Lehigh University Transition Services sex trafficked my daughter Emilie—the subject matter of Kraemer v. Pennsylvania— to an anonymous judge in a parking lot behind PA Magistrate District Court 31-1-06 in Bethlehem PA in exchange for wiretap access to my New York business Kraemer Inc.

[ PA Magistrate District Court 31-1-07 Judge Robert Halal committed suicide with a shotgun blast to his head 06/05/2017 when I filed a federal motion to show cause seeking the identity of the parking lot judge. The motion never made it to the public docket. The back up to my laptop was stolen the next day 06/06/2017. The laptop was stolen the day I opened the case. ]

In exchange for Lehigh’s delivery of my daughter in parking lots the anonymous Magistrate District judge provided off-the-books WIRETAP access to my business Kraemer Inc’s computers, emails, intellectual property and security camera access to my apartment. Magistrate District judges in PA can issue subpoenas for wiretaps.

My daughter on visitation days complained about her anonymous “judge friend with subpoena power.” He communicated to me through Emilie what email’s he was reviewing, knowledge of my clients, what I was working on etc., while he had physical access to my daughter. He maintained a constant atmosphere of witness intimidation and coercion during Kraemer v. Pennsylvania | EDPA | 10-cv-4868.

Lehigh University Transition Services and the Court officers through the anonymous judge got the witness suppression they needed to prevent my discovery of their use of genetic mental retardation billing code ICD-9 MR317. It would never get mentioned in front of Delaware U.S. Attoreny, or Federal Judge William Martini.

Mechanics of a corrupt off-the-books police wiretap.

04/21/2017 Apple Ph.D. computer science candidate at the 14th Street Apple Store in NYC told me a Mobile Device Management server was connected to my laptop stating that: I actually “did not own the computer” I bought from that Apple Store. She never saw anything like that before and made substantial documentation about it for Apple. 

What she meant in lay terms even though I owned the physical “device” someone else owned the volumeand could do whatever they wanted with it.  The “volume” is the programmable content residing on the hard drive.  Apple Stores:

1981 Broadway | 401 West 14th Street | 103 Prince Street | 767 5th Ave each sold me laptops with volumes belonging to third parties.

I paid full price for the devices while a third party: Labor lobbyist Pitta, Bishop & Del Giorno LLC’s union clients the Police Benevolent Association and NYPD Detectives Endowment Association used their influence under the color of law to usurp non-judicial ownership of my laptop’s volume and bootstrap tokens. 

Apple Stores: 1. Ether installed the police union controlled volume at the time of purchase or 2. Created a stockpile of volume-swapped devices to sell to select customers at the request of NYPD as a favor.  With ownership of the volume, corrupt police are able to track my GPS locations, set geofencing parameters, read what I am typing, stall or block emails, spoof accounts and royally fuck with my business—all of which they do to this day.

According to the Apple Ph.D. computer science candidate that as I had no control over the volume my emails “could be going anywhere”


04/03/2012 I caught Lehigh taking Emilie to a parking lot behind District Court 31-1-06 in Bethlehem PA with the anonymous judge friend. Emilie complained about being left in the parking lot “ALL DAY”.

04/05/2012 I emailed Lehigh University Transition Services about it.
04/06/2012  Their explanation was ludicrous.
04/09/2012 Federal guardian Moore ordered Emilie to a therapist instead of calling to police, taking Emilie at her word and my data confirming the ALL DAY parking lot activity involving the anonymous judge.

02/06/2013 Emilie contracted scabies, an STD that nearly killed her after this parking lot trafficking event. A cigarette was put out on her forehead during the altercation.


07/2011 Judge Ed Smith applied for Federal Judge.
10/15/2011 Kraemer v. Pennsylvania was dismissed.

My landlord Edelstein hired Mexican contractors to work on the roof.  They used an electric boom lowered from the roof to break in through my apartments side window and did two things:

(i) They built a delivery system to eject toxic fumes into my bedroom while I was sleeping. [ The Mexican contractors unwittingly left cached breadcrumbs to their personal gmail accounts after they logged into on my Apple MacPro workstation No. YM13805MEUF while they were robbing me. ]

(ii) They rerouted my ethernet cables to bypass my CISCO UC520 firewall and PBX. They pulled the credentials from my Apple workstation and passed them to NYPD and Northampton County PA police to wiretap my business devices vis-a-vis an Apple DEP account managed by a Mobile Device Management server [MDM] and assigned themselves mirror access to my computer screens.  They could see every lead I generated, every email sent, every web program I created, my proprietary patented software. They robbed, grand larceny in the first degree. They needed access to  the Kraemer Inc. computer devices to set their MDM’s remote software control and they had it. They  also had the full cooperation of Apple security [retired NYPD] at Apple stores.

Apple Fifth Ave flagship store
NYPD has let me know through aggression they have access to my Apple business devices.

Apple CEO Tim Cook would lose his mind if he knew his security and employees helped further a violent child trafficking enterprise operating out of public school districts. Selling to Schools is one of Apple’s key lines of business.