25% If I Lived

1/2022 my mother died. Just before her death Northampton County my daughter’s mother Amy DeRaymond linked my social security account with my abducted daughter’s. My sister made herself executor of my mother’s estate. My mother’s will said I was entitled to 25% of her estate—provided “I lived” after the issuance of the will. I was the only one she made the qualification for.

2022 NYPD and Northampton County police unions have actively been helping my sister and Amy DeRaymond become richer vis-a-vis my accelerated demise program.

My sister, a deputy and Amy DeRaymond, a school teacher, are walking uncharged felons that royally fucked with our country’s basic concepts of democracy by helping Judge Edward Smith lie to the office of the President and Congress about his violent child trafficking ( criminal RICO felony offenses ) to become a federal judge.

Deputy Kraemer began manipulating my mother after Judge Edward Smith recruited her and his federal judge application became viable in 2011. My mother became strange, aggressive, and paranoid. Issued warnings that I’d better do what they said if I knew what was good for me. The police hacked my cell and interfered with my communication. I mean physically interfered with the connection quality so I could not hear what she was saying. They isolated her.

I’ve been watching my health decline suddenly—unions under New York City lobbyist Vincent Pitta’s auspices have been steadily poisoning me. The general public does not have the slightest clue how organized union violence works. I’ll be posting a few youtube videos on how they slowly murder their targets.