2018 NYPD Attempted murder—hit and run 


04/2018 NYPD Inspector McGinn was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the US case against Rechnitz, Reichberg and Deputy Inspector Grant. McGinn was moved to Mid Town South and put in charge of patrol 05/2018 – 12/2018. NY Dailynews

05/11/2018 GRANT/ REICHBERG TRIAL RESET TO 10/04/2018
Due to an evidence blunder by U.S. prosecutors the Judge set a new trial date for US v. Grant, Reichberg with McGinn expected to testify to 10/04/2018

07/02/2018 1:00AM EMAIL FROM 20TH PRECINCT SERGEANT O’KEEF 20th Precinct Inspector McGinn’s Sergeant O’Keef complained to me via email an hour and a half later after I emailed notes to myself regarding NYPD 20th Precincts deliberate facilitation of my landlord’s attempted murder. Exhibit 3.9.12

O’Keef had to be using a non-judicial wire-tap to observe my correspondence. The email pointed to NYPD’s favorable treatment of my Republican Jewish Landlord allowing attempted murder.

I suffered from lacerations and broken ribs after a hit and run NYPD took credit for [1] at the ER only 10 days after receiving an email from O’Keef. ER staff used NYPD’s code or pidgin: “Cough, cough, cough” in unison during my treatment. Exhibit 3.9.13 Exhibit 3.28

My medical records from Presbyterian ER at 68th street were released to the CNY. The medical records were used for a follow-up attempted murder and maiming.
– Injuries from tasering. 
– Nasal cavity injections. Psychotropic doping so I could barely function.
– Use of otolaryngologist scope to deposit meds.  Saw this. 
– Spraying WD-40 under my nose from upside down can. Saw this.
– Pesticides under my nose from upside down can. Smelled this.
– Back injures.
– Tasing. Soft tissue injures not easily or at all recordable via x-ray debilitating me for the day or few days. When I covered my head to prevent organized crime from doping me NYPD came by and told me not to cover my head as it was technically camping.

Any company with a call center was gamed to cough, cough, cough NYPD’s union code during my call: Amex, law firms, the U.S., Court of Appeals clerks.

07/20/2018 RIBS RE-BROKEN Healed broken ribs were re-broken resulting in infection while I was sleeping in Central Park. I assaults were daily.