06/05/2017 my daughter’s parking lot judge friend magistrate district judge Robert Halal killed himself the same day as my federal motion seeking his identity.

01/25/2011 soon after my case Kraemer v. Pennsylvania EDPA was transferred to former Republican Congressman N.J. Judge William J. Martini [ Doc. 95 ] defendant Lehigh University Transition Services began sex trafficking my daughter with Allentown magistrate district Judge Robert Halal—her anonymous judge friend with subpoena power—in exchange for wiretap access to my business computers, emails and security camera access to my apartment.  Halal, police from PA and NYPD participated in violent interstate witness tampering via the use of the illegal wiretap. 06/05/2017 Judge Halal killed himself with a shotgun blast the same day I filed a motion to show cause seeking to find my daughter’s parking lot “judge friend” behind Bethlehem district court 31-1-06.

Lehigh UniversityTransition Services was the primary pecuniary recipient of Republican Federal Judge applicant Judge Ed Smith’s 12/21/2006 [para 19] illegal approval to incapacitate Emilie with a genetic mental retardation diagnosis billing code ICD-9 MR317.

My daughter Emilie on visitation days complained about her new anonymous “judge friend with subpoena power.” The judge friend communicated through Emilie what email’s he was reviewing, knowledge of my clients, what I was working on etc., Extorting me while he had physical access to my daughter during 10-cv-4868.

Federal guardian Shanon Moore who ordered Emilie to Lehigh University Transition Services county guardian Lisa Spitale, the DeRaymond’s, Lehigh, worked with local police and NYPD vis-a-vis the magistrate judge to witness tamper the Plaintiff, myself, through his daughter to influence my case by maintaining an atmosphere of terror.

2017 Plaintiff filed in SDNY 17-cv-2913 and 2910 Kraemer v. Edelstein.  06/05/2017 Judge Halal of Magisterial District Court 31-1-07 committed suicide the same day Plaintiff filed Motion to Show Cause seeking payment from overcharged rent and to know who his daughter’s judge friend was in parking lots behind district court 31-1-06.  Defendant’s from 10-cv-4868, NYPD and Pro Se clerks committed 7 overt acts obfuscating the connection between the Plaintiff’s Motion to Show cause and Judge Halal’s suicide.

04/21/2017 I opened SDNY 17-cv-2910 Kraemer v. Edelstein 
04/21/2017 I opened SDNY 17-cv-2913 Kraemer v. The State of New York

04/21/2017 my laptop was stolen about an hour after opening the federal lawsuits.
It had interviews of Emilie talking about what Lehigh University staff were doing with her. 

04/22/2017 my U.S. Mail was redirected to a party—my ex-wife’s former address 123 Vista Drive Easton PA via a change of address form. I find out 6/29/2017. 

[ 12/21/2006 My ex-wife Amy DeRaymond, her father attorney Ray DeRaymond, a municipality solicitor steered my daughter’s $255,000 comprehensive education funding for college ordered by the PA State Appeals Panel to Lehigh University Transition Services mental retardation employment training and placement service. ]

 06/05/2017 I filed a Motion to Show Cause for Edelstein my landlord, to pay me. [see para  25-29]  It promised a separate show cause motion on the subject of my daughter’s trafficking in parking lots: “17-cv-2910 is the first of three show causes I intend to file… Personally,

17-cv 2913[ para 30]out of all my lawsuits is the most important as the egregiousness of it centers on the action of public officials and law enforcement who deliberately trafficked my daughter.”


Suffering from “anxiety and depression” Halal killed himself with a shotgun blast to the head. 

06/05/2017 Pro Se clerks suppressed my motion from the federal docket and I had to make a special request to post it. 

06/06/2017 The backup drive [ESI]  to the laptop was stolen at CVS 300 Park Ave. South NY NY.  It contained interviews of Emilie and her experience in cars, judge-friends, etc. CVS was implicated as it dispensed sedatives without a prescription also connected to Emilie’s contraction of an STD from a parking lot client while in the care of Lehigh Transition Services. 

06/08/2017 Federal clerks posted my 06/05/2017 motion after resubmitting it and complaining about it 06/07/2017—three days after Judge Halal committed suicide. Short circuiting any connection to be made by the media. 

06/29/2017  I discovered my U.S. Mail was redirected to an Easton PA party the day after I opened my federal complaints 04/22/2017. 

3 TIMES SDNY Pro Se clerks suppressed posting Temporary Restraining Motion to the federal docket. SDNY federal Pro Se clerks deliberately concealed the PA defendant’s criminal activities requiring me to get a supervisor to post my motion to the federal CM/ECF.

06/17/2017 17-cv-2913 Kraemer v. New York State Dismissed

09/19/2017 17-cv-2910 Kraemer v. Edelstein Dismissed Doc 14.

09/25/2017 DHCR FOIL review 092017-0033 10:19 AM Inspector Barbara Robinson’s report on her cancelation [she was a no show] missing from FOIL. Inspector Barbara Robinson’s co-worker at 25 Beaver street hid her report from the FOIL. Then gave me the finger to the back of my head while looking for Ms. Robison’s fraud.  https://youtu.be/O2xMAjWQ7_Y

10/11/2017 my DHCR rent history was reviewed by DHCR Deputy Commissioner Woody Pascal who said that Edelstein owed me for charging triple illegal rent for 17 years or approximately $283,644.99plus treble damages.]