2017 NYPD Theft of laptop (ESI) 

SDNY 17-cv-2910 Kraemer v. Edelstein

04/21/2017 OPEN SDNY 17-cv-2910 Kraemer v. Edelstein

04/21/2017 Theft of laptop (ESI) within hours after opening

04/28/2017 Defendant’s changed my NYC address to Easton PA re-routing my U.S. mail

06/05/2017 Motion To Show Cause for landlord payment was tossed in the garbage by SNDY the Pro Se clerk. It was never posted to the CF/ECM.

06/06/2017 Theft of backup drive. The backup-drive and laptop had video proof of fumes and in my apartment and injuries from my daughter’s trafficking.

06/21/2017 Summary Judgement Motion Document 11 detailed the 20th precincts involvement in facilitating Edelstein’s use of toxic fumes by defining it as attempted murder, then refusing to investigate it:


2013 Inspector McGinn was taking bribes from Rechnitz and Reichberg—Republican, Jewish, landlord representatives—while his cops refused to investigate. 6/2016 many of McGinn’s NYPD inspector colleagues were charged with taking bribes from them but not McGinn. 4/2018 Mcginn was named Inspector James Grants co-conspirator by the FBI. NY Post

09/15/2017 FRIDAY DHCR FOIL REVIEW # 092017-0033 APPROVED 

09/19/2017 DISMISSAL Document 14 The SDNY Pro Se Attorney’s obfuscated evidence of NYPD refusing to investigate toxic fumes, attempted murder causing me to move out 11/16/2013. They referred only to NYPD’s bicycle tampering in Document 11:

See Paragraphs 1, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 for landlord attempted murder references:

P16. May 2013 to February 2014 murder was attempted by landlord Edelstein: toxic fumes into 8G1 facilitated by NYPD.  P17. On or about 05/25/2013 [ this date was wrong it was 11/19/2014 ] the NYPD twentieth precinct defined the fumes deliberately vented into my apartment as assault and attempted murder.  P17. The NYPD allowed it to continue via the: “come back and see us if he does it again” routine each time I asked for intervention.”

SDNY Pro Se attorneys concealed circumstantial evidence of the landlord’s and NYPD’s malice aforethought.

09/25/2017 DHCR FOIL review 092017-0033 10:19 AM Inspector Barbara Robinson’s report on her cancelation [she was a no show] missing from FOIL. Inspector Barbara Robinson’s co-worker at 25 Beaver street hid her report from the FOIL. Then gave me the finger to the back of my head while looking for Ms. Robison’s fraud.  https://youtu.be/O2xMAjWQ7_Y

10/11/2017 my DHCR rent history was reviewed by DHCR Deputy Commissioner Woody Pascal who said that Edelstein owed me for charging triple illegal rent for 17 years or approximately $283,644.99plus treble damages.]