2015 CNY / NYPD facilitated attempted murder

Edelstein v. Kraemer #79433/14 Manhattan Housing Court.

05/13/2015 A CNY “consultant” manufactured fraudulent documents that made Edelstein’s illegal rent legal—ignoring Keesly’s request for the legal rent #00035602756F denied by Judge Wendt.  The CNY fraud was part of Edelstein’s payment after NYPD allowed Edelstein [their client] to use his facility [my apartment] to vent toxic fumes.

08/19/2015 A CNY Marshal evicted me with what I had: The shirt on my back and my laptop. Judge Wendt refused to let me collect ANY property from my apartment. Judge Peter Wendt’s illegal evection order prevented me from getting: Records against the PA enterprise, tax records, ability to make a livelihood; winter clothing. Exhibit 1.33.1

11/2015 I was referred to NYC MainChance by NYPD. They aggressively pushed for me to sign a contract for Lutheran Family Health Centers should I become immobilized or unconscious. I refused to sign. They aggressively attempted to induce me to sign while they were cultivating a serious Cellulitis infection in my legs.

MainChance dumped what looked like a client from a nursing home with open rotting staph infections in the Center’s sleeping room. It reeked. I worked in a nursing home, recognized the infection and its pungent oder. That MainChance staff would have taken my shoes off and wiped the in-soles of my sneakers with gloves from handling this “client” was WELL within the parameters of their corrupt activities I saw at MainChance.  

12/14/2015 I OPEN 15-cv-9839 SDNY KRAEMER V. EDELSTEIN

CNY MainChance evicted me in retaliation first-thing in the morning. Putting me on the street with no winter clothing, and seriously infected legs from Cellulitis after my brief stay there Exhibit 1.27.13

HRA second floor: Black director NO-NAME put on an insane, dramatic, emotional display when I asked about Ed Keesly’s missing 02/06/2015 legal rent request: Yelling at the top of his lungs: “Ed Keesly was not employed there for at least two years.”

Bellevue treated me intravenously for Cellulitis I contracted at MainChance. I could have lost both legs.Additional requests to fully clear the infection were denied by Bellevue Hospital ER requiring the Plaintiff to get antibiotics from his dentist to fully clear the infection.

01/14/2016 13th Precinct NYPD sergeant, black hair, 5.10″ male —at Bellevue Hospital attempted to induce me to the tell ER MD’s I was “hallucinating.” “They all do it.” To get out of the cold for 3 days. “They all do it” the NYPD sergeant enticed me to agree to schizophrenia” via extortion. I refused.

NYPD 13th Precinct Bellevue security attempted to extort an invented serious mental health issue by leveraging MainChances deliberate Cellulitis infection, Bellevue ER’s substandard medical treatment with the threat of exposure to sub-freezing temperatures —which could have been fatal—to induce agreement to a false mental health diagnosis after 20th Precinct Brian McGinn allowed my landlord’s repeated attempts at murder, and robbery via the offering of false instrument to housing court—also felony.