Massive, Official Racketeering

09/15/2011 | Federal Judge Martini protected Ed Smith’s federal judge application from his participation in a violent self-dealing child trafficking business.   

Kraemer v. Pennsylvania | 10-cv-4868 | EDPA | 09/15/2011 my federal case was capriciously and arbitrarily dismissed with prejudice by federal Judge Martini. Soon afterward Northampton County PA authorized a PERMANENT WIRE-TAP to my mobile and business devices and used them to dilute my business, credibility, status, standing in the business community. protecting Ed Smith’s federal judge application from his participation in a violent self-dealing child trafficking business.

The Delaware US Attoreny Patricia C. Hannigan assigned to my case had a front row seat to the School Districts and Northampton County’s torture of a school student [my daughter] prior to cognitive assessment exam—extorting low IQ scores and poor performance under the threat of future harm—and Northampton County’s use of false diagnosis codes bilking Medicaid to self-deal business to behavioral health care consultants. Violent child trafficking and robbing tax payers. She did nothing.
( DC Chief federal Judge Beryl Howell criticizes “schizophrenic” Justice Department )

09/21/2010 I opened 10-cv-4868 Kraemer v. Pennsylvania after I sued the Easton Area School District for not educating my daughter because they thought she was mentally retarded. (She was not remotely mentally retarded ) The following violent racketeering ensued:

03/23/2006 I won Educational Due Process #5779 05/06. The Hearing officer found in Emilie’s favor due to her medical diagnostic conducted by my Uncle Dr. Warren Grover, the Head of Child Neurology at Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children. It proved she had NO congenital mental retardation. Her fragile x chromosome xx was intact, it had virtually no iterations that would have regulated the FM1 protein to cause diminished synaptic function. She was normal. Consistent with the hearing officers comp-ed award as someone with PDD-NOS (mild atypical autism) recommended by the medical diagnostic.

Just before the ruling the mother, Amy DeRaymond and county solicitor attorney Ray DeRaymond, the grandfather, shopped around until they found a corrupt MD—Dr. Smock to diagnose Emilie with congenital mental retardation, diagnosis code MR317 and presented it during the last hearing 02/16/2006. The hearing officer let it in and gave it little to no weight. 

03/28/2006 The District, County, and DeRaymond began treating my daughter for mental retardation diagnosis code MR317—ruled out by the hearing officer—in school, home and the community without telling me. The District and consultant advertised Emilie as mentally retarded MR317 in the community where she lived after losing the hearing officer’s decision. Child-trafficking. 

The School District’s consultant Freya Koger and Milestones community services that specialized in mental retardation were getting paid to treat Emilie for mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 after it was specifically ruled out and impossible for her to have.

05/18/2006 The school district appealed and lost Education Appeals Panel Opinion #1727. Three judges confirmed Emilie’s diagnosis as PDD NOS. Again specifically overruling congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317.

Right after the Appeals Panel order the District, Northampton County MH/MR ignored the ruling and continued treatment for congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 and not the ordered PDD-NOS diagnosis. The County solicitor, the grandfather, attorney Ray DeRaymond and his former law partner Judge Ed Smith ordered that a guardian (violence-for-hire) Lisa Spitale be placed to enforce the illegal treatment of diagnosis code MR317.  U.S. v. Computer Sciences Corp, United Health v. U.S. Heath & Human Services-First Circuit 18-5326

08/2006 EDPA 06-cv-3592-TR I sued in federal court to enforce the Education Appeals Panel Order for $255,000 in comprehensive education payment and adherence to the ruling of diagnosis PDD-NOS.

10/09/2007 Federal Magistrate Judge Timothy Rice appointed Marcie Romberger Federal guardian.

03/2008 Federal guardian Romberger arranged a superfluous meaningless cognitive assessment exam for Emilie deliberately giving attorney DeRaymond the opportunity to rig the exam to find my daughter mentally retorted as the County, and District consultant were billing Medicaid to illegally treat Emilie for diagnosis code MR317 approved by Judge Ed Smith and DeRaymond.

03/2008 attorney DeRaymond arranged the torture of my daughter—burning her with cigarettes numerous times, each of her knuckles, her arms and shins. One was down to the bone before the cognitive assessment exam while Romberger withheld the fragile-x diagnostic report from Dr. Hess proving Emilie had no congenital mental retardation.

Terrified and tortured Emilie walked the halls of the Easton Area School District with open bleeding severe cigarette burns on her hands and arms. Not one teacher said a thing.

04/16/2008 During the PFA trial attorney DeRaymond, characterized his granddaughter’s numerous third-degree cigarette burns as:
1. “Spurious” 
2. “A little mark that came up on the child”
3. Blamed the victim: “She did it to herself to herself”
4. Attorney DeRaymond sought sanctions for my taking EK to a doctor seeking to hide future evidence of their central extortion tool
Judge Moran dismissed my case.

08/14/2008 Northampton County Detective Miller skirted Emilie’s diagnosed, obvious torture stating he could not reach the MD and was pulled from the case by the DA;

04/09/2009 Federal magistrate judge Rice threatened to say I was “crazy” if I filed a pleading against his federal guardian appointee Marcie Romberger;

04/23/2009 Northampton County MH/MR’s Medical Audit Hugh S. Smith, Ph.D. & Associates, said: A history domestic abuse or physical or sexual abuse toward Emilie was alleged by Mr. Kraemer against Mrs. Fontno (DeRaymond); however was unfounded.;

03/16/2010 Federal Guardian Marcie Romberger quit citing a conflict of interest;

05/17/2010 #2007-0021 Northampton County Judge Koury concealed the organization of Emilie’s torture and extortion. He did not let the MD from the NY Chief Medical examiners office testify, did not let me testify about taking Emilie to a doctor, and did not put his findings of fact/conclusions of law on the record.

08/17/2010 Federal guardian Shanon Moore replaced Romberger. She unilaterally sent Emilie to the school district’s mental retardation consultant Freya Koger’s business for the mentally retarded treating her for diagnosis code MR317.

09/21/2010 Opened EDPA 10-cv-4868-JP Kraemer v. Pennsylvania in Philadelphia federal court. I was done. Fuck this. Die assholes and sued all of them.

01/28/2011 my federal case 10-cv-4868 was transferred from Judge John Padova in Philadelphia who took my case very seriously in spite of my Pro Se status to former Republican Congressman federal judge William J. Martini in New Jersey.

A U.S. Attorney was assigned because I sued two federal judges. The U.S. Attorney was not from Philadelphia—but from Delaware. U.S. Attorney Patrica Hannigan.

The Republicans buried my case after Judge Padova began moving on it. The offical statement was: “Since Eastern District of Pennsylvania judges are included among the defendants named by Plaintiff, the case has been assigned to this Judge, from the District ofNew Jersey, in order to avoid any conflict.” The actual unspoken conflict had to do with republican federal judge applicant judge Ed Smith who trafficked my daughter in collaboration with federal Magistrate Judge Tim Rice in 2008.

05/08/2011 Guardian Lisa Spitale grabbed and burned Emilie in her home. Emilie was in her PJ’s during the attack. Spitale coerced my daughter to agree to attend a home for the mentally retarded Camphill Soltane—two months before Ed Smith’s federal judge application. 

7/2011 Republican judge Ed Smith applied for federal judge. 7/15/2011 Smith approved Lisa Spitale (violence for hire) to replace me as guardian.

I was well into embroiling Ed Smith’s judicial colleagues: Northampton County Judge Koury for his 2010 concealment of the 3/2008 organized torture of my daughter by the mother Amy DeRaymond and attorney Ray DeRaymond prior to her cognitive assessment exam arranged by federal guardian Marcie Romberger.

03/2008 Romberger arranged a superfluous meaningless cognitive assessment exam for Emilie.  Attoreny DeRaymond used Romberger’s pointless cognitive assessment exam as an opportunity to re-cast the education appeals panel order of diagnosis PDD-NOS to MR317 by torturing my daughter—burning her with cigarettes—prior to exam.

In 2007 Judge Giordano approved DeRaymond/Judge Smith’s petition to treat Emilie for congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 in violation of federal law. DeRaymond used Dr. Smock’s diagnosis of MR317 as “proof of mental defect.” Dr. Smock’s diagnosis MR317 was SPECIFICALLY ruled out previously by the Education Appeals Panel Opinion #1727. 2008 Northampton County MH/MR was approving payments for treatment of mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 arranged by DeRaymond/Judge Smith. Thus making my daughter’s violent extortion before the exam set up by Romberger an imperative for DeRaymond/Judge Ed Smith

9/15/2011 Federal Judge William Martini capriciously and arbitrarily dismissed my case with prejudice. He protected Ed Smith’s federal judge application by artfully not addressing the appeals panel ruling of PDD-NOS, specifically ruling out false diagnosis code mental retardation MR317 that Ed Smith and attorney DeRaymond were responsible for its continued criminal usage.

“He believes …a conspiracy made up of some of the defendants changed her diagnosis to mental retardation in order to funnel money to private organizations that specialize in the treatment of such individuals.” Judge Martini Doc. 122 Page 2., P3.

The County was actively billing for congenital mental retardation diagnosis code MR317 while I was suing them for it and Judge Martini was mocking me as a conspiracy nut

The US Attorney, the State AG and County Judges present knew treatment for an ineffective diagnosis code MR317 was being administered to my daughter while the case was active. These seasoned professionals out of solidarity for the Republican party in furtherance of Ed Smith’s federal judge application were not forthcoming as required by their duty as public officials about the use of diagnosis code MR317, bilking Medicaid approved by Ed Smith. Or their duty to acknowledge that my daughter was tortured to cover Smith and DeRaymond’s participation in the bogus diagnosis code:

U.S. Attorney’s Office Patricia C. Hannigan; EDPA Federal Judge Timothy Rice;  EDPA Federal Judge Pratter; The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett; Prosecutor Linda Kelly Pennsylvania Office Of Attorney General; Federal guardians Ms. Marcie Romberger Esq; Ms. Shannon Moore Esq; Mother (teacher) Amy DeRaymond; County Solicitor Ray DeRaymond Esq; Judge Emil Giordano; Lisa Spitale Esq; John Merlo Director of Special Education; Early Intervention consultant for the Easton School District Freya Kroger; Northampton County MH/MR Services.

Massive. Official. Racketeering.

U.S. Attorney Patricia C. Hannigan sat on her hands while a fucking school district’s special ed director and the county peddled self-dealing business agreements to behavioral health care consultants via organized torture and use of false diagnosis codes to bilk Medicaid. And then allowed the judge —Ed Smith—responsible for the child’s violent trafficking get a free pass to his federal judge application. A child torturing, child trafficking criminal thug.

Judge Martini effectively called me a kook and dismissed my case with prejudice 09/15/2011 clearing Ed Smith’s path to pursue his republican federal judge application endorsed by Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

NOTE Doc. 122 Page 2., P3. I used the term Aspergers Syndrome to replace PDD-NOS because federal guardian Romberger’s consultant Dr. Hess began using it in combination with mental retardation in violation of Federal law. Which I did not know at the time. No one called me on it. PDD-NOS was Emilie’s pendent diagnosis ordered by the Education Appeals Panel for which her $255,000 comprehensive education award was inextricably tied to. PDD-NOS was arrived at after a year of hearings, meetings and a medical diagnostic.

Dr. Richard Hess arbitrarily invented his own diagnosis after only talking to my daughter [she was burned with cigarettes by DeRaymond before the exam] and her fragile-x report was withheld from Dr. Hess by Romberger. Romberger, like many connected to this was a an absolute disgusting crook.

Judge Martini cast me as a conspiracy nut
I wondered if he was brain-damaged 

Judge William Martini: “Emilie has had multiple court-appointed guardians, has been seen by multiple doctors, has attended programs for special needs, but regardless of all of this, Mr. Kraemer feels as if all involved are attempting to undermine Emilie’s best interests.”

Federal Judge Martini protected attorney DeRaymond’s torture of his granddaughter prior to federal guardian Romberger’s 2008 redundant cognitive assessment exam

Martini: “Since Plaintiff filed the instant lawsuit on September 21, 2010, any claims based on events prior to September 21, 2008 are time-barred. Almost all the allegations of abuse forming the basis of Plaintiff’s Section 1983 claim are from before 2008, and they date as far back as 1995.  As such, the Court finds that any claims based on events prior to September 21, 2008, must be dismissed.”

Judge Martini improperly time-barred Emilie’s 3/2008 torture caused by attorney Ray DeRaymond and federal guardian Marci Romberger before her cognitive assessment exam which was arranged by Romberger.

04/16/2008 During the PFA trial attorney DeRaymond characterized his granddaughter’s third-degree cigarette burns [ one was down to the bone ] as:

1. “Spurious” 
2. “A little mark that came up on the child”
3. Blamed the victim: “She did it to herself to herself”
4. Attorney DeRaymond sought sanctions for my taking EK to a doctor seeking to hide future evidence of their central extortion tool.

The numerous third-degree cigarette burns were confirmed by top NY dermatologist Dr. Felderman MD and concurred by the NY Chief Medical Examiners office. 

Martini: “Finally, he (me) points to signs of suspected abuse of Emilie, from 1995 through 2007 that he feels have been ignored.” Section 1983 and 1985 claims due to Defendants’ unconstitutional policies that promote “abuse; the cover-up of abuse; fraud; misconduct; and other criminal acts…mischaracterization of symptoms of suspected abuse as behavioral issues and signs of mental retardation”

Emilie gave up I.Q. points ( from which her extortionists profited ) not to suffer future pain. The medical community is very consistent about the negative impact of violence on I.Q.  This relationship was well understood by the RICO enterprise to cause business. 

Officials saw the evilness of the business and did nothing:

U.S. Attorney’s Office Patricia C. Hannigan; EDPA Federal Judge Timothy Rice; EDPA Federal Judge Pratter; The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett; Linda Kelly Pennsylvania Office Of Attorney General; Federal guardians Ms. Marcie Romberger Esq; Ms. Shannon Moore Esq; County Solicitor Ray DeRaymond Esq; Judge Emil Giordano; Judge Michael Koury; Lisa Spitale Esq;  Ms. Melinda Mason; The Honorable Michael J. Koury.

Emilie gave up I.Q. points ( from which her extortionists profited ) not to suffer future pain. The medical community is very consistent about the negative impact of violence on I.Q.  This relationship was well understood by the RICO enterprise to cause business. 


From 03/01/2006 to at least 2013 Northampton County billed Medicaid to treat Emilie for false diagnosis code MR317 she could not have and was ruled out by the State Education Appeals Panel. See the Department of Human Services 2012 Individual Support Plan They should have been charged like everyone else:

10/27/2014 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Files Healthcare Fraud Lawsuit Against Computer Sciences Corp. and The City of New York For Orchestrating a Multimillion-Dollar Medicaid Billing Fraud Scheme. “Suit alleges Computer Sciences Corp. and New York City systematically submitted tens of thousands of claims to Medicaid without exhausting private insurance coverage and also switched diagnosis codes in tens of thousands of Medicaid claims to get those claims paid

8/13/2021 United States Court of Appeals For The District Of Columbia Circuit No.
18-5326 PILLARD, Circuit Judge: “The Overpayment Rule is part of the government’s ongoing effort to trim unnecessary costs from the Medicare Advantage program. Neither Congress nor CMS has ever treated an unsupported diagnosis for a beneficiary as valid grounds for payment to a Medicare Advantage insurer. Consistent with that approach, the Overpayment Rule requires that, if an insurer learns a diagnosis it submitted to CMS for payment lacks support in beneficiary’s medical record, the insurer must refund that payment within sixty days. The Rule couldn’t be simpler.”

Around 09/15/2011 my daughter told me detectives were interviewing her and reviewing my business emails with her in Pennsylvania. Two months prior 7/1/2011 Ed Smith applied for federal judge 7/15/2011 he appointed Lisa Spitale guardian replacing me and used her for witness suppression and violence-for-hire. These criminals, government officials wired tapped, reached into to New York City and royally fucked with my NY State business and attempted to murder me and my daughter to conceal thier racketeering.


OPEN 15-cv-1755 | Kraemer v. DeRaymond  | SDNY —Lobbyist Vincent Pitta’s CFO Mickey Cekovic told me “you don’t decide we decide” in regard to proper diagnosis code usage. That was a Colombo crime family legacy telling me who gets to go to public school and who gets swept up in a medical child trafficking network.   

These fucking thieves, (retarded lobbyist mob jackasses like Mickey Cekovic and Vincent Pitta and attorney Ray DeRaymond )—and judges no less—engaged in behavior of a toddler, lying impulsively, evil beyond belief, protected a child torturing and trafficking enterprise driven by the behavioral health care industry. We let demented freaks sworn to uphold the law protect a gang of behavioral health, child torturing sociopaths who figured out they could make money by deliberately imploding IQ via torture and abuse. What’s next—cave drawings and cannibalism?

Terrorists who organize torture for profit can be put down like the insane rabid animals these characters fall squarely in the meaning of in every respect by the FBI. Whats the FBI waiting for ask EDPA U.S. Attoreny Patricia C. Hannigan.

We haven’t been able to torture Iraq war prisoners since 2009 when President Obama’s executive order 13491 revoked Bush’s enhanced integration polices. This evil brain trust calculated torturing kids for money would be ok as long as they redefined it as unfounded domestic violence.. 2008 my daughter was held down, restrained and severely burned with cigarettes before a cognitive assessment exam and it was called unfounded. Kill them.