Legal Services NYC

Their business interaction was capricious and unpredictable.
After confirming my case was viable and well within the parameters of their services they set up an appointment and call back date. I called.

1. My name was not listed.
2. Then I was denied service for my zip code area.
3. Then I was denied service for lack of resources.
This became pattern with Legal Services. You end up chasing your tail with the promise of quality service via the DOJ’s endorsement.

None of the law firms I contacted reached for the most glaring and obvious solution. The penalty for §175.35 for use of a false instrument. Mandatory one and one third years to four years in prison.

The landlord used toxic fumes to make the apartment unlivable. Then sued me for unpaid rent after DHCR said the apartment was so unsafe it could not be inspected. I stoped paying rent until Edelstien corrected the toxic fume hazard—which the never did as they were using the fumes to force me out.

The landlord submitted a false instrument to Manhattan Housing Court: a Non-Pay Dwelling Petition #27965 demanding payment for an illegal rent $14,624.04 with the expectation pre trial Judge Arleen Hahn send a marshal to collect. Exhibit 27965

The landlord knew at all times the Non-Pay Dwelling Petition #27965 demand for payment they submitted to “the public authority” Manhattan Housing Court contained false information to get PAID $14,624.04 instead of the alternative of getting caught lying to New York State DHCR by Manhattan Housing Court and having to PAY the tenant $283,644.99 for charging an illegal rent for 17 years. Exhibit rent table.

Judge Hahn caught attorney Christopher Duval and Alan Orgel peddling their false instrument that sated the dwelling was no longer the subject of rent stabilization when it was. Judge Hahn glared at them. She ordered trial / settlement in my favor. i.e., if they lied to the court they also lied to DHCR about the apartments status.

Manhattan Housing Court in house lawyers reviewed my rent history records I got from DHCR and said “you hit to lottery.” $283,644.99 in rent overcharges plus treble damages.

Manhattan Housing Court trial Judge Peter Wendt was insane and criminal. He asked me if I spoke Spanish. Looked over the DHCR rent history records. Saw the illegal overcharges. Then spoke to Duval [ instead of having him charged ]. Judge Wendt engineered a detour around §175.35 and wrote an order for me to PAY the original $14,624.04 asked for to an escrow account. Wendt refused to calculate the DHCR rent history. The CNY then demanded to know the legal rent of the apartment and judge Wendt DECLINED the CNY request. Judge Wendt is a criminal jackass.

Legal Services NYC is consumer fraud network working for landlords.