Orion Diner

Great food. Nice owners. However, like most of the small business they are vulnerable to local 6 and private securities mob tactics: Cooks and janitorial staff total sell outs One in particular has been very supportive of an enclave of a violent child trafficking enterprise.

Waiter—new kid. short cropped hair. What a jackass. If you want to see what bi-pedal ringworm looks like waiting tables… This fucking retard coughed on cue on behalf of NYPD responsible for helping a child trafficking enterprise. You weak, spineless cunt.

10/26/2021 Poor Orion. Good food., Nice owners—totally disrespected by the help. Its ugly. Look, local 6 union morons —small privately help business —when you abuse them I’ll be writing about it. Agin new waiter —black hair—tool. Decided his time would be better spent engaging in personal cough cough cough campaign on a behalf a child trafficking enterprise backed by local 6 than doing his JOB. What a fucking moron.

When these morons co-brand with their employer it fouls the business.