Central Park

My insane landlord owes me $283,644.99 plus treble damages or $850,934.97. JUDGE PETER WENDT / NYPD – LANDLORDS GIMP

11/4/2013 my Jewish, Republican, Landlord turned my apartment into a miasma of toxic fumes and infestation the day after NYPD commander Brain McGinn got a promotion arranged by the Jewish Landlord Community according to the FBI. 11/6/2013 while Republican, Bronze start recipient Judge Ed Smith responsible for violently child trafficking my daughter was being review by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee for federal judge the apartment was again turned into a makeshift gas chamber—forcing me out and into hotels by 11/16/2013.

11/19/2013 NYPD 20th Precinct sergeant and a lieutenant determined my photo evidence and description of toxic fumes was “definitely assault” and highly likely attempted murder. No notes, made no paper work, did not refer me to a detective then refused an investigation:  “Come back and see us again if he does it again.” e.g., If I am still alive after my landlords next attempted murder I was welcome to come back and talk to NYPD.  A few weeks later they erased my detectives report I got on my own.  I was forced into hotels or die in Edelstein makeshift gas chamber.

Edelstein sued for back rent. I won. Manhattan Housing Court’s Resolution Part Judge Arleen Hahn after my landlord Florence Edelstein #79433/14 filed fraudulent documentation stating my apartment was no longer the subject of rent stabilization and got caught. The judge ordered Trial/Settlement.

I got the rent history record from DHCR as Edelstein had been illegally billing for the apartment as if it were no longer rent stabilized. He was caught.

Seasoned Housing Court attorneys determined“I HIT THE LOTTERY” before I went to trial. Edelstein lied to DHCR, and then lied to Judge Hahn to conceal the original fraud.

The trial part Judge Peter Wendt (THE GIMP) refused to calculate the legal rent. I went to the City of New York’s HRA to complaint and they wanted to know the legal rent. 2/19/2015 Judge Wendt DECLINED the CNY’s request for the legal rent.  Judge Peter Wendt is an uncharged scumbag criminal tool. When you see his face it reeks of a half intelligent lowlife. The landlords gimp. There is no civil appeal I can file to correct Wendt’s criminal activity. He’s a crook and attempted murderer that belongs in a hole.

Since my illegal eviction. CNY Park Rangers in conjunction with the NYPD’s PBA have protected their Jewish landlord piggybank: Removed teeth, set up a hit and run just before Inspector McGinn’s trial, broke my ribs, poisoned me with pesticides, pulled hair out of my head, knee capped me, tasered me into the ER while sleeping.  Smashed me in the back of my head while typing—almost killing me.  Craven moron cowards. CNY Outreach “volunteers” come by drop off a bags of half eaten food and then tase you. The CNY run by Mayor de Blasio is by far the most lawless anthropomorphic crud to sprout legs and process sludge the City has ever seen.