Recently, Apple took significant steps to combat child trafficking Including combing iCloud accounts for images of child abuse. Interestingly there were sociopaths who protested Apple’s move. Kudos to Apple.

04/19/2021 Apple 5th Avenue. Police that facilitated my daughter violent child and human trafficking had access to my new four day old Apple M1 purchased 04/15/2021. Staff mocked my inquiry and made a wise crack. I watched a corrupted Apple employee lie to me.  I had Apple’s DEP server token confirmed (an XML file located on my ROM chip).

Unions helped corrupt police get around Apple’s secure store polices by preventing an untainted Apple employee or even Apple corporation from discovering the security breach of their equipment. Apple is a trillion dollar technology company that can afford the best security.

05/16/2021 | 4:30 PM | Genius Bar appointment at Apple 5th Avenue. I was immediately descended upon. A customer to my right showed up and began using NYPD’s union pidgin cough, cough cough. He knew exactly where to find me in the store. The Apple Genius was a plant. Aggressive, rude, he evaded questions. His work manner was completely choreographed by a third party.

I asked for his manager. She was great. Perfectly normal in all respects. Everyone she brought in afterward was the most professional coolest group of people one would ever want to meet and exceeded my expectations. What one would expect from Apple. They weren’t doing anything extra it’s just who they were. Security gamed Apple’s store environment for racketeering purposes.