Staples | 5 Union Square New York next to the 13th Precinct
Security facilitated employee and customer cyberstalking, threats of future violence on a regular basis. A few examples:

9/27/2021 No mites today. Very noticeable almost instant past two visits mites blown in from vents.

02/26/2020 Staples: Union Square. Allergens blown in through the front door vent. Same thing at McDonald’s Union Square two days prior. Very distinct smell I know I am allergic to.

01/10/2020 4:00AM I caught two Staples employees attempting to steal my iPhone XR working in conjunction with security. Very common for them to use NYPD’s union pidgin: cough, cough, cough from the back printing room.

2021 | Staples Print & Marketing employees working in the print production area. Cough, cough, cough. Very deliberate, very loudly. The floor manager from the UPS shipping section was doing the NYPD nose wipe while I asked him if he knew who was running the campaign. These are criminal cyberstalking violations, and constitutional violations. That NYC retail stores through private security have linked a communication and protest system ought to put them in jail for a very long time. The store managers—what in the world are you thinking?