Pret | 857 Broadway | NYPD 13th Precinct
Employees and customers used NYPD union campaign slogans: cough, cough, cough…They mocked my daughter’s child trafficking. Their director of security, who I met mocked I injury from an assault set up by the City while I was talking to him. Total fucking clown.

10/20/2016 “DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO” A kid ran up to me and recited what CFO Mickey Cekovic said just before my daughter was abducted 11/2014. Cekovic—you cunt. I saw the round up on the Columbo crime family —they missed one. You freak.

1/23/2019 | 32BJ SEIU | Perfect example SWEEP, MOP around my feet when I type. Drug addicts sleep here. Nothing. I start typing the floor needs cleaning. Human union sewer.