Barns & Noble | 14th st Union Sq. | NYPD 13th Precinct

The Barns & Noble food court on Union Square NYC is human trafficking nexus. On any given day 5- 10 people sitting in their are working for a trafficking enterprise. If you have a family with kids never go in there. Ever.

The Barns & Noble in Bethlehem PA was used as a base for my daughter’s trafficking to waiting cars. Security cameras were used to facilitate her trafficking.

This jackass employee works for you. Cough, cough, cough. He was coughing at the behest of private security —the same security you see holding the door on the way out.

They all use the same union pidgin—at a book store—intimidating the edification of those who came to read. The janitor —same. Information desk people same behavior.

The CEO like most of these companies highly likely has no clue the cesspool his brand has been turned into because security is insulating violent racketeering and cyberstalking from the point of purchase out.