Bellevue Hospital 

Bellevue Hospital | 461 1st Ave | 13th Precinct
Union influenced security coordinated nursing, custodial staff for violence for-hire using hospital police security cameras to coordinate assaults.

04/2021 Bellevue Hospital Front lobby. DC37 Union member blocked my access to Covid-19 vaccinations. Came around from his Covid-19 intake post to make a union protest in front of me.

04/2021 Bellevue Hospital Low back assaults in the hospital waiting room made through a slot in the backs of waiting area chairs using a chiropractic adjustment tool.

05/09/2021 Bellevue Hospital Security Captain Rodriguez. Ejected me from the waiting room after getting a coffee and a muffin at Au Bon Pain. I was using the waiting area to avoid organized assaults by labor unions while sleeping. I was badly assaulted soon afterward.

05/12/2021 Bellevue Hospital ER admission for assault. Low back assault and use of Rhinolaryngoscope to insert a intestinal viral infection. These were professional assaults by nurses with technical knowledge. ER MD attempted to skip lower back x-ray.

05/16/2021 Bellevue Hospital Injected with an infectious substance while waiting in the hospital waiting area organized by NYPD security staff. You know nothing screams were guilty then injecting your victim in a contained area police control. It caused in Cellulitis in my left arm. It was done by a professional about 10:30 AM after NYPD security threatened me with violence while walking into the hospital 7:00AM.

05/25/2021 Bellevue Hospital  Returned to have injury drained. The ER intake RN asked for the reason for my visit. I explained a malicious nut injected me in the waiting room next to Au Bon Pain. Her answer was an admission of NYPD hospital security’s involvement:

“Well what were you doing in there in the first place”
I asked WTF does that have to do with anything?

NYPD and Bellevue Hospital ER have a criminal racketeering relationship that is so over the top its criminal that no one has done anything about it.