Bellevue Hospital 

CNY Bellevue Hospital | 461 1st Ave | 13th Precinct
Union influenced, security camera assisted assaults

04/2021 Bellevue Hospital Front lobby.  Union member impeded my access to getting a Covid-19 vaccinations. Came around from his Covid-19 intake post to make a union protest in front of me via the “Umpire kick” dance. A common form of protest by the unions.

04/2021 Bellevue Hospital Low back assaults in the hospital waiting room

05/09/2021 Bellevue Hospital Security ejected me from the waiting room after getting a coffee and a muffin at Au Bon Pain. I was using the waiting area to avoid organized assaults by labor unions while sleeping. I was badly assaulted —stun gun electrocution—soon afterward

05/12/2021 Bellevue Hospital ER admission for assault. Low back assault

05/16/2021 Bellevue Hospital Au Bon Pain  Their waiting room was used to inject infected infected fluid into the back of my arm. Bellevue Hospital was used for organized violence and attempted murder. The Cellulitis infection traveled quickly affecting my heart. It was done by a professional about 10:30 AM after NYPD security threatened me

05/25/2021 Bellevue Hospital  Returned to have injury drained. The ER intake RN asked for the reason for my visit. I explained a malicious nut injected me in the waiting room next to Au Bon Pain. Her answer was insane: “Well what were you doing in there in the first place” I asked the Nurse WTF does that have to do with anything? I deserved a life threatening dirty needle injection for buying a coffee? ONLY some union criminal would say anything like that—at a hospital.

NYPD and Bellevue Hospital nurses unions pretty clearly have a criminal relationship and not the first time I have witnessed that.